Monday, April 22, 2013

Private lessons...
(begun Sunday 21st April at 4.15am..)

Jabbing away at Millie directly, smacks of the Master Class goondas getting in a few good ones before they pass out in a goofed stupor, but you can never tell for sure..
Someone on the Graveyard Shift thought 3.45am was the right time to prod the old Idiot out of her bed, and had gone about it with a flourish... A knife for the Abomination, a kick to the side, and an almighty pinch to the lower back, and they certainly had my bleary-eyed attention.... Now?  The reward for my capitulation?  The bloody Backfire frequency is already on the increase, and clearly there's no pleasing these heroic soldiers of the New Army...

LATER at 4.55am

I'd been sitting here at the desk since forever, just gazing out of the window and thinking of nothing much at all, when a muted rumble suddenly kicked in... der Bunker's aircon unit? I made a note on my logs next to me, and almost immediately it faded... *winks..
It never fails to amuse me that Balliram's Graduates might think that they're solely responsible for me on any given shift, and that their Tutor isn't lurking nearby in the background at all times... (My word, resume my scribbles and Millie shrieks at the Knives to the Back as they zoom in for a better view.. Tsk, tsk...)  Despite the cruelty in the air, I feel damnably cheerful, and my mind flits to many of the characters in this farce, and I wonder just what they're doing right now...

Sleeping innocently as babes, or sitting up poring over their laptops with gritty eyes, as they hop from house to house checking out the unwary occupants?  Schabir?  Whose own brother set this Grand Scheme in motion and in doing so, sold his own Community down river?  Is the Arms Dealer heavily involved in a very different kind of weaponry these days?  Did he in fact take a couple of IT courses to the extent that he too is now capable of employing the laser program, and can access his neighbour's homes to amuse himself?  Is he perhaps on first-name terms with the young DA Councillor for his area?
I doubt that in the history of mankind there's ever been such an atmosphere of lies and subterfuge as exists right now..Friends lying to friends, husbands to wives, children to their parents, and that's just for starters... You don't actually lie, but simply omit to tell the truth?  Ahh.. that makes it okay then..*snorts...

Could I construct some sort of simplified Faraday cage using sisalation, that would exclude the data thieves from my scribbles here at the desk?
I've got a real mental block in that regard, and I can't get beyond the fact that the lasers adore the colour silver... It's not as if my words are of any importance whatsoever, but it would be an interesting exercise to try.. However, lethargic as I am these days, it's unlikely I'll buckle down and actually do it...

The mountaineer that made the papers a few weeks back for all the wrong reasons, when he was accused of abusing his neighbours over in Glenwood?  Did any of you get to see his subsequent comments on the Noseweek Facebook page?  Scroll down and read his version of events and see what you think.. My immediate reaction had been to think the bloke sounded perfectly sane, and that maybe I'd rushed to judgement.. (No surprises there).  Then again, by his own admission he lets the drink get the better of him, and all the flowery praise he has for his wife no doubt flies straight out of the window when he's on a binge.. No steroids after all?  Maybe..
Like I said, wherever you look there are mini-tragedies being played out, whether due to engineered mischief or not...

It's 5.55am, and the sky is starting to get light.. A bunch of hadedas just announced that the airwaves have been opened up, and a surreptitious knife to my side confirms this...
Who are you knowingly going to physically damage today?  Now that you're aware that the combination of Roux and Petruccione's technology is the furthest thing from perfectly safe that you could imagine?  Whose homes will you invade and on whose orders, while you blithely tell yourselves it's for the good of mankind? *vomits..
Which home's occupants will be oblivious to your arrival, as they burst into a sudden spasmodic bout of dry coughing, or suffer a gigantic twinge to their knee or wrist?  Which of those unsuspecting stooges will be overwhelmed by nausea at your invisible presence, or have a wall of heat engulf them?  An Army consisting mostly of civilians, whose only qualifications to operate this killing weaponry will be a few hacking lessons given by a local Area Controller...
Have I offended you mightily by suggesting you're embroiled with criminals?  Take heart and rest assured that I'm being punished ceaselessly for my cheek..

