Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pavlov's bitch..
(begun Wednesday 19th February at 6.50pm)

It's wrong.  It's wrong on so many levels it's unbelievable, and I'm doing a miserable job of getting through to you.  Am I deterred? Moi?  Bugger that.  I'm going to keep plugging away till I drop.  An Academic's nightmare.  A confirmed Dimwit with an opinion on everything under the sun, and an endless stream of questions that most of you will be unable or unwilling to answer.
Get over it.  I'm doing the best I can to describe the other side of a technology that many of you have apparently come to revere.
The thing that truly baffles me is how so many Intellectuals have chosen to deny the horrendous human rights abuse carried out in the name of this would-be world-controlling Experiment.
Then again - even a lower-order creature like myself finds certain aspects of the quantum laser/wifi technology magical, and near addictive...

In the end it was a relatively simple matter to turn me into Pavlov's bitch, and if you've been keeping up, you'll know it wasn't achieved over the nine years of viciously administered pain, but in the end, by pleasure alone..  (Sensitive readers may employ their handy brown paper bags at this point).  May I ask a question?  What happened to those fairly large red scaly patches that had appeared on the backs of my lumpy thighs during the months that the Abdomen frequency was first unleashed on me?  Can I expect them to return any time soon?
Radiation perhaps?   The practise runs made until he finally found his target were pretty hectic, and many's the time I'd totter down the passage with what felt like a giant magnet pulling my womb towards the floor, or my ovaries seemingly about to explode.  Was it worth all of that pain and discomfort?  Hush now. I'm a respectable 68 year-old, and you can't be asking me that.

So ja - my fascination for this freaky technology is vastly different to yours, being as how I'm in Receiving and not Administration.. May I venture to guess that your obsession centres around you playing god with innocent people's lives?  That the more you advance through the ranks of the quantum Army, the more powerful and omnipotent you come to feel?  Handed the means to violate the most intimate moments in a household, and to both hear and see every activity taking place, must be pretty heady stuff if you've a taste for that sort of thing, and once you become skilled at aiming the frequency-bearing lasers at the designated parts of a target's body, the results would on occasion, be astonishing.  The more callous and objective you become, the less their frequent groans of discomfort will bother you, and besides, the monitoring can often enough be that boring that you're forced to create your own entertainment?
*The ceiling fan barely touches my overheated and damaged skin, and the unnatural heat that fills our little home each day after sundown has the sweat pooling in the small of my back..*

Thursday 20th February at 3.20am..

I'm going to pick away at this one just as I do with my cancer.. What the heck happened to Pragasen Govender in the end, and more importantly, why did he ever think he could go up against Sutcliffe and his Smart City Project and win?   His A Better Life for All pretty much tells you all you need to know, and yet there's not one mention of the main premise behind the rank corruption.  Was he being cautious, much like Edward Snowden, who has yet to give up the secrets of this near-alien surveillance technology, or had he simply refused to believe it could be used against him?
What was the outcome of the charges made against him?  Is he still waiting for the final verdict, and is that why he sits so still and quiet?
Was he actually contacted by any of the Players that he'd fingered, and had it been explained to him that unless he shuts up he could go on to lose a great deal more than just his job as the Muni's Deputy Head of Networking, Electronics and Telecommunications?  Did any of those crooks offer to relocate the young man in return for his silence?  He'd exposed those criminals on a public forum back in 2011, and when I'd googled him recently, it was to find that  he'd been in court in 2013, facing his enemies.  More than enough time in between for the Project's ferrets to OWN both their accusor and any court official that might be involved in the forthcoming proceedings.

Those idiots who bray that they don't mind Big Brother hanging on their walls, as they've nothing to hide, are just that.  Idiots.  For if the Project's Agents don't find anything they can use against you, they'll sure as hell move on to your family and friends, and you can guarantee they'll come up with something to use as Leverage, no matter how mundane..
Where is he right now, as I sit here at the desk in the dark, watching that enormous and brilliant star rise up above Sydenham?
Lying awake, still stunned by the number of good honest people that turned their backs on him when he needed them?  Still trying to fathom out how it all went so badly wrong?
Was he subsequently privileged to be shown some of the finer details of this astoundingly invasive technology, before he realised he was screwed?

