Thursday, February 13, 2014

(begun Thursday 13th February at 4.40am...)

Do our invisible Watchers find it amusing?  A couple of puffs of the Knockout Frequency and the two oldies are yawning in unison like a pair of performing seals?  I had no reason to be tired, and the old man had taken an extended nap during the afternoon, so why were we both suddenly unable to keep our eyes open?
I was in bed before 9.30pm, and I don't remember a thing until after 4am this morning, when I'd surfaced pleasantly enough.. They burn CD's to knock you unconscious?  No they don't.  It's the frequency I used to refer to as the Chronic Fatigue frequency, and used together with a slight variation, your dogs are knocked out as well... Most useful it is, and was ably demonstrated by Nayager and Balliram, working together to have Sue the Book's car stolen off their property..

Because I'd woken later than usual I'd gone straight through and out onto the verandah in case the dogs needed to pee..  The overpowering stench of raw sewage had hit me right away, and I'd scuttled back indoors.. Oh dear.
I'd hauled out the long ladder the minute the old man got back from the shops yesterday evening, and he'd replaced the defunct spotlight, so we were good to go..
There'd been a solitary droog slashing away at the undergrowth up by the playing field end of the valley, early yesterday morning.. I'd seen him again in the afternoon at this thankless task, and had remarked on it to the GameWrecker...

I see that I'd only logged at 8.05pm of the mischief out in the dark valley last night, but I seem to think it had begun somewhat earlier, when our dogs had taken to rushing outside and yapping hysterically down by the boundary wall.. As fast as we unlocked the security gate to let them in, they were off out again, and naturally I'd suspected there were head games being played remotely with our animals..
Not so, as it happened, for good old Spanky up at No. 12 had begun to join in, confirming that there was in fact activity just below our walls, and someone appeared to be moving back and forth between our property and Freddie's at No. 12.

Looking for the sewage manhole just below godschild's at No. 10, perhaps?  Shouldn't be a problem to find since the Parks wekkers came in the week before and cleaned up with the tractor and the petrol whackers.. We'd ignored the little dogs in the end and just let them get on with their barking, although my old man had pointed out it was odd there'd been no sound at all from either of my Excellent Neighbour's two large animals.. Not a squeak.   'She's probably taken them inside' I'd replied, although why she'd do that on such a hot night I can't imagine.  Had she been warned to keep them indoors for some reason?  Were there adjustments being made to their fibre cabling out there in the dark valley?  Adjustments that may have caused the appalling stench that hit me less than an hour ago?

LATER at 5.25am

No sign of anything untoward over by the toolshed, and our sewer manhole cover is as dry as a bone.. The stench has subsided, though it lingers faintly on the air...  What was that all about?  A sewage runoff from my Good Neighbour's property after dark?
Anything that takes some of the load off that hard-working young man's shoulders is fine by me, and if the PTB have found a way to alleviate some of the nonsense he's had to deal with on a daily basis since their fibre was installed, all to the good.
It was still light the night before last, when there'd come a great commotion from our braai area, and I'd rushed out to see that Chi had cornered what looked to be the mother of all rats, as it squealed and shrieked in terror..
Cola and Sophie had muscled the cat aside and one of them had thankfully silenced those dreadful squeals forever, before Sophie claimed the trophy and went down to bury it next to the grenadilla...  I'd dug it up shortly afterwards for a photo session HERE, and then I'd tossed the corpse over the bottom wall for the kites to find the next day.. That was quite the biggest rat I've ever seen, and hopefully it's dying shrieks will have been heard by it's fellows, and they'll avoid ours like the plague, for a while at least...

Friday 14th February at 2am

Scheizen!  Analyse this..  The Stockholm BS again?  When it comes to downright Plonkers I've got no fekking equal.  I swear to you that, same as every time he gets someone in to fiddle with his gate motor, there's this hope that things are going to get better.  That he's taken pity on me, and the pain will lessen once that problem is sorted..
It wasn't just a couple of tecchies that arrived late yesterday afternoon, but a veritable squad of wekkers, and I have the pictures to prove it.  I'd made myself log pretty much everything I'd encountered during the evening, once they'd finished.  The results aren't pretty, and I guess he's made his point. No reprieve at all.
By 7.40pm my Monitor had changed tack and Someone had begun poking at my neck as I sat watching the box.. The same lymph gland area as before, and an hour later they were in my throat..
And now for something completely different?
At 1.15am this morning I'd come awake to find I was taking repeated jabs to my inner ear, and by 1.40am I guess it finally hit home that he was less than pleased with me.  That it makes no difference how much entertainment I provide for both him and his slavering hyenas, he wants to be rid of me.. Boo bloody hoo...
Is there a Shrink in the house?

