Sunday, June 23, 2013

(begun Monday 24th June at 4.45am..)

*If, like the devout Missus P, you find my endless speculation tiresome, may I recommend that you find your entertainment elsewhere, for speculation is all I have to offer.  I'll leave it up to you to decide what is the truth, and where I've gotten it wrong.  Proof?  All I have are my photos, and I very much doubt they'd stand up in a court of law in this country.*

Who to thank for finally clearing up that little mystery? If it hadn't been for Eleanor's startling outburst, I'd have trundled on aimlessly referring to it as surveillance/eavesdropping technology.  Two words that are no doubt regarded as taboo by the Sydenham promoters....  Would I be nearer the mark to refer to it as the Lord's Neighbourhood Watch?  Described vaguely to the community members as a safety chain created by linking all the homes in the area via their power supplies, in order that neighbour may keep an eye on neighbour? A truly wonderful communications system introduced by Sutcliffe, that would ultimately ensure your safety?  The best part about the whole thing was the promise that it would take your rudderless children off the streets and keep them busy doing something worthwhile?

How so?  Well, to get a decent wireless signal, powerful enough that your Neighbourhood Watch Controller could keep an eye on you, a member from each household would be taught to hack into the resident next door's system, which would ultimately form a chain of power strong enough to relay clear pictures and sound back to your Street Manager's PC.
Yes, we're all aware that hacking per se is illegal, but these are dark days, and we have to make some compromises if we're to overcome the evil out there?
Most of the local youth are computer literate, and courses will be available to those who aren't..*waves to Dawn...

This has to be the biggest and best-kept secret in the entire area, for if criminals were to be aware of it's existence, it would defeat the point of the entire operation..?  You or your kids would be taught by a specially trained Tutor to employ the quantum laser based computer program, and those that became proficient at it, were no doubt promised the possibility of a lucrative career once the dust had settled and the corrupt eradicated?
How'm I doing Eleanor?  Too emotive?  Too much balderdash?  Oh, I forgot, you don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, and there's therefore no chance you'll be reading my words...

Is that how so many of you came to sign up for this monstrous culling experiment?  It sounded like a grand idea, and if it kept your kids away from drinking and drugging you were in?
Is my immediate neighbour aware of the system and won't they mind me hacking into their laptop/computer?  Well no, it's not as simple as that, as Mr or Mrs So-and-so have a reputation for talking out of turn, they won't be invited to join, for fear they might compromise the need for secrecy...
OMW! How delicious!  You never liked them anyway...?
Who gets to decide who's in and who's out?  Is there some sort of local Board of Trustees who discuss each resident's merit, and decide which is the best way to approach them or whether they're to be excluded?

Who was it that stuck their hand up to say that while Missus A was an exceptionally good woman, it's doubtful she'd accept that breaking the law in any way by hacking, was vital to the scheme's smooth running.  It's also unlikely she'd accept excluding so many of her honest and upright fellow community members, so we'll just leave her right out of it, shall we?
Someone will of course be tasked to keep an eye out for her safety, despite that it's been deemed best not to enlighten her...?
With the combined power of prayer, and this astonishingly sophisticated technology, Sydenham residents are finally going to get to live in peace, free from the waves of crime and corruption that sweep over the country?

Really? What happened?  Eight years have passed since the technology was first introduced to the area, and the only drastic changes I've seen, are the number of people who've fallen ill or died from all manner of illnesses in the years since then.  There's been no let up to the crime, and drugs continue to flood the area, so what exactly is the purpose of the Lord's Neighbourhood Watch technology?
You were promised that it was perfectly safe, although you've been feeling pretty grotty lately?  Could it be since you saw the cherry-picker guys working on the nearby streetlight last week?  What changes did they make that could've led to your unpleasant symptoms?  Sharp pains to your head, and your wrists and hands are playing up, but the doc can't tell you why?