LATER at 9.45am

Was Dianne Kohler-Barnard hired to cause a distraction?  Would she be enraged at the mere idea?  If not, just how much has she been told of Le Grande Operacione?  Let's ask her, shall we?  Let's see if she's aware of the weaponry side of this astounding technology, or whether she's simply been told  it's a means of accessing homes to record and retrieve both visual and audio data, and that it's being used to root out the Corrupt in the Ruling Party... You've told her that much, surely?  Right.   So - Is she aware that it can also be used to control a target's electrical and even battery-operated assets?  That specific jackpoints in a target's home may be identified and surged sufficiently to shut down an appliance or even destroy it?   That your car's battery may be remotely drained over a period of hours, depending on it's accessibility to your nearby Area controller?
That your house alarm may be easily remotely blocked from activating?  Missus KB may at this point wish to track down the article published saying the CIA have claimed openly that they can control the population via their electrical assets, to verify what I say is the truth..

And still we haven't touched on the real function of this astounding quantum laser/wireless combination of surveillance technology, have we Frankie? *studies Petruccione with interest...  More deadly than a nuclear bomb?  Perhaps it is...
A for the most part invisible and silent killing machine, operated by your friendly neighbour next door, is what it is... Although our Shadow Minister of Police must be more than aware that every phone she carries is intercepted, has she come to understand the full capabilities of the system that's rigged up to her nearby streetlight?   Does the concept of an invisible, except to a digital camera, snowy tennis ball-sized sphere hanging on her bedroom wall, being evidence of an uninvited guest who's breached her private sanctum, cause her to roll her eyes in disbelief?

Why would you short-change her on the finer details?  Why on earth would you omit to tell her that the lasers are designed to steer the wireless frequencies to achieve much more than just thieve her image and conversations?   In this new and democratic South Africa, are we not all equal?
Why then are the facts and details of this destructive weaponry not being trumpeted from the roof tops, that the population may decide whether they wish to follow an honest path or a crooked one?  I'm being naive again?

Why have so many taken to using black glass on their windows, or a smart-finish coating, in an attempt to deflect the lasers, while the majority are not offered the same opportunities?  Am I simply blowing more hot air here, and our Dianne is already aware of every aspect of the Experiment, and condones and supports it?  Does she have a gardening service who employ a droog specifically to apply the near-unnoticable chemical compounds strategically about her property, in order to steer the lasers to their chosen targets?  If asked, would young Martin or Dean Macpherson reassure her that there's no way her home's powerlines would be activated stealthily, and that the Area Controller for her road is a 100% DA supporter?  Would she buy that bullshit?

Monday 22nd April at 5.55am

I can hardly believe it myself, but yesterday's logs showed nothing much at all from 6am to 3pm... (apart from the PC's screen not loading on startup for the second morning in a row).  That's freaking astonishing .. There'd been sporadic cruelty after that, and I'd eventually put my light out at 8.25pm.. That was probably when the queue began forming at the Ticket Office next door, for the Curtain Raiser at

By 11pm I was still wide awake, and by 11.30pm I was on my elbows watching the chopper head over towards the microwave tower, before turning back down towards the MTB.. I'd gotten back up for a while at that point, but all in all it was a busy and painful night...
The dark grey people carrier with the GP Registration that had arrived to stay at No. 6 over Easter, has long since been replaced by an ND Registered Landrover of the same colour HERE.  Private lessons?  Someone making the most of their annual leave to brush up on the fine art of wireless weaponry?  Farked if I know or care, for right now I'm just a tad fixated on whether our Shadow Minister of Police is fully integrated into every single aspect of the Surveillance Project, or not..

Is she aware that Rouxs 'perfectly safe' quantum laser communications system, installed for Sutcliffe (long before the offical date given by good old Stef), is, when combined with Frankie Petruccione's wireless contribution, a killing machine like no other?
Would Missus KB be able to confirm as I did, that a powerful Druglord, one 'Earl' Michael Barnabas of Sydenham, Durban, was indeed given Marketing and Promotional rights to this technology, back when Jackie Selebi ran the SAPS?  (AFAIK, it had been Nathie himself who'd corroborated that story, and by then Selebi was already history).

That's all our Di really needs to know to be able to ignore the urgent whispers that everything has changed for the better since then....  It most certainly has not, and although many of the criminals initially given access and control of this amazing system have been allowed to cross the floor and join the so-called Good guys, the criminal premise and savage methods remain the same...
What was his name again?  Kent Crane of Cowies Hill?  Is the chap in anyway connected to either Westville or Pinetown SAPS, and is he for the Good or the Rotten Team?


Monday 22nd April 2013 at 10.00am.