Monday, June 10, 2013

Battle hymn of the Zone..
(begun Monday 10th June at 3.45am..)

Has the young Councillor finally pricked up his ears, or has he already been warned off and told that I'm more than bad for his political career?  Will he go back to his associates and say he's keen to investigate at least some of my allegations?  That is, before he's gagged by his own compadres?  That's okay, as all I'm hoping for is that people begin to think for themselves, if it's not already too late..
Lame or not, my comments had been enough for her to come out and sound the battle cry for the New Age Army.. A call so fierce it made your eyes water...
The darkness is lifting over Sydenham?  Really?  Could that be due to the inordinate amount of additional lighting that Barnabas' subjects have installed about their properties?

Is there any less drugging among the youth than there was say, two years ago?  The community should share information, Madam?  Surely the correct term is thieve?  How can it be referred to as share?  Those that have been enlightened and recruited to this Experiment, are to steal information from those that haven't, and I guess that would be the more honest way to describe it, though you're bound to disagree...
You'll have gathered I was truly surprised to find Mrs. A is apparently totally unaware of the Project... How can this be?  Are her values too strong to be 're-adjusted'?  Is her honesty and integrity seen to be impenetrable, and as a result no-one has knocked on her door with the magical Sales Pitch?
Just when I was beginning to think my Vice Chair stood alone in a sea of brainwashed robots, along comes another equally as good, and therefore equally as vulnerable...

She's far from Slave material, BeVonk, and she speaks her mind and makes sense, so where does that place her in your interpretation of what's to come?  Will she be set aside as untrainable, and her life cut short by the wireless weaponry when she least expects it?
Godswill, Madam?  I'd suggest that even the devout BeVonk over on the mybroadband forum has come to see that's hardly the case at all... Was it my comments on the Sydenham Community News FB  page, made to the ANC Treasurer, that had you ride out so swiftly with your banner streaming in the wind, to reinforce the Emperor Barnabas' sales pitch to his subjects?  *draws breath...
Dear Readers, at this point you'll have to employ your hacking skills, for the Group I speak of, is for some reason closed, and by invite only... No doubt a means of keeping out the riff-raff...

What am I doing on that page?  I do believe I mentioned before how my kind VC had sent me in through a back door, though there's no reason why the page's Creator would've denied me, were I to have gone the normal route...  So ja, if you'd like to see for yourselves how those comments went yesterday, you'll have to be bounced in by a member, or alternatively hack your way in, and I'm guessing the latter wouldn't present a problem, as that is the first illegal pre-requisite required of any soon-to-be Recruit to the Yellow Army.
Although the ANC Treasurer's denial was fully anticipated, it's hoped that he's not too wrapped up in his career aspirations to miss noticing what's happening to his dear mama.. Is she still prone to flue-like symptoms, knee problems etc, or are they now a thing of the past?

A persistent dry hacking cough perhaps, that's force at times has her seeing stars before her eyes?  You need to understand K, that she goes off to work each day at the newly refurbished University Medical Learning Centre, and, for 're-furbished' you may substitute wired to the maximum.  At the end of each long day she comes home to a street that is literally thick with Stefanus Roux and Francesco Petruccione's collaborative technology... A double-whammy in fact, rather like the Director of St. Phil's was enduring before his system gave up and he died an untimely death... Negative? If I wish it, it will be so?  Oh come now, face up to the truth, and quit burying your head in that convenient sand pile...
Godswill it ain't, and anything more like a gigantic game of Russion Roulette you'd be hard-pressed to find..

When your old lady acquires an odd pain in her joints or a spasmodic cough, you should accept the fact that she's sucking in double doses of what the rest of the community face, and she should be treated with care... She's fortunate in that she was considered worthy of being told at least some of the goals the Experiment Planners hope to achieve, though that will have been simply because our Earl had a mind to use her along the way, for his own ends...  Will the ANC Treasurer's mum be afforded a further opportunity to try and convince my honourable Vice Chair that the surveillance technology is for the ultimate good of mankind, or have the Rotten Apples up at the Station's ongoing mischief queered that pitch forever?  The engineered water leaks to his property, the tampering with his vehicle, and his dogs being assaulted by the wireless weaponry have certainly put the good fellow on his guard, and I sense no real committment from Sydenham SAPS to have that nonsense stopped anytime soon..

