Tuesday, October 29, 2013

(begun Tuesday 29th October at 3.55am..)

*Do any of you ever bother to click on the Microwave Factor links that appear on this blog? Take http://prd34.blogspot.com/2013/10/microwaves-smart-meters-and-use-of.html for example, and see how darned close I got to the truth, and just what it is that so many of you are willingly allowing to take place here in eThekwini...  You'd like to speak to Barrie Trower and judge for yourself whether he's sane or not? Let me know and I'll give you his number happily.  Defamation, Mikey? Given half a chance I'll see your defamation and raise your filthy corruption to where Joe Public can see it openly...*

What is it that's having increasing numbers of women awake at around 2am in the morning, and are guys in the same boat, and they just don't talk about it?  Can you even remember what woke you?  A noisy cricket or toad calling endlessly just outside your window?  Dogs barking nearby?  You suddenly surface for no apparent reason, and now you can't get back to sleep, and the more you fret, the wider awake you are?
Could it be that here in eThekwini, anytime between 1 and 2am, it's become standard practise for a shift change by your neighbourhood Smart City Monitors?  That there's some sort of massive change takes place over the airwaves and the powerlines at that ungodly hour, as the Graveyard Shift settle themselves at their screens to capture and record your snores?

Do more than a few of the Data Collectors soldiers forgo any attempt at stealth, in the hopes that their targets will wake, and at least provide some entertainment to alleviate their boredom?
I'd say that in my case that's always been a yes, and this morning has been no different.. I'd surfaced at 2.50am to the insistent call of the (Kyocera created?) Telkom Wireless Warbler down on the pole nearest us. This was followed immediately by a wave of heat, several savage knives to my cancer, and then the pinches to my sides had kicked off...
Someone must have been temporarily side-tracked and I'd been able to doze fitfully until 3.35am, when the 'bird' had me wide awake again, only this time my hand was burning as well....
By 3.50am I was here at the desk, only to be greeted by several brutal jabs to the abomination between my shoulder blades, as my visitors adjusted their monitoring options...

I'd hopped on over to a friend of a friend's Facebook page for the first time ever, and had been surprised to find a green banner saying she'd already sent me a Friend request..  A request that hadn't made it to my Inbox, that's for sure...
Does this happen frequently?  I'm still a relative newbie to the wonders of Facebook, and for all I know it's a glitch that occurs to many... I imagine it's a doddle for a Cracker of Balliram's ilk to block both incoming and outgoing Friend requests, although he'd allowed a young Riaan Somebody or other from Pretoria to message me, and I'd replied by asking whether he was pro the quantum laser/wireless technology or not, and I've not heard from him since...

My Friend request to the whistle-blower Pragasen Govender has also gone unanswered, although I very much doubt he has either the time or the inclination to check his FB status these days... The GW mentioned there had been another update on those events in yesterday's Mercury, which for some reason he hadn't bought...
It would appear that the crooked ex-City Manager has been sticking close for a reason, and that he's decided to add the ballsy Govender to his list of defamation suits...
Will his threats work as they've done with young Leon Chetty, ex durbanite.co.za, or will Pragasen turn out to be made of sterner stuff?

I'm thinking that young man must have a lot of backing behind the scenes to even think of going up against the Blackmail Artist... Wouldn't it be absolutely spiffing to discover that Sutcliffe had omitted to create a Leverage file on Pragasen, and that he has absolutely squat on the chap, apart from empty threats of law suits? What if someone has given Govender access to the file on Sutcliffe's own private activities?  If he were able to have his lawyer drop a few dates, times, and ages involved in some of the Town Clerk's personal assignations, would Sutcliffe's howls of offended outrage sudden grow quiet and disappear? Popcorn, anyone?
It's awkward to say the least, as Govender will be up to his own eyeballs in the Smart City Project and there's no ways he'd be permitted to bleat openly about the inhumane removal of the eThekwini citizen's right to privacy and good health...

So these two protagonists are going to have to dance a very delicate tango as they go head to head, are they not?  Which horse are your lot backing, Mr. van Zyl?  Have they tired at last of their obliging puppet and his increasingly power-drunk demeanour, and will they stand by Govender and ensure he doesn't give the entire filthy game away?
Snowden didn't get away with it, and will no doubt be hounded by the Men in Black for the rest of his life, unless he can cut a deal behind the scenes and return chastened to the fold..
Someone should nudge this latest whistleblower into checking out his FB page, as I'm damned sure he'd be cheered no end by the amount of support he has...

