Sunday, February 09, 2014

Blue-eyed boy..
(begun Sunday 9th February at 4am..)

Has the news filtered back to Mikey yet?  That the skeletons in his closet are back out for all the world to see, albeit on an insignificant corner of the interwebz?  Whoever penned that diatribe certainly wasn't sucking the info out of their thumb, and knows a shitload about what was going on behind the scenes in 2011.
You can guarantee they wouldn't have had it posted on a Public forum unless it was the truth, knowing Sutcliffe's penchant for litigation.

What was it that had me sufficiently irked yesterday, to sit down and bash out Part 2 of A Better Life for All? Like I said, by 5.35am I'd realised I'd not seen fat Sophie for some time, and I'd gone looking for her.  It was unnaturally warm indoors already, so I'd done a quick check outside, but there'd been no sign of her.  Eventually I'd gotten down on my knees to look under my bed, and there she was.  She'd somehow crawled all the way under to the centre, in her attempt to escape the unpleasant wireless frequencies, and there and then I'd decided it was time to update that ode to the Muni's corrupt.
If Herr Doktor Sutcliffe finds himself offended by it, he could do worse than have a chat to his erstwhile No. 1 Lieutenant, Allen Spence.. He could ask good old Al just why their prized Operative and his mischief hasn't been stopped in it's tracks..  Would Mr. Spence admit to his partner in crime that they're caught between a rock and a hard place?

That quite possibly, orders from higher up the chain of command insist they need Agent Balliram's skill, and to treat the psycho with kid gloves... To make purely cosmetic changes in order to mollify anyone who'd expressed their disquiet at my Master's uncontrolled behaviour?  So there you have it, Mikey... Nothing has changed for the better as far as I'm concerned, and the inside joke will be that it's allowed these creeps to in fact escalate the levels of crud pouring into our home, and to get away with it...
The sight of those eugenia fronds waving in an artificial breeze off of Balliram's aircon unit earlier, should confirm that you'll be getting to read the rest of A Better Life for All sooner rather than later...

Have you accepted that the mountain of dirt your ferrets accumulated on your colleagues and employees, using the so-sophisticated quantum laser technology, is only as powerful as the leverage file your Handler's have on you?  That when they say jump, you really ought to ask how high?  The more powerful you were, the grubbier will be your own personal secrets, and believe me, they have them all...
Did Allopi call you, and did you advise her to change tack and don her amiable and apologetic mask, and to play along with the Save our Berea reps?  I suspect that's a yes, and I'd like to suggest that you use what little influence you have left, to ensure their relative Area Controllers don't automatically increase the mischief over their powerlines, as is the norm for those that dare go up against the corrupt...

For if Kevin, Cheryl, or Wayne were to post that any one of them had developed the give-away violent spasmodic cough, or inexplicable dizzyness and nausea, I'd be happy to finger you as the perpetrator behind those attacks... That's why you're still here, is it not?  To shore up the inevitable gaps in your scheme, and to advise your fellow crooks what path to take in the event their corruption becomes visible?  Again I must ask - What is the Sivest Developers interest in 7 Poynton Place?  Are those apartments merely part of a reward scheme for some of the more loyal players involved in the Project, or is there more to it than that? Something that perhaps involves the stormwater drainage and the sewer lines on that bit of land?
Is Wayne soon to be treated to the regular stench of raw sewage floating onto his property next door?
godschild next door at No. 10 appears to have their sewage problem under control for the moment, and I'm happy to say that when I'd unlocked the front door and stepped out onto the verandah some hours earlier, I'd been met by a delicious perfumed waft of air coming from their side... Very similar to the carefully disguised disinfectant that Agent Balliram has so often employed to hide the fact that he has long had Sutcliffe's fibre running through his sewage lines..

There's a barely-moving bank of grey out there this morning, and I must go prepare for the busy Bathtime Matinee.. Cheers...

LATER at 5.20am..

Their top door just banged and a whole bunch of hadedas reacted noisily, just seconds later.. She's off to a meeting at the gym?  He's gone to collect his truck?  Who's watching whom?  Those birds said that the street monitoring was activated just as soon as that door had banged.. Ja, the same street monitoring that oddly enough is never activated when the residents nearby have trespassers on their properties.. Selective de-activation for sure..

