Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The leaner, the meaner.?
(begun Tuesday 14th May at 4.20am...)

I didn't actually black out, but then how can I be sure?  That time not long ago, when I told you of how I'd leaned over to open the little side window overlooking Balliram's three aircon units, and something invisible had struck me so hard that I'd just slid down onto the floor?  Was that the closest I've come to having one of the petite mal episodes that beset both my uncle and my little dog?  Are these mini blackouts on the increase here in the Zone?
Apparently unrelated to epilepsy, although the symptoms certainly sound similar..
We'd been standing chatting after last night's CPF meeting as usual, when my Chair let drop that his kid is to have an ECG to determine the cause of her seizures...  She's passed out three times over the last two years, and on two of those occasions she'd been attending church over at St. Anne's...

Sure, my old ears had pricked up at that news... Under the circumstances, wouldn't yours?  I'd lay odds that both inside and out, that church is wired to the max with the Look & Listen technology, and that several Soldiers of this New Army regularly hop on over there on Sundays to practise their laser monitoring skills...
What's the eavesdropping like in their home at Jimmy Carter?  Any idea, Laz?  You all know what the fellow does for a living, so he would've been of interest from day one, and it certainly sounds as if his daughter's borne the brunt of the invasions... Anyone else you know of here in the Zone, that's taken to having these mini blackouts over the last few years?

If that cartoon-like Creature that had called out my name on Sunday morning is really a new version of my Area Controller, even his ears had stood away from his shrunken skull, as if they didn't fit.. *shudders... Would it make any difference were I to discover that his shocking appearance is due to fall-out from the wireless weaponry he employs so avidly on the Zone Community?  I'm that stupid that I fear it might...
Sick or not, it doesn't seem to have diminished his enthusiasm for making mischief, and I've just taken a nasty whack to the side as I stood at the stove, stirring the chicken livers and rice...  Whoever was on shift at around 2am had woken me with their taser poking away, and I'd muttered angrily to them to bugger off.. It hadn't been the flaming fingers at 4am, but the nasty dull ache to the tops of my legs that finally got me up and about for the day..

She'd said she'd played a part in nailing a Drug dealer, and you could tell she was proud of it.. Is the chap languishing behind bars as I write, or was he back soon after his arrest, to continue flogging his warez?  How's her once vibrant mum doing, surrounded by all this astonishing technology?  Still in so much pain?  See V, if you could take her away for a few weeks to the country?  Away from any form of wireless or radiation, I'd lay odds your old lady's relief would be immediate... But that's so much easier said than done, and financially it's something that's way beyond the reach of many of the civilian recruits to the Yellow Army...

Did Missus Kohler-Barnard remember to enquire after the daily flights made by THIS little SAPS fixed wing plane?  It continues to go over and back most days, and even at it's highest altitude the sound of it's engine has me going out for a dekko.... Consultants for the Experiment, going inland to share their expertise, as towns across Kwa Zulu are wired to the Look and Listen technology?  
If every word or foul curse I've uttered since the monitoring began in earnest has been fed back to some vast data storage base, would anyone care to search and find how many times I've heard the chopper go over and muttered aloud that it sounds more than ready for a service?  Is there more than one of that particular model based down at Louis Botha?  If not, you can guarantee that a great deal of loving care and attention is paid to that particular bird on the odd occasion that it spends any time parked on the runway...
There's a whole heap of moolla being invested in that chopper and it's computerised equipment that's compatible to the Experiment's technology... I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. The crew that takes that chopper up to spend hours and hours capturing the updated installations, must be worth their weight in gold...

Have you ever been down to Wardkiss or Game to pick up a can of white paint, to do up a wall or such?  Ever been flummoxed by the variety of different whites on offer?  The one that I'm interested in, could I suppose, fall under Neon white.. Is there such a thing?  That would be the shade used to paint the soccer goalposts across on the Convent's playing field, that gleams eerily even on the darkest of nights, through that carefully created gap in the pre-cast wall...
The same shade I see now painted on the edges of No. 11's bedroom window frames in fact... *winks.. Has a special compound been added to the paint that those areas stand out so starkly from the rest, and how are the 'Security guard's' immune systems handling the battering of technology they face?  Are they rotated often enough that they avoid succumbing to the fallout?

