Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Spectator Sport..?
(begun Tuesday 5th February at 7.30am..)

*Geez..  I only just typed the heading here in my update, and I was tossed a window saying We're sorry we're unable to process blah, blah, blah.... Keep your nickers on, Balliram, it's only the Village Idiot yapping away in the wind....*

If you simply can't be parted from your phone, then seal it tightly in a strip of sisalation and stroll along the shoreline with your friends, to discuss this magical technology openly.. Chances are, the sound of the waves will prevent your words from being picked up by those powerful wirelessed lights installed along the promenade, although even walking on the sand near uShaka has Millie shouting the odds furiously...

Want to hear my Grand Plan?  Ag man, you know I've no such thing, and that I regard the Experiment as a fait accompli.. The only way I can see to stopping some of the horrendous abuse being carried out under the guise of this surveillance operation, is for you to stop huddling in dark corners whispering, and to start talking openly about the technology to all and sundry, on how it's being abused by the criminal element...
You can't do that?  You signed some sort of Secrecy Clause when you were awarded your fake NIA security clearance?  I very much doubt that Jannie van Zyl and his cronies would've put those psuedo-passes in writing, and if it was done in the form of a verbal gentleman's agreement, you're in the clear.  Mr. van Zyl is the furthest thing from a gentleman that you could possibly imagine, therefore rendering any such twak null and void...

You're afraid of what he can have done to you and your family, to ruin your lives, if you cross him?  I can't argue with that, but a great deal of the power that Bantam Cock wields, is based on just that - Fear.  More than a few of you will have come to realise that behind that facade of genial amiability lurks an uncivilised savage of the lowest order.. A Barbarian, who nonetheless will have his own set of insecurities... Ever considered what would happen were a whole bunch of you to stand up en masse and question the need for Secrecy?
What's he going to do?  Remind you that it would ruin the chances of catching the Corrupt were they to get to hear of the surveillance technology?  Ahem.  You watching his nose while he trots out that load of crud?

When he himself was heavily involved in knowingly handing over the Promotions and Marketing side of the operation here in the Zone to a DRUGLORD, FFS?  I can't believe he's played every last one of you for suckers, dammit... There's got to be at least some of you brighter sparks out there who've found our Janneman disturbingly glib, with his constant denials and reassurances?  Not prepared to risk it?  You no longer know who to trust?
Oh FFS, the Experiment is here to stay, but you could at least TRY to clean it up a bit, by getting rid of the downright psychotic criminals it's been van Zyl's pleasure to recruit...
Good Golly Miss Molly!  I hear myself chirping away, when I, of all people, can pre-empt pretty much every last bit of nastiness that the Telkom Agent has now in his power to unleash upon you, should he feel the need..
I don't care.  That vertically-challenged Bully has a chink somewhere, and one of you has probably seen it by now...*heavy nudge...

Wednesday 6th February at 7.25am

The Knob will insist that the BackFire frequency is far and away the most efficient means of stealing personal data, and you're not in a position to argue, when he has eight years in the field to your say, two?  Course, there'll be those with way more experience than the lying Cracker, but they'll have decided long ago to stay out of it, and to rather sit back and enjoy the ghoulish show...Easy to verify, Mr. Snowman?

At 5.45pm yesterday, he'd hit his triple-whoop! remote, and a wave of BackFire had arrived, along with a deep ache in the top of both of my legs.. Sure, I'm a prime target sitting there in my TV chair, with the wall right outside heavily daubed with an enhancer substance.. You think if I moved to another chair, or even the sofa, I'd escape the worst of the assaults?  No ways..
When the Pig had focused on the tissue around my hip joint the Christmas before last, the records will show how I tried pretty much everything, including trying to sleep sitting up on the bed here next to me, and in one of the other chairs in the lounge.. At the time I'd been oblivious to the visible presence of the Tutor and his buddies inside my home, or the incriminating spheres on my walls..  I'd had no idea of their ability to leap after me as I trundled about my business indoors and out... With hindsight, there was no escaping his attentions, as they sat up there watching my desperate attempts to flee from the agonising pain... *spews...

You've seen the footage, or will Balliram now claim it's 'missing'?  Come now, insist that you be shown the hours and hours of live satellite feed, stolen from our home in December 2011, through to early March 2012... Is Balliram carefully selective in who he chooses to view the fruits of his labours?  Why?
He was eager enough to share certain footage stolen during a Bathroom Matinee, well before I'd woken to the sheer scale of the invasive technology, was he not, Mr. Blobby? *looks at the vile pseudo-PAGAD member in Mayfield Road... I disgust you?  And yet you will have watched more hard-core porn that I've had hot dinners, over the last 67 years?
Those visuals that this so-called Special Operative has shared with many of you, are set to come back and bite you in more ways than one...  Tell me if you would, you disgrace to all good Muslim people, do you now dream of electric sheep, or toothbrushes? *snarls...(That last would be wasted on the Old Goat, but I simply couldn't resist..)

Did the Foul One subsequently sooth his bleeding eyes by visiting the young attractive daughter of a nearby neighbour, with Balliram's assistance? Watching her too, as she performed her ablutions?  Or did he get the Pervert to patch him through to one of MY nearby neighbour's nubile young daughters?  You find the mere suggestion offensive, and yet, if you've half a brain, you'll know this is taking place across the country, and that it matters not whether you're Chosen or Ignorant?  
Mankind is changing?  Sure it is, and what better way of dehumanising the population here in the Zone than by employing a cold-hearted and callous Druglord, and a destructive and dysfunctional Cracker, to teach your youngsters the way forward?

Any monkey that's ever enjoyed playing a computer game or two can be taught to use the laser program, and very few of them will go on to have the promises made them, fulfilled.. Their role is purely to act as a link in the chain designed to enhance the Blessed Signal.   Entertain those 14, 15 and 16 year-olds regularly by unleashing them on various homes around the area, and the desensitising has begun..
Do the many Devout here in the Zone use their Faith in a vain attempt to block the criminal aspects of this technology from their thoughts?  Do they ask god to see that their wives and young daughter's privacy is not invaded by the likes of the Pig and his customers?
As Balliram brings so many into our home to gaze upon the Bathtime Matinee, has he bought himself into your family's most private of moments.. To believe otherwise would put you neatly next to me on the Idiot's Bench..
As I was recently saying to our Director of Safety & Security - Who exactly will monitor the Monitors?

Hmm.. I've managed to wander off-topic again, and I was telling you of the BackFire that hit me at 5.45pm, along with the sound of his triple-whoop! remote... Checking last night's logs I find that remarkably, after that, I'd encountered not so much as a flicker of that horrific frequency, nor of it's close cousin, the delightful Knives to the Back frequency... That is, until ten minutes past 10pm, when I'd headed off to Cloud 9 and had hit a wall of it, in the usual corner of my bedroom...
Make no mistake, the Chop had been as viciously busy as ever, prodding me in first the left ovary and then the right, as I'd sat there enjoying Koosie's offerings on the box, but he'd managed his obsessive monitoring without resorting to jabbing away spitefully at my Abomination, for over four hours, and Millie had slept without a murmur.
In the light of his recent behaviour, that's worthy of a bloody Guiness Book of records insert ...

When I'd dropped into Facebook yesterday, it had been to discover that one of my handful of Friends had  removed his profile picture, and had left a square of blood in it's place... You'll understand that after eight years of concentrated abuse, I'm prone to reading more into situations than is