Monday 10th February at 4.45am

It's been two and a half years since the whistleblower saw fit to publish their A Better Life for All at  Ample time for Sutcliffe to work his way through each accusation and to warn those parties concerned to tie up any loose ends that could confirm those allegations...
No matter how he and his stooges would've cooked that audit, there'd have been more than enough for the average ratepayer to question the Smart City Project and what it's costing them to have their privacy removed..  Was it difficult for Sutcliffe to persuade the Opposition Leaders that it was as much to their benefit to play down the Manase Report as it was to the many corrupt and their crooked practises, revealed on those pages?

How had they approached it?  Set up a Meeting with Helen and her most trusted Advisors to describe the basic outlines of the invasive technology?  Was that as far back as the time she and Rassool had gone head-to-head over the interception of each others calls?  Had they cunningly suggested to Zille that the quantum laser technology could be used to the Opposition's advantage, and that if they played their cards right, it could ultimately topple the corrupt in Government?
Did she have a clue what she was agreeing to, back then, or had they fed her only the sketchiest of details? She's one smart cookie, and would surely have realised that basically what she and her henchmen were being offered was a means of literally controlling the population, using the powerlines and wireless...

Did the Physics boffins down her way invite her over to their lab to see a demonstration on how all this magic operates?  Did she volunteer to sit there and be bombarded by lasers, as they demonstrated how the audio visuals are gathered from a target and that data is fed back onto the nearby fibre cable, and from there to a satellite?  She probably never felt a thing during that little demo... No sudden jabs of pain to her skull or aches to her joints, although it might be a different story now, several years later, as it's a given that her private residence is wired to the max, and her every move recorded for posterity...
As she's numbered among the Elite, her monitors will be top of the range, and caution will be the order of the day.. It's way too late for her to change her mind now, and even if she were privy to reports of the physical damage the technology is causing to so many, she'll keep her mouth shut if she knows what's good for her..
In the light of the Opposition's stunning turn-around and their obvious lack of desire to investigate and follow up that no doubt damning Manase report, may I suggest that you regard the whistleblower's revelations as a far truer version of that quite-possibly heavily-doctored document, so hastily set aside and forgotten?

At 2.15am this morning my torch had picked out the dog, wide awake, and once again huddled right under the centre of the metal frame on my bed... A small enough matter, but one you really should bear in mind, for it tells you a great deal about the characters employed across the suburbs, to operate this advanced technology...  Someone in the Project's dedicated mischief-making Team has seen fit to include domestic pets to the Agenda, and if that doesn't alert you to the callousness of those who would enslave the nation, nothing will..
What low-life Genius came up with that idea, Janneman?  Anyone you know personally? *winks..
Who arranged for Project droogs to cruise the neighbourhoods opening gates and picking up the friendlier animals, only to deposit them as far away as possible?   Do you have Area Controllers targeting any pet cats that are foolish enough to be outdoors while the quantum laser warriors rampage across a neighbourhood?

Are these heroic soldiers of the New Age tasked to target those animals mercilessly until they bolt away from the safety and security of their own homes, and can't find their way back?
As I've said so often before, in the greater scheme of things, the domestic pets in a suburb are insignificant apart from providing much needed entertainment for bored Shift Monitors..
Thats right, is it not, Gervaise?  Did you personally participate in dear Nobby's killing, or were you simply an avid onlooker?  Had you already acquired a taste for targeting the local animals?  My Vice Chair's hound that at one stage he'd found desperately trying to dig under his house?  My ex-Treasurer's lovely young Jinx, who'd inexplicably had a personality change so dramatic that she had to be destroyed?  And you and your fellow recruits regard yourselves as the only hope this country has left?

You can rest easy knowing that my claims will be regarded as further evidence of my insanity, and that my animals will continue to be tortured ad infinitum by Agent Balliram and his brainwashed students... Again, if you consider this to be an isolated case, you'd be making a fatal error.. It's taking place in every street and suburb across the country, as your rudderless children are sucked up into this enormous growing army of quantum laser Users, to be encouraged to do away with every last vestige of moral integrity they ever had...
You're afraid?  Your initial enquiries into the Smart City Project have been met with stony silence, and you fear you've been relegated to Receiving, and will never become one of the Elite in Administration?  Hang in there, and you may just find the Druglord Barnabas' wishes are over-ridden, and that like Sue the Book's kid, you may yet go on to be invited to join the Rainbow Warriors...

Will you forget the face of your Father as easily as so many of my good neighbours have done? Who can say...  Peace..


Monday 10th February 2014 at 7.32am