Monday, February 17, 2014

(begun Monday 17th February at 10.55am.)

Be careful what you think and say in private?  That little gem was posted in an update by the Chirpster earlier today.  I can't argue that I've benefited slightly from knowing that my every word and action is hung onto and recorded, although I continue to grumble ceaselessly, and to curse, fart, and belch just as I always have...  Care to expand on that telltale remark Stephen, or have I misunderstood your meaning?
Could your warning be due to the fact that it's possible (hypothetically speaking) your neighbour's crass young eighteen-year old has just put away his airgun after killing two vervets and severely wounding another, and has gone indoors to join his Peers on the link that runs into YOUR home?  That as a recruit to the quantum army he's already been taught the art of increasing the levels of the frequency de jour just enough to get you to feel it physically, or he could always send a nasty laser stinger to your eye...

It wasn't exactly something he overheard you say, as he hangs invisibly on your walls, but he's simply taken a dislike to you in general, and will use every opportunity to let you know, without revealing his presence...
Chief Clark has already donated a knee to the Cause, but he's going to have to be a lot more specific if his warnings are to be considered genuine.  What's it to be?  Household upon household filled with strained silences, and communities gradually learning to bottle up their woes and to take it out on the designated Stupids dotted about their suburb, instead of venting to their family and clearing the air? Geeze, did I just say clearing the air?  When I've a Gawper sitting at my shoulder right this minute, watching me scribble on the pad?  Oddly enough, though my 'tinnitus' has risen to a shriek, that's it, and there's none of the usual pain and discomfort I endure when the Sadist invades my home, though he'll be back soon enough...

LATER at 4pm

I'd been on Facebook at 1.33pm when I got the first hint of things to come, and I'd taken a knife to my inner ear.. By 2.10pm Someone was still whacking me there determinedly, and I'd climbed on Cloud 9 in an attempt to have a nap ahead of tonight's CPF election meeting.. Alas, I was only permitted to doze in between the erratic single or double jabs coming in with serious intent to my ear, and by 3.30pm I was back up and about.. Seven minutes after that and Balliram's Blue Beemer was on his driveway.
Should I make a farewell speech tonight?  Should I say that apart from increasing and deliberately engineered deafness, and the direct hits I so often take sitting in that tiny wired-to-the-hilt Committee room, that I can no longer stomach the silence from so many of the community that I've come to know and admire?

Tuesday 18th February at 3.35am.

I remember my so-called midlife crisis.  I remember it was grim, although back then my paranoia was still in it's infancy, and I'd no idea I was going to go on to regard pretty much everyone as Them..
Last night might have been very different had anyone bothered to read my updates, but thankfully they hadn't, and it all went much as I'd hoped... My ex-Treasurer was re-elected, and the Diagnostician will take over my duties... Relieved it's over, Captain Laz?  What time had the Eavesdroppers up at Sydenham SAPS finished sifting through all those stolen and noisy conversations?  Around 1am, maybe?
I see that I've logged that at 1.30am I'd been torn from a dead sleep by a series of truly savage thrusts to my cancer, and once again, I got the impression that our Operative here at No. 6 was less than pleased with me...

Was it due to the fact that I learned something last night?  Apart from that they're an excellent bunch of people?  I learned that the larnier phones can indeed pick up evidence of Roux and Petruccione's collaborative efforts towards a One World Order, when all the while I'd been playing it safe and telling you to stick to a standard digital camera.
She'd been scrolling through all the pics she'd taken since she'd been shown how to use that function, and by George, there it was.
I was pretty darned relieved to hear that their offices had been relocated out of the Memorial Tower Block, but nonetheless she's still enduring the occasional lower back pinch that so often hits me, never mind the Knife to the Knee option.. Then of course, there's the piece de resistance taken from the balcony of the fifth floor in broad daylight...

Thick swirls of that dodgy smoke, accompanied by a whole bunch of spheres that she insists she wasn't aware of until she'd checked the results.. There you go then.  It's official.  You CAN use your phones to capture the technology that surrounds us here in the Zone, and it's pretty darned amazing... How many pics have you deleted off your phone, thinking they were duds?  You were just taking a shot of a friend and the results had been ruined by a whole bunch of orbs and some sort of strange smoke that hadn't been visible at the time?
Treasure those 'duds' folks, for it's pretty much the only evidence you'll get of this world-covering Experiment, designed to cull the population down to manageable levels, and to control the remainder...

My imagination or was he glowering by the end of the evening?  Did he have a full go at her once they got home?  What had he expected her to do? Walk away from me, as I was explaining to her how the youth are slowly but surely having their good upbringing chipped away by designated Area Controllers to the Smart City Project? I like the Informer, but it's a shame such stooges have to live on the edge, fearful of losing whatever perks they earn, simply due to a solitary and one-sided conversation...
I'd been dreading the CPF Meeting last night, and it turned out I'd been needlessly anxious.  My dear Vice Chair had seen to it that I hadn't had to squirm uncomfortably for more than a minute or two, and that was that, job done.
The good fellow from No. 16 had cheered me even further by coming over for a quiet word after the Meeting had ended... Will that brief kindness ensure that his property is violated yet again, Your Shiftyness?

In your ongoing and seemingly desperate efforts to deny the monitoring devices in the streetlight cowlings even exist?  For how long are you going to get away with the lie that you don't have the monitors to man those viewing devices, when in our stretch pretty much every home owner is now on board?  Is the Street View still restricted to just a few of your trusted Graduates?  Jesus' Sunbeam at No. 12 will certainly have access to those cowlings, as will my Excellent Neighbour at no. 10.  Both would've had a perfect view of No. 16's property as those hirelings had broken through his gates and his glass door, if they'd been home.
That's the stumbling block?  You simply refuse to believe that this amazingly advanced surveillance technology that's been touted to save the country, is being used by Crime Bosses to actually engineer mischief in the suburbs?
Accepting that harsh truth might just lead to your questioning the entire premise this Project has been built around, so you'll stick to your comfortable denial instead?

It doesn't matter how much I blether on, on these obscure pages, or how many technicalities I get wrong, or people I mistakenly assume have been recruited.. My point is that the murderous wave of home invasions, hijackings and rapes are as nothing compared to the removal of privacy in your own homes, and the quality of character of your Area Controller..
The deliberate and painful assaults to my good ear yesterday had been relentless, until my Pain Administrator had pulled into his drive at about 3.45pm.  Whereupon it had been exchanged for the BackFire frequency, and my eardrum left alone.
The mere fact that Goondaboy and his proxies are permitted to continue these attacks unfettered, should be an indication of the characters preferred by the Smart City Project authors..

Not a comforting thought?  It shouldn't be, and when you have someone as seemingly honest and upright as the Chirpster, blithely telling you to martial your thoughts and deeds in your own home, you should accept that the writing is on the wall...
No. 11 across the road appears to have finally become occupied, and there are curtains up at the windows, although I've not glimpsed the tenants themselves... Will there be more fun and games in ours, as yet another Ferret is added to the Hunting party?  Interesting days indeed, so smile darn you, smile...


Tuesday 18th February 2014 at 7.44am.