Tuesday, March 11, 2014

(begun Tuesday 11th March at 12.05am)

*A small oversight.  I've taken to occasionally publishing my blog on Facebook alone.  I shall try and remember to copy and paste it here as well.  *

By now you'll have realised that I have to be in a pretty bad way before I resort to sending out my so-called Distress texts, and that it's not something I do at the drop of a hat.  I see from my logs that there had been a sudden leap in the levels of crud in ours from 5.45pm onwards, and that I'd been experiencing serious double-vision and flames to my cancer from then on.  There'd been a chirrup from Balliram's remote as I'd bumbled around at 8pm, and when I'd climbed on board Cloud 9 some ten minutes later, it was to encounter the added thrill of the lower back pinch..

Before you allow yourselves to be fooled, may I assure you that this phenomenon only occurs on certain occasions, and not each and every time I lie down. What was it I'd said in my latest whine to those unfortunate sms recipients?  "Levels of laser/wireless suddenly going through the roof again. So grateful I can share with you.  Now 11.50pm" and I'd sent them to Tamara Balliram, Alison Goldstone, Valerie Cochrane, Allen Spence, and Logie Naidoo.  While I'm sure that at least some of those people are still capable of great kindness, they are all aware of what I'm going through at the hands of our criminal Area Controller, despite any possible denials.  Thankfully our cell signal had miraculously stablised by last night, and our phones appear to be working as they should since then.

A tiny tentative squeak just outside this window confirms that I have company, and here's another question to add to my query on who it was from the ACDP Party that had attended the George Soros Quantum Empowerment Fund presentation here in Durban?
Anyone care to tell us who does the books for the Christian Democrats in eThekwini, and who handles the funds and donations?  Someone extremely creative, who is able to provide figures that have no hint of rot about them, thereby upsetting many of the devout members?

What about EFF's bank balance?  Anyone privy to those numbers, and just when young Ju-ju may well have also received a fat cash injection from our Georgie..?  Are the Blues content knowing that what's good for the goose is probably good for the gander as well?  That the ageing philanthropist is as free with his millions handed out to the so-called Good, as he is with those that the DA would have us believe are Corrupt?
Dearie me.  When you consider that these possible truths I speak, generally only flow from my pen when I'm under severe duress, you'd think it might be an idea to have the Sadist and his henchman treat me in a somewhat more kindly fashion.. As this ain't about to happen any time soon, you may anticipate more possible scenarios along these lines.

Will any of you come to realise just how cunningly you've been duped, before it's too late?  Years from now will you be able to say you saw it coming, but that you had no choice but to sit back and let it happen?  Shame.
The GameWrecker now informs me that he has an ache in his upper left chest that kicks in now and then for no apparent reason.  Hau! He had it checked out while at the GP's yesterday, and was given the all-clear.  You may care to bear this in mind, as a variety of heart problems across eThekwini appear to be on the increase...

Still Tuesday now 5.07am.

I'd been up tidying away the newspapers just before 5am, when Himself hit the Off switch, and the neighbourhood was plunged into darkness.. I'd gone straight out onto the verandah to savour the deliciously thick silence, and everything was muffled by the blanket of white cloud overhead.  Not so much as a speck of light could be seen, and even the mini base station at St. Theresa's sits dark on the horizon.

Do my tortures cease the minute he cuts the power?  Sadly not, for the wireless continues to pour out of those lights, whether they're visibly burning or not.   I've got that one wrong, Warwick?  I very much doubt it, as there's never been a cessation of assaults in ours due to a powercut, ever.
The light on the end of his bunker that's now been set to flash intermittently, certainly achieves one of the most damaging frequencies in  the wireless weaponry range, and along with whatever it was that Howard's had adjusted last Thursday, we're both taking the desired strain as a result.
I'd sent a Friend request to Sr. Francesco Petruccione the day before yesterday.  Well, a message to his Inbox asking him to Friend me.  The last post on his wall had been made on I think, the 28th February, so he appears to be around, although he's not acknowledged my request...
One would think he'd be delighted at the opportunity of hearing the results of his efforts first-hand from a battered labrat.  Maybe not.  And by the way, when I'd stood up from my TV chair last night to head for bed, my bones had creaked alarmingly and noisily. Not something that has occurred for a long time, and yet more proof that a concerted effort is being made to damage me permanently..

LATER at 5.45am

It started raining again while I filling the bird tray on the front lawn, and shortly afterwards my old ticker had begun pounding wildly just as I'd sat back down here at the desk.  Pfft..
Boy, would I like to have seen the real results of the blood taken at the Trauma Unit a fortnight ago.  Could my white blood cell count be construed as normal for my age and circumstances?  Can one test for radiation in the blood?  Such tests aren't going to happen, as the results would cause a mass panic, hence the Puppets who've been put in place at Blood Banks across the country..

See now young Warwick, that's one claim that's not based on a wild guess.  The mental picture of the young DA (shadow?) councillor, whispering cosily into the Druglord's Mistress' (at the time) ear, wasn't one that I can easily forget, and as you know he's since gone on to leave politics and to head the Blood Bank in Gauteng.  There's no reason why a similar strategy has been adopted at all the Blood centres around SA, other than to keep a tight lid on what's happening to citizen's health since the introduction of the quantum laser/wireless technology.
*The knife that hits the base of my spine each time I cough, confirms that despite the power outage the Spooks continue to invade our home. Cest la vie.. I haul out the bag to build my dressing and *boom!* the deep ache to my lower back arrives, along with an increase to my double-vision.. more easily attainable magic from the WizardlyOne next door.

LATER at 6.40am

I wonder at the sad Creatures that surround me.. Do those that are ordered to attend my bathtime sessions watch me closely as I pinch my own soft flesh in an attempt to counter the excrutiating knives to my cancer that my Master has seen to it assails me, as I lower myself beneath the warm water?  Do they see me squeeze my eyes tight shut while air-whistling Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, twice each day?
Do those long-time participants in my torture still find it simple to shapeshift back into their everyday guise of a normal, caring human being?  Has godschild's aura darkened to the point of no return, despite that his contribution has never included the covert Peeping Tom operations?

What has finally decided my Excellent Neighbour to flee?  Orders alone?  Promises of sanctuary in an area less choked with the quantum technology? How many of those who treat me kindly on Facebook consider me to be a nutter of the first order, and how many are paying close attention to my stilted warnings?  Are my attempts to alert you to a far greater wickedness than the Ruling Party Fatcats have been encouraged to achieve, still falling on deaf ears?  Has the Microwave Boffin's devout Missus managed to extract at least some of the truth from her tightlipped husband?  To discover that I'm no conspiracy theorist after all, but a laughably dimwitted herald of the truth?  A simpleton who now suffers self-doubt only on the increasingly rare occasions that I am left in peace by these quantum warriors..  Ergot: Pain = Resolve.


Tuesday 11th March 2014 at 12.48pm