Did you ever do as I asked and take your digital point and shoot camera outdoors after dark, to randomly shoot pictures of the air?  Did the results show nothing but darkness, and a streetlight nearby, so you packed it in and haven't tried again since then?
If you live in Sydenham or Sherwood, why don't you give it a shot, only this time watch the flash itself as you hit the Take button... Watch closely enough and you'll see a cloud of minute gold-dust particles surrounding that bright light, just for an instant... Pretty hey?
Care to bet that's the result of Stefanus Roux's 'perfectly safe' quantum laser system, that's running the Lord's Neighbourhood Watch in your street?  Millions of dense ultra-short laser beams packed tightly together to fill the very air you breath?

See now, if you persist and keep moving around ever so slightly, still snapping away in the dark, chances are you will eventually get lucky, and your flash will catch at least some of the pretty white spheres created by the lasers colliding... Did someone whisper to you that the Neighbourhood Watch guys don't recommend that you try taking pictures, and that they'd rather you didn't?
What would it prove anyway?  So there's a solid blanket of technology hanging over you -  So what, if it means you're being kept safe from harm?
It's as simple as this.. Apparently wireless radiation disables the immune system, and you need to ask yourselves what that dense cloud of invisible lasers is carrying.. Wireless it is, indeed...

I've told you before how the MastFighter had come down from Gauteng and had eventually left Durban, saying that the levels of technology she'd measured down here were higher than anwhere else she'd tested in the country?  Never mind that.
Far be it for me to try and describe just how much of your personal privacy is removed once you've signed the dotted line... As one of the many unwitting Labrats  designated to be a Hacker's Hub for student hackers to access, I've been reporting as best I can on the effects of this magical technology....  Some of you are well aware of this, and some, maybe not...
Maybe you got lucky when they chose your Street Controller, but we didn't...

Our lives had already been changed before November 15th, 2005, when my good friend Basil was knocked unconscious while working out in his garden at No. 4.  In all likelihood, he'd been hit by a stray beam, as Allen Spence and our Controller Balliram fumbled between the cellmast and our streetlights.. You may recall how he'd gone down again in the identical spot on the 15th December 2005, and how once again they'd had to drain the fluid build-up from around his brain...
Nothing whatsoever to do with the Neighbourhood Watch technology, Les?  You can't prove it wasn't, any more than I can prove it was...

Having second thoughts about this Grand operation, but you dare not voice them for fear of reprisals?  You don't want to be the one to step out of line and raise your hand?  Are you beginning to get the gist of what's been done to you, and how neatly your right to any form of privacy and good health has been removed, under the guise of a technology purported to SAVE you?
We have endured eight years of stealthy criminal activities on our property, and eight years of abuse over our powerlines, and you couldn't ask for a better example of what could be done to you and your family were you seen to rock this boat.
And that my dears, is IMHO the only reason I've been allowed to continue bleating online for your edification and amusement...

At around 11.30am yesterday, someone up on the street had given a loud yell to catch godschild's attention at No. 10.  Did he go up to stand and chat on his verge as he so often does?  Five minutes later a couple of nearby hadedas gave their startled cry, and you knew that something on the airwaves had just been adjusted...  Is my devout neighbour aware that even his conversations are monitored by the Pig next door?
That every word uttered out on their verge is relayed back to BigEars or his proxy, hunkered down in der Bunker?  Does he consider he and Balliram are on the same winning team, and that it matters not that his conversations are being overheard?

As fully accredited graduates of this heaven-sent technology, my most Excellent Neighbour should be aware that it will take a great deal more the prayer to protect him, were Balliram to have mischief up his sleeve... That, whether she is aware of it or not, there are in fact two of them next door at No. 6, and that when one nips out, the other is there watching you as well..
It's always possible that you're already aware of this, and are comfortable with the situation.  If not, be alert, is all I can suggest, for not all of your associates are as well-intentioned as you are..


Monday 24th June, 2013 at 8.37am.