When I'd booted up first thing Wednesday morning to update with 'There's no smoke', I'd discovered that our friend Investigator247 had poked me.  Not a common occurrence, and as I'd mentioned him in the update I could only conclude that my early shift Monitor (who'd read each word of my preliminary scribbles here at the desk), had felt the need to contact Agent Frost over in the UK to let him know he'd be featuring in my latest update...Balliram butt-kissing the Brits?  Interesting..

I'd more than made up for last Thursday's lack of decent pictures, and I'd come home yesterday just after 2pm with some beauts that I hope to share with you eventually.
Not the least of which are THESE that I took down in Electron Road, of the Muni Electricity Department's Training Centre... Man, I'm slow..
It wasn't until my ex-CPF Treasurer had let it be known that her Boss had sent her on a 'Health and Safety' course in Electron Road, that the penny had finally dropped... A short taxi ride, or even a walk away from nearly all the major Informal Settlements in the area, that'll be where young Vincent and his hand-picked fellow spies hang out, to learn their laser program skills before they're sent back to monitor their fellow settlement dwellers..  I have to wonder again whether Sbu Zikode and his Abahlali movement have been informed of this push to control the camps wirelessly, and whether he's passed the information on to his followers or kept it to himself...
A few grandiose promises and I'd bet the Project Authors are themselves astounded at the speed that people will pack away their moral values in return for a juicy carrot... Something that's applied to everyman in this country, and is by no means restricted to my African brothers and sisters...

Have the silver-tongued Damage Controllers been busy over at the Big Yellow Taxi and Save our Berea pages on Facebook?  Have there been Inbox messages warning those good people to pay me no mind and that I have my own crazy agenda?  That, I most certainly do, and the general idea is to wake as many of the as-yet uninvited to the Project as I can... Lordknows but that it might lead (as it's done with young Zane and my ex-Treasurer) to a gilt-edged invite arriving out of blue.. I'd persuaded him to cruise around Poynton Place yesterday in order to update my photo collection, and the sight of that towering block and the Muni notices tacked onto the door at No. 10 HERE, leaves me in no doubt that Wayne and the others are fighting an uphill battle against the incorrigibly greedy...   As No. 10 has yet to begin construction, I would reiterate that photos of it's progress be taken daily, and that the number of Muni water vehicles, electricity vehicles, and Telkom bakkies will astound you...

Do you not question Telkom's role in this ultra-invasive surveillance Project?  As good as OWNED by Government, and by proxy, the existing Intelligence Agencies, and yet the Opposition would have you sit tight in the hopes that your Area Controller may turn out to be on some so-called GOOD Team?
Check out the chaos taken on Essenwood and Silverton yesterday morning HERE and try to count the number of Telkom bakkies, as the crews tear up that busy stretch of road with the diggers...  The Opposition promise you that there will be changes for the better? When?  It's going on ten years since our privacy was rudely removed by Allen Spence and Collin P. Balliram, and you hear for yourselves on a near daily basis, that nothing has changed for the better at all..
Let me assure you that it will be much the same for you.  That whether you participate willingly or not, your home WILL be accessed, and your private doings monitored and recorded, no matter how enthusiastically you support this experiment..

Want to bet that as many as two thirds of the Recruits on board joined simply because they felt they had no alternative?  Not so much with the first wave of invited ferrets.. They would've been in the Greedy category, and Sutcliffe would've given the technology to the likes of Barnabas, Roy Moodley, Derek Naidoo, Julie-May Ellingson and Jacquie Subban, who'd all seen immediately the enormous power this theft of private information would give them... The second wave would've included all those Institutions who'd had their Government grants and subsidies removed to cripple them into accepting their establishments being wired to the Project Grid.. The third would've been your average citizen, battered to their knees by the carefully organised crime into finally believing there was no other way but the One World Order or Open Society...


Friday 14th February 2014 at 6.48am.