Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tightening the screws..
(begun Tuesday 4th March at 7.05am..)

There was a time when I'd actually tried to take some pride in my waffles here on blogger, and I'd re-read my scribbles and attempt to clean them up before publishing.. Not any more, and the results are there for all to see.  Since last Wednesday I do believe my days are numbered, and I've not the time to muck about with grammar and spelling, or trying to avoid my incomprehensible ambiguities...

My Controller had felt the need to remind me late yesterday afternoon of another of the party tricks available to the Operators of this blanket of surveillance that swamps us...
I'd had a call around 4pm from Everton Road and had heard his voice just before the line was dropped. I'd made to call him back when it had dawned on me that I had no cell signal.. In the end I'd rung him on the landline, but my cell signal had moved up and down from one bar to two for over an hour, despite that we're in direct line of sight to the Barnard Road mast.  The GW's phones had also been affected at the time.
The full signal had been restored much later, and I must point out how handy this particular bit of manipulation would be in an emergency such as an organised crime, when your phone is suddenly rendered useless...
I'd done my usual idiotic wondering whether my request to lower the wireless levels in our home in order to ease my cramping spine had meant we had to do without our cell signal, but of course that's just wild conjecture which will never be verified...
Yes, there'd been foul weather in the offing and our telly screen had fragmented briefly, just the once, but had settled straight away, and the storm had proven to be mild after all..

There's a rep from Blue coming to visit mid-morning today, to upgrade our non-existent security.. Apparently we are to have two small portable devices which we may activate in an emergency, resulting in a siren going off noisily to deter both the intruders and alert our neighbours..
The wireless box sits inside one's house on charge, plugged into a powerpoint that is 100% OWNED by Agent Balliram and his proxies...  You remember not long ago when my CPF Treasurer had been terrorised in similar fashion inside their home?

You recall how I'd said she'd managed to hit the Panic button and yet absolutely nothing had happened, and the siren had remained silent until they'd been herded into the kitchen and had been about to hit a second button, when the first had finally kicked in?  Seconds count in times like these do they not, Snoopdog, and you've had all the time in the world to isolate and practise blocking the signals from those panic buttons..
Come, don't be coy, take your well-deserved bow, albeit rather late.
Installing noisy alarms on our property is highly unlikely to make a blind bit of difference, whether we survive the next engineered intrusion or not.  Even if the Genius next door, or his henchmen nearby, were to allow the siren to sound, it's guaranteed our hired attackers would've been told in advance to ignore it, and we can't expect any aid from our neighbours who may get to hear the alarm.
Our Agent of Mischief would simply wait until they'd all gone out about their business before having the next set of hirelings arrive here unannounced... All of this is true, is it not o Chirpy One?  Although it doesn't appear to have sunk in to the majority of Suckers who've signed up for the quantum army, they are as vulnerable as the rest of us, depending on the character of their Area Controller and the orders he/she are given...

A death-knell had sounded well before my cellphone's signal had inexplicably begun mucking about yesterday, and a text had flown in from my Excellent Neighbour next door at No. 10, which I'd read  aloud to the GW right away..
It said 'Just a note to say the Goldstones are in the process of putting their house on the market" and it was pretty much the final blow in this week of madness..
The GameWrecker had immediately asked whether I thought they were leaving because she's included in my Distress texts, but of course I have no way of knowing that answer..
It may well be the nudge they'd needed to relocate, but I'd hazard the onging problems with their sewage lines and fibre were factored in some months earlier, not to mention the new student residences across the valley.

Do they have a Benefactor who will see to it they're relocated somewhere relatively safe?  Is there such a place left in this country?  An area where diabetics stand a chance against the barrage of unregulated wireless that's increasing every day?  To lose godschild forever is a bitter blow indeed, despite what he thinks of me..  Devout and Good, he's merely been doing what he genuinely believes is the best for everyone, and I can't fault him on that, although I'd love to hear his thoughts on George Soros' quantum Empowerment funding..
Was I wrong to trust her, and to see her as the only one of our regular Monitors who actually gave a damn? Nope.  I think I got that one right, and that wherever they go, those residents will be fortunate to have her as an Area Controller...

At 6.45pm yesterday I'd been in my TV chair when I'd suddenly taken a flurry of knives to the cancer and a flare of pain to my eardrum. Pretty much downhill all the way after that, and by 8.15pm the pinch to my lower spine was shrieking.. All those regular night time sorties, where the Monster and his Elves had been tapping away with their lasers at the area, have truly paid off, not so?
I'd declined the GW's offer of painkillers, knowing they're ineffective against the wireless-generated assaults. Only once I'd been driven off my bed around 11.15pm and had fired up the PC, had I decided to try go the Myprodol route, and I'd still been sitting there at around midnight, pounding away at the keys, when I'd distinctly felt something slide over the pain in my spine and muffle it completely, as the pills had kicked in.

So ja, I'll have to retract that it was rubbish to claim this latest damage was caused on Wednesday. That area had already been weakened manually over time, and the added strain would've led to the extreme trouble I'm in right now.. Perfect hey, Spookboy?  The forefinger on my left hand remains curled in and swollen, and the GP had said I may need a minor procedure to correct it, and in the meantime to use it, which I'm doing more each day.  I doubt I'll have the time to indulge in such niceties as correctional precedures before the next demonstration of terror tactics is unleashed upon us, and the imminent departure of my Good Neighbours confirms this.... Once Mr. Dawood's enormous apartment block facing us is finished and packed with students, their activities will carry straight over to the Harris Crescent residents, and recent arrivals like AK Patel at No. 4 may come to regret his property purchase...

The rain has finally brought blessed relief from the killer heat, despite what may or may not be carried in those drops of water... To those of you as far afield as the USA, Japan and Germany, who pop in here occasionally, do I continue to provide light relief for you, or has it been a unanimous thumbs-down since I joined Facebook and began attempting to get the truth out there as well?
My Vice Chair had headed off down to Town Planning the other day, to investigate what appears to be the illegal erection of an MTN mast over in Loon road.  He'd established that it's not going up on Municipal ground after all.  That it's going up on one of two stands adjoining my CPF Secretary's property, that have been purchased by a company calling itself "Incognito"...
You find that amusing Jannie? *looks at the vodacom Strategist... Competitors?  Don't give me that BS laddie, as you're all in bed together when it comes to controlling the country wirelessly... Is your stooge Mr. Dawood involved in this latest purchase of land?  Another of his diverse ccs. passed by the increasingly infamous Lekha Allopi?

LATER at 9.05am

I've just climbed up top to fetch the newspaper.  Half way up the last set of stairs young Butch at No. 12 had been caught by the immediate airwave change, as his Master put me in his sights, and he'd begun barking hoarsely... See Frederick - I may be a confirmed dumbass, but I've learned a bit about how the system operates, and how both the nearby dogs and the hadedas are more than worth paying attention to...
Have a happy day.


Tuesday 4th March 2014 at 12.25pm.