Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dark side...
(begun Wednesday 27th March at 11.30am..)

The would-be Spook is sticking close to home today, and the faint doef-doef-doef carried out from der Bunker at 8.45am this morning...   My frazzled head is labouring to keep up, though I suspect there's no snide smile on my tormentor's face right now... In amongst the (for me) overwhelming number of FB notifications in my gmail this morning, had been a mail from Professor Els, to which I'd promptly replied..
Trusting Balliram no further than I would a rabid scorpion, I'd called someone who works with the young academic at the Uni, and asked that she let him know I'd replied to his mail... Ten minutes later she'd texted me to say job done...

I then went on to do a back-search for a mail involving CPF business, that my VC had requested, and had gotten only as far as December 12th 2012, when my gmail connection had been summarily cut. I'd eventually tried re-setting the iBurst connection, only to find that we had the same problem that hit us over the long weekend... Google access de-activated? *nods...   This time even my Twitterdeck wouldn't load, so there'd be no snitching to the Snowman, either...
Does any of this really matter?  I sense the Poor Creature is scrabbling for a foothold right now, and although the BackFire frequency is mercifully absent, the hadedas have just set up a great clamouring down in the valley.. More changes to the airwaves, or simply someone passing through that tract of open land?

I was going to tell you stuff but I find I'm in too good of a humour right now so I'm going to wander off and do something else for a change...

LATER at 3.15pm

He's finally gone.. The Beemer probably pulled out a few minutes before 3pm.. About the same time our power was cut.. His gates were still open when I'd checked five minutes after the electricity disappeared, and they're closed now...  Our power was restored 39 minutes later.
I'd kicked on the computer again at around 2pm, but we're back to square one and nothing will complete it's load, though I could enjoy FB, and Twitterdeck at that stage was okay, gmail had flown out the window and I didn't even try and update my blog.. *whistling...

Did I say Facebook was okay?  I updated my timeline and headed over to post a whine on Frosty's page, but it wouldn't load properly so I left again... BTW, I'd been standing on the front lawn waiting to see whether gmail would finish loading at about one minute before 3pm, when the power went off, and guess what, just then the Airwing chopper appeared above the Experiment Station and flew, tilted sideways, right over the Chickencoop.. Had they asked that the power be switched off for that passover?  *curious..

Thursday 28th March at 3.50am

The Airwing chopper had returned three more times after it's initial appearance at 3pm, so ja, it might well be that odd 39 minutes power outage had been in order to assist them in some way...
That chopper falls under Ms. Kohler-Barnard's territory, does it not?  Does she ever get to look at the SAPS  finances and if so, how is the cost of keeping that one chopper alone in the air, ratified?  Hell, you all know how long I've been going on about the millions it must cost to have those FlyBoyz up in the air, often through the night, and where the money comes from...
Has Ms. KB ever been down to their base at Louis Botha, and met that crew, as I was fortunate to do one day in the then Station Commissioner Nayager's office?

It's now 4am, and a sudden jab to the back of my head, and I have his full attention.. Since Balliram's car disappeared off his driveway minutes before the power outage at 3pm, I'd not seen either of them return... I'd still been up at 10.10pm last night, when they'd both returned and one of them had chirruped the remote.. I realised that whatever function they'd been off attending had been the reason behind the return of that nasty tweak to our computer, and it would appear that our Monitor is now that anxious, that if he can't be around to check on us personally, we can't have the service my old man pays for...
This increased mischief had begun only once I'd taken a couple of those old CD's out of storage and had the GW transfer them onto the computer.. Frankly I'm stunned by the importance the Creep places on them, and the fact that he went to the bother of removing at least one picture from both the computer and the CD...

Funny thing is, that I'd picked up one of my nine photo albums yesterday, and paged through those prints to find two of the hydrant on the verge outside No. 18, gushing out it's precious load down the street.  That picture was taken on the 15th October, 2007 at 10.43am, and right next to the hydrant is a small white open (Bantam?) bakkie with the Registration ND 124 747.
I turned the page and found another picture, this one taken on the 16th October 2007 at 5.14am, where there is still a river flooding down the road, only this one wasn't from the hydrant, but somewhere higher up around the corner, and I couldn't see it's source...  Are those photos important?  Could they provide proof that MacLeod has lied about the water losses all along, and that they are due as I've always maintained, to the fibre optic cabling surreptitiously stuffed through the water and sewer lines across the country?