There's a pretty pink cloud on the horizon behind St. Theresas, as the sky begins to grow light.. The orphanage's kitchen light forms a part of the desired combination ordered by our Controller over the past few days, and the power that's running off that light in the upper story booster cage has to be seen to be believed... Balliram's own big enhancer within a few yards of ours, is set again to give that shorting effect, and I managed to take a couple of pics of it yesterday evening just after dark..
Taken within seconds of each other, the one set on slow exposure glows bright, while the one taken with the flash enabled has it appearing deader than a dodo.. Interesting, don't you think?
He hasn't after all, reactivated that startling orange-coloured box light HERE on the nunnery wall, though I've an idea that the latest use of the kitchen light is somehow connected to the renewed shorting effect from his own light right next to us?

Whatever is coming off those lights is unaffected by all the obstacles in between... The much touted unobstructed DLOS has for all appearances fallen away in our case, and godschild's own back garden on the streetside has been left to grow all manner of things, including a mulberry tree.. Even the surreptitious thinning of my eugenia creeper appears to have stopped, and for once it's thick and healthy looking.. What levels of power is the Controller now using that no longer requires the paths to be cleared?  Something to ponder on?
It had been months back that I'd offered my Excellent Neighbour the use of my branch lopper, thinking he'd be delighted to cut back the now towering acalypha hedge between his kitchen lights and ours.. Whether he simply hasn't had the time, or he was ordered to decline my offer, is unknown, but clearly the Expert in the Field has long since applied a work-around that no longer requires the previous areas to be cleared...

I can go for weeks without seeing my kind and Devout young neighbour, as his work frequently takes him out of town.. Am I due for another nasty shock when I finally get to spot him?  Will his once sturdy frame have shrunk in any way, in keeping with that of the Criminal Balliram and the Master Telkom Strategist, Jannie van Zyl?  Neither Janneman nor the sadistic Creep next door were prepared to put in the rigorous hours of training required to achieve Narcissus' buffed physique, or our SAPS Comms. Officer's bulked up appearance, and instead they've opted for starving themselves?
Are the hundreds of civilians recruited to the ranks of the Yellow Army suddenly being told to shed those extra pounds as fast as they can?  If Jannie van Zyl and Balliram's latest appearance is anything to go by, there'll be a damned good reason for it..
A reason that won't be given to the rest of us Labrats out there, and that's a certainty...

Does the Gymnut at No. 16 appreciate that they were chosen because they were seen as easily manipulated? That they would come to regard us as little more than guinea pigs to be abused and assaulted, over eight years, in order that these recruits to the New Age army could hone their laser skills?  That the youngsters in turn would convince their Good parents that it was the only way forward, and that we are suffering no lasting physical damage as a result of these constant intrusions to our privacy?  
As I sit here now at the desk with Millie grumbling quietly, and an unpleasant pinch in my side nearest der Bunker, I'd have to say that's another lie, and an enormous one at that..

LATER at 7.15am

I've just checked all three cellphones to find the signal dumbed down to one bar only.. Hau!  Considering that sitting here at the desk I'm pretty much in full view of the Barnard Road mast, would anyone care to explain what's going on?  Even as I watch it's beginning to jump up to three bars and then back down again... There'd been an accident outside my VC's home on Friday night and THIS pole was badly knocked..
At the time of the prang he'd lost his ADSL service, though you can see clearly it wasn't a telephone pole that took the damage..
He was that baffled that he'd gone out onto the road over the weekend to see whether the techs were working on the switchbox down the way, but there'd been no sign of any activity... His ADSL was finally restored yesterday morning, after a weekend spent using the money-gobbling 3G service...  Just another little mystery that defies a logical explanation, as the Crime Intelligence Gatherers cluster and mill about the airwaves like a flock of mindless sheep, led by a malicious dwarf....

LATER at 8.25am

I was in the bath just now when an image of the Druglord's cute nephew had popped into my head, and how he'd crossed out of his way to come over and ask how I was, shortly after I'd dropped Nobby's corpse at the vet.. He knew I was hurting, but how?  Bush telegraph, or does he in fact hold a permanent Gold Circle ticket allowing him to sit with the Tormentors up at Dodge City, and assist in deciding which of the Zone Community are next in line to endure some nasty frequencies pumped into their homes?
Was that pleasant young Officer actually present when Balliram had nuked his own dog to death? Has he become what Jannie van Zyl's Masters prize above rubies?  A desensitised and manipulated sheep, with no compassion towards man or beast?  Just asking..


Tuesday 14th May, 2013.