Had Martin and Adam Welz already seen that expose long before I sent it to them? Have they already bought into a carefully constructed Project Sales Pitch, and been persuaded to bin the offending document without a word?  It's a given that their regular sources of information will include more than a few Project converts and employees, whom they trust implicitly, and it could've well been one of them who was used to make the Sales Pitch to those two seekers after the truth...
Has our DA Shadow Minister of Police expressed a desire to learn more about the Project than she's already been told/sold?
Have her bosses fobbed her off, by saying there's no time for that now, as she has an Election to fight?
More months of stalling, as streetlight upon streetlight are inexorably rigged out with the quantum laser- friendly technology, and each home and it's occupants become OWNED by the officials running this show.

*It's now 4.08am, and the thready squeak of an enhancer just kicked in briefly, right outside the window, before I shushed it into silence..  How could I ever have hoped I could alert you to the sheer horror of what you've done?  I talk in nothing but incoherent riddles, both with and without my pen..*

She'd said yesterday that she has it on good authority that Mr. Dawood's Roseann cc apartment blocks over behind Hugo Road have been taken over by the Government.  True or false?  If this is so, does it confirm what I've said all along?  That the tenants of those flats will be regarded as cannon-fodder for this world- changing Experiment, due to their proximity to both the Barnard Road cellmast and the mini base station rigged up at St Theresa's Convent?  Trapped neatly between those two sources of power, and in the glare of the distant Overport Microwave tower as well?  Are those apartments set to be crammed with shrieking students, as has happened to the blocks next to the Sherwood off-ramp?    It's impossible to say how many citizens in the vicinity will be affected directly as a result of the enormous amount of additional lights you can guarantee will adorn those blocks.  Yet another statistic that will be carefully kept from Joe Public for sure.

How can I possibly hope to alert you to your peril when, after nine years of concentrated violence, the bastards have found my Achilles Heel, and I'm as owned as the rest of you are soon to become?
An Achilles Heel that many will find justifiably repellant in a sixty-eight year-old Simpleton.
Someone had come in at lights-out last night, to make certain that I got the message, and in the end I had to beg them aloud to rather go play with each other and leave me be.. The mood had changed on the turn, and the nasty jabs to the soft tissue behind my knee had begun forthwith... You're okay with the idea of being alternatively physically pleasured and then attacked by an invisible Agent of more than questionable character?  It'll never happen to you?  You're absolutely sure of that?
I'd have to bet that there are some of you who are foolish enough to be mildly titillated by my tales of the Fiddler's frequency and just what it can do to you.. Don't be fooled, folks.. I've been treated to the brutal side of this particular party trick, and you don't want to go there, I promise you..  There's an equivalent for the male of the species?  Hell, you can count on it, although for obvious reasons it can't be employed as freely as the female version, so I'd be very careful what you wish for.

I take courage from the most unlikely sources, and to be told that I'm filled with positive energy had delighted me...  Here's a quickie for the Radio Frequency/Microwave boffins out there...
How and why does my flesh vibrate on occasion?  I'd been about to replace the dressing on my cancer after my bath the other day, when out of the blue the abomination chose to haemorrage, and I could literally feel my skin vibrating! I seem to think I've mentioned before how the sheet covering me trembles and vibrates as I lay in my bed under attack.  Mr. Spence? Not your field, or would you care to take a flyer at what he's employing just then to create that odd effect?  Almost as if I was in a microwave being cooked on Slow?

LATER at 6.29am

Like I've said so often, my Master's talents lie in the delivery of pain, and not pleasure, and he would've been mightily miffed when one of his Graduates had proven to have the skills he lacks in the Fiddler's frequency deployment.. It would appear that that pupil has since wisely withdrawn from participating in the below the belt fun and games in ours..
I do believe it was during a discourse by my CPF Chairman on the Constitution on Monday night, that I'd been suddenly struck twice without any warning by that irresistible frequency, and had shifted slightly on my chair as a result.  Inappropriate timing and no harm done, but it goes a way to showing you the nature of this beast, and just how low he'll sink to impress his cronies...


Friday 21st February 2014 at 9.08am.