C'mon Pragasen, tick my Friend request and let's get this latest diversion on the road?  Course I know that ain't gonna happen, and that my frequently voiced contempt for Sutcliffe would destroy any attempt to keep the Project itself under wraps, but I can fantasize, can I not?
Despite this, I still say the dude should enlist social media no matter what his anally retentive attorney will tell him.. Sure, Sutcliffe managed to frighten young Leon into silence, but I'm hoping the IT specialist won't be so easily put off... I don't anticipate any juicy revelations on the Project itself, but by golly it would be grand to see the likes of Sutcliffe and his female cohort squirming for a change..
Sick leave, Jaquie?  Still raking in your full salary after all this time?
Will the Omnipotence Disease turn out to be your Nemesis?  That near god-like feeling of knowing the most intimate and dark secrets of your enemies, and the knowledge that you're able to have them dealt with over their powerlines, should they offend you?
Is it possible that Pragasen actually has no such secrets you can use as leverage? Wouldn't that be one for the books!

Although in the long run this sordid affair will no doubt fizzle out and disappear, it's definitely one of the more interesting diversions of the moment... Two people who are aware of every aspect and option of monitoring provided by this astonishingly advanced technology, going head to head?
Which one is my Owner backing?  Does he typically hang back in the shadows, waiting to see who's set to be the winner, before casting his vote in true cowardly fashion, or does he already have inside information on how this latest diversion is set to end?
Will Sutcliffe decide to toss Subban to the wolves and kiss and make up with the IT dude, or will Govender be forced to retract and apologise? (godforbid).
You're too fearful to stick your oar in?  Ag, bugger that! Go over to Govender's FB page and tell him he has your support FFS... Sutcliffe and Subban have reaped more than their fair share of rewards off the backs of the ratepayer's misery, and it's time they were both sat on, hard...

Does the Microwave Boffin realise he's been given the run-around?  That the stench of decomposing flesh that's been floating into their home on the South-Wester may have been due to rather more than just a random dumping on the open space adjacent to their home?  Does he begin to appreciate the sniggers that would've ensued as he was tossed from pillar to post in his efforts to find the source of that god-awful pong?  Sydenham SAPS informed us last night it had been caused by a bag of rotting meat placed at the very edge of the undergrowth, where the smell couldn't fail to reach and offend the ex-Telkom employee and his family.
Just a bit of harmless fun, Lazzie?  The troops have to be entertained, and the calls that family have made over the past weeks had kept their monitors in stitches?
Are they set to encounter more engineered mischief since he gave a follow-up report on the White Widow at last night's CPF Meeting?  Even this confirmed Idiot knows it would be unwise to scribble those details here just yet, but let's just say it confirms what I've already said all along.. That there's no real commitment to apprehending that particular stooge at all, and there never was, right Laz?

LATER at 5.50am

The rain continues to come down steadily, and already we're starting to see the devastation caused by Groesbeek's fibre through the stormwater drains..
Sutcliffe crowed that he was responsible for achieving the fibre Network across the City and beyond, and I do feel that a lynch party is in order, now that the devastating results of this achievement can be seen across town.. Roads collapsing, great flooding lakes at busy intersections, and killer potholes hidden beneath puddles of water... The drains are blocked due to the litter tossed down by an increasingly uncivilised population?  Really, Mikey?
Nothing at all to do with the fact that so many of the stormwater drains are now crammed with H20's fibre that there's nowhere for the rainwater to go but up?
(BTW, you may care to research the H20 fellas, and see what you come up with. I seem to recall they've caused cock-ups in other countries as well...)

The Weathermen are certainly doing their bit towards creating additional misery among the community here in eThekwini... There's a truly disastrous amount of rain coming down out there, and the wind is picking up as well..The ensuing road accidents will no doubt keep the desired air of chaos and misery on the front pages of the press for days to come..
The sound of the rain has become almost hypnotic and I must leave you and wade off about my business.. Be careful out there, and


Tuesday 29th October 2013 at 11.12am.