Friday, February 14, 2014

Set your teeth on edge?
(begun Saturday 15th February at 3.25am..)

The cattleprod applied to the inner thigh did the trick, and I'd cursed out loud and rolled over.. Not quite finished with me, my Herder struck me a nasty jab in the calf of my other leg, and I gave up on any idea of getting back to sleep, and here I am..
Trying to be objective is a FAIL... People fascinate me, and even now I fall to wondering which of them administered those carefully aimed blows at the lumpy old creature snoring in Dreamland..
Had the Saddo next door ushered the last of his Graveyard Shift cronies off the LAN and then nipped solo into my bedroom to reassert his ownership so pointedly?
You can guarantee the rest of their family would've been oblivious to that bit of engineered unpleasantness at this hour of the day.

It's mission accomplished, and the Subject is up and at the desk?  More than one of them after all?  A wall of Backfire hit me a couple of minutes ago, as Someone carelessly zoomed in to read my scribbles... You still battle to get your head around the idea that such a sophisticated technology exists?  That every inch of you and what you're doing may be scrutinised at such close range, and that stolen data recorded and stored for posterity?  You think these Maggots are restricted to certain points around each room to do their monitoring? Think again.  They can sit next to you on the sofa and study the hairs in your armpit, or they can settle on the carpet to record the callouses on your feet... In short, you can forget about hiding that embarrassing rash on your private parts from their beady gaze, as it will have been duly noted...

There'll be a great deal of competition among the more advanced of these thuggish Information Thieves as they each try to outdo the other over the airwaves... Does Balliram still cling to his crown, or has his increasing notoriety forced him to practise a certain amount of caution, and he uses some of the more easily manipulated among his nearby graduates to carry out the worst of the physical assaults?
When I'd helped my old man carry the groceries down the stairs last night, I could just manage without my torch, and my Excellent Neighbour hadn't put her kitchen lights on.
By 7.30pm I was settled in my corner of the lounge when I'd taken a set of fearsome jabs to the skull, and I'd swung around to see that she'd activated them all, including the striplight above their kitchen door.

Is she fully aware of what happens to me when she flicks those switches on, or are the levels being run, still Agent Balliram's sole responsibility?  When I'd told her a while back of the effect it had on me, her texted reply had been 'Do you want me to switch them off?'  Was I wrong to detect a hint of irritated exasperation in that sms, when it had seemed kind enough at the time?
I can't help replaying Leonard Els' amused chuckle when he'd told me how several of the Labrats at the UKZN's Physics laboratory were complaining of knee problems.. Has he since come to find it less amusing, or has he forgotten that altogether?

I see that the young Pietermaritzburg Uni Professor is on the Environmentalist's mailing list, and no doubt the MastFighter keeps in touch with him as well..  Do they openly discuss the quantum laser/wifi surveillance technology now operating in Sleepy Hollow as well as eThekwini? Has Tracey-Lee Dorny even so much as broached the subject with the young man, or do they stick to discussions on the cell/radio masts and how those emissions are affecting the population?  Has Leonard ever described to her how the quantum laser technology works, and the part that Telkom plays in the accessing of each and every home across the country?  That one's privacy is initially violated by the use of carefully trained neighbourhood recruits, taught to employ the computerised quantum laser program, and to hack into homes via the powerlines?

Had one of the first lessons that my ex-CPF Treasurer taken while on her 'Health and Safety' course down in Electron Road, included the art of hacking into a neighbour's computer?  The first time she actually had to put those studies into practise, had she felt similar qualms and distaste to those of young Nadine Maharaj of the Reservoir Hills CPF? Whose computer did she violate?  One of the oldies next door at Findlay Hall, or was she allowed to practise her newfound skills in Ms. Kazee's home on the other side of their property?
Did her Boss gush to her that she'll do very well as a Monitor, as he's noted how quickly she grasps new ideas, and they're desperate for good upstanding citizens to join the Cause and help weed out the corrupt?
Ring a bell there, Pads?  It's pretty much the Party Line, as young Zane down at No 5 would've been soaped up in similar fashion.....  He's been marked out as a cut above the rest for his ability to catch on fast.. Flattery will get them anywhere, and I'm guessing they've sucked up the Diagnostician's kid as well, in their most recent intake?

There'll be no sour grapes from me on the way things have turned out, and it's not like any of you had a choice..  A word of warning however... No matter what you're told, Operative Balliram continues to rule the powerlines, and to simmer with rage at the enforced loss of most of his initial guinea-pigs.. Joining the Elite does not mean you're now safe from his mischief in any way, as he's shown by the ongoing nonsense up at No. 16.
It would be a mistake to become swept up in your enthusiasm to the point where you forget about watching your back, and I mean that literally.
If you do ever experience knife-like pains to your already dodgy spine, may I suggest that you speak to your Handler immediately, and that K keeps a closer eye on your dogs than ever before?
Whether you choose to believe it or not, Agent Balliram has been permitted to target animals across the suburb, and he'll be loath to give up that practise... I've watched my two docile little beasts go from a dead sleep to a snarling, barking, froth in a matter of seconds, for no apparent reason whatsoever, and if your Handler were to shrug off my claims as bullshit, you want to ask yourself how many other lies you're being fed...

Has my constant yapping led to Martin having to fill in the Councillor for Ward 31 on some of the more unsavoury details of this ginormous Experiment?   Has he in fact introduced Jethro to the Area Controller that handles the power supply to his residence?  I mean the real one, Martin..  The one who found it amusing to employ the Throat Choker frequency repeatedly into the young Councillor's home, causing him to gag and choke on his food?  The one who'd jammed his old lady's electric gates way back when he'd had a Meeting to attend.. The one who probably knows Balliram personally, and might well be on a more than a nodding acquaintance with the Druglord Barnabas himself?  That Operative has since been redeployed?  Really?  Like you'd have anyone believe the Sadist here at No 6 was taken off my case?  Pull the other one dude..
The brutal and persistent attack directed at what I've come to regard as my remaining 'good' eardrum, the night before last, was proof enough that apart from a few minor cosmetic alterations, nothing has changed at all, and your Masters see fit to continue allowing their prized Operative to make my life hell, whether he has his loyalistas do the dirty, or he participates himself...

LATER at 5.10am

I'm sat here at the desk in the growing dawn light, sipping on a hot coffee, when Someone nearby casually knifes the wrist holding that hot liquid... Similar such target practise is occasionally employed as I walk out onto the front lawn or climb up and down our fifty-two stairs, although it's my already deliberately weakened knee joints that are targeted in those instances...  If I were to drop my mug and spill that scalding liquid all down my front, or to take a nasty fall outdoors, I've no doubt my age would be given as the cause, and no-one would look twice at my Controllers.. Neat, hey?  Sweat has suddenly popped out all over me as the already unnatural heat in the room increases, and there's not a cloud to be seen out of the window...

Would I be permitted to take a sample of the black sooty substance over to the UKZN Physics Department for analysis?  Would they see to it that I was given honest results?  Hardly.  I'm of the opinion (doesn't that set your teeth on edge?) that it's the residue left behind from the dozens of invisible artificial wind funnels that whizz about our yard.. If you're lucky and are patient enough to try and try again, chances are that you too may capture these magical funnels of invisible smoke on your digital cameras, using the Flash option.. At the very least you should pick up a sphere or two, especially if you reside here in the Zone..
Have a great day, and


Saturday 15th February 2014 at 6.55am.