It's nearly 5.15am, and for the second time since I rose earlier, I could've sworn I heard the far-off drone of the Airwing chopper in the distance.. If I took myself out onto the verandah, would I see it's bright lights winking against the dark sky, as the Flyboyz go about the business of wiring up the latest installations to the surveillance grid?   Have they been told to avoid including the mini wireless base station that is St. Theresas, from their flight path, as best they can?
Does that chopper fly in each Thursday to play catch-up, once I've left the area to go shopping, or am I once again being arrogant to assume that my beady gaze is factored in to their operations at all?

I see from our Shadow Minister of Police's FB page that she has at least one son of recruitment age.. One child who would've been ripe for the plucking, who might have been lured by the grandiose promises, into joining the Yellow Army several years ago... If this were so, how much information would he share with his maman?  Everything that he knows, or would he deliberately omit the bits that he considers might offend her?  If indeed he were a soldier of this new age army, would he describe the Learning Centres created specifically that the recruits may become proficient in employing Petruccione/Sentech's laser/wireless computerised technology?

Would he explain to his mater that in most cases these Hackers Hubs are rigged up in the homes of innocent and honest rate-payers, without their knowledge or consent?  Would he admit to Dianne that many of the occupants of these homes appear to fall ill under the battering they take, as the unseen cadets flock into their homes regularly to practise their craft?  Or would he allow himself to remain silent on that score and be persuaded that a target's physical reactions are best not discussed with anyone other than his fellow soldiers?
Is that how it works Dean?  Out of respect for their elderly parents sensibilities, it's often best to keep them right out of the loop, and to feed them only the sketchiest of details?

All of which I can follow with relative ease.. My problem always was and remains, the fact that for over eight years not one of you has attempted to rid us of the Vermin at No. 6 Harris Crescent... If you were to be told otherwise, it would be a lie.. If you willingly continue to believe that I have some ongoing personal vendetta against a chap who is in fact worth his weight in gold, then you're too far gone, and beyond redemption...   Employed to warp the minds of the neighbourhood youth in his eventual role as Tutor, he's achieved just that and more, and this sorry excuse for a human being continues to be deemed too valuable to be removed..
Surely that in itself should set off a few alarm bells?
The darkness is lifting over Sydenham, Madam?  Are we talking about the same area?  Have you seen the latest crime stats?  Oh wait!  Dodge City seldom if ever, issue those stats, and these days you have to rely on word of mouth, and by golly, those reports are hair-raising..

What are your thoughts on the teams of organised crime specialists employing the surveillance technology to cow the community into compliance?  Have you come to consider this necessary if we're ever to reach the goals set out for you in the Manifesto you bought so happily?  Or do you steadfastly deny to yourself that's exactly what's happening?
That the very same fellow who quite possibly tutored your own children in the arts of laser employment, could well be involved in having your neighbour hi-jacked at her front gate, and yet you remain strangely silent on this probability?

Sadly, it's more likely to be your connections than your prayers that keep you personally safe from harm.. Connections that many of your community are not quite as fortunate to have... That astute lady herself commented on the inexplicable increase in cancers across the Zone, though I've no doubt she'll be led down the garden path as to the real cause...
Was your battle cry designed to include the entire Zone community, or was it restricted to the Soldiers of the Yellow Army?  Why would you regard my VC as the enemy unless deliberate mischief has been made to cause you to see him in that light?  Why would you not contact him and resolve your differences, and the two of you put your heads together on the matter of the Experiment?  He is easily as dedicated as you are, to creating a better future for the people of this country, and I would guess that the two of you working together would present a formidable force in the so-called fight against corruption?

No can do, madam?  Would you retreat under the 'it's complicated' excuse, as so many have before you?  Man, I had such high hopes, but it appears that I've missed that bus as well.... Your Mentor had it within his power to relocate his prized IT Cracker to Siberia, and yet he chose to have him remain, despite that he has proven to be more than just a loose cannon.. Does Barnabas have a Leverage file on you, or do you consider yourself 100% free to voice your own opinion?  Another question I fear will not be answered to my satisfaction... Were I to request whether anyone dare to ensure the honourable Missus A sees this update, would a ripple of fear sweep through the ranks?  Fear of what, exactly?

Surely not of the ruthless and calculating Druglord Earl Michael Barnabas, who was so cunningly made over in the lates nineties by Mo Shaik, to re-emerge as a humanitarian and philanthropist.. A humanitarian whose sole ambition was to save his community from the savage hordes?  You're darned right it's complicated, for I see no escape.. I would merely have it that you continue along this path with your eyes wide open, and recognize that you've been hoodwinked.. Without the imput of the honest and good residents who've been deliberately excluded 'for their own good', this trail leads downhill all the way, and good luck with that...


Monday 10th June 2013 at 10.35am.