Was 2007 not well before the authorities had allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry to come and dig up the verges again, to lay their own cabling, thereby muddying the waters successfully?
Want to bet there's sufficient evidence in those albums to back my claims?  That were I to get my old man to transfer that entire pile of CDs onto this computer, and the corrupt Special Operative next door were to leap on in and eradicate all those he thought might be incriminating, chances are I've got the printouts tucked away safely anyways?  *chokes...

LATER at 4.30am

Whether it had been in the long-standing tradition of leaving me 'messages' dotted about where I couldn't fail to find them (as with the two toads found floating in my hadeda pool in the very early days of this ghastly project, both of which had been decapitated with the precision of a guillotine), would anyone care to tell me what THIS is?  I'd found it a few days ago where it had been placed in the garvie shrub right next to our top gates... It's the size of a standard drinking class, only it's made of thick black plastic and has a tip-up lid with numbers hand-scrawled underneath on the bottom.

There'd been a used fag end inside it, and I'm guessing that it was being used by someone to hide the evidence of their filthy habit, even though it's original purpose was for something else entirely.. It's actually a fine thing, and I'd dearly love to know what exactly it was designed to carry safely inside it's sturdy body...Certainly not stompies..
Despite the carefully engineered mischief, I'd managed to check Ms KB's Facebookpage last night, and found that as anticipated my comment had all but disappeared altogether under a flurry of posts, and I imagine by now the good lady has quite forgotten all about my initial comments.. Cest la vie...

After seeing all the excellent publicity given our charming Vanessa in the Press last week, I'd actually managed to stumble into the Umbilo Action group's Facebook page yesterday... Is Mr. Bolter the creator of that page?  There'd been several comments that his beloved dog had gone missing while he'd been away and to my horror, I found a post saying that it had eventually been found dead in their garden.. I'd posted and enquired whether they'd discovered the cause of it's death, and when I'd gone back later to see if anyone had bothered to reply, those specific posts had vanished and a new picture had been posted repeating that the dog had simply disappeared.. Hau!    Was the earlier comment saying the dog was found dead some sort of unkind hoax? (Edit: Thursday now 3.57pm and I've just checked that FB page to find the original post saying the dog was found dead in the garden.  My comments had been removed, but I tried again nonetheless.)
That FB page and the work that Bolter and Vanessa do for their community, ensure that they'll both be targeted by the criminal element, and Balliram has shown us time and again that going after their target's dogs is par for the course..
Are there no generous Muslim businessmen residing in Umbilo, who could assist that hard-working group financially?   Having already begged the Gift of the Givers for their aid in the matter of the 70-odd kids over at St. Theresa's, I figure you can tell how much store I set by some of the kinder and more generous of the Muslim community, and it's a tragedy that they've been conned every bit as savagely by the ShaikBoyz and Telkom as the rest of you...  Will someone recognize that Action Group for all the good work they're doing and deliver a nice fat cheque into their ailing bank account?

From 6pm last night until after 10pm I'd taken some serious flak in the form of earache and savage jabs to the left side of my head, just above my ear.. This was interspersed? with occasional flares of the BackFire frequency and the Abdominal frequency... Were you on shift between those hours and if so, what were you thinking?  The assaults were sufficiently brutal to have me think it was the Pig himself, bouncing his attacks into ours via Freddie's at No. 12, but as always, I've no way of knowing for sure..

LATER at 6.05am

I could've sworn I heard my Good Neighbour's top door shut quietly at around 5.30am as someone left the property... I'd only gone up at around 5.40am to load my boot for my trip out.  The little dog was with me, but he stopped in his tracks halfway up the last flight of stairs and refused to budge...He had good reason.. A head bobbed up on the wall side of the Polo as I neared the top, and I'd shouted Wenzani?, and he was up over the thorns and garvies and heading off down the road towards Cato Crest before you could blink an eye..  A wee demonstration especially for moi?  Pfft..

No. 11's bedroom window was wide open, though no sign of the security guard.. Most days they change shifts at the gate around 6am..
How does that kid collect his fee, Balliram?  The sensor light above our garage hadn't been on, but that's a doddle to control and besides, it was light out already.. Pretty much takes care of the GW's plans for the day, does it not?  I'd heard no sound of that passenger window being smashed, and it could've been achieved at any time during the night, as long as that fellow was positioned where I saw him, when I'd gone up?  Had he been lurking for ages, waiting for me to get up there? Random?  You're kidding me... No condensation on any of the windows, and the empty cubby left open for thieves to see there's absolutely nothing to steal?


Thursday 28th March 2013 at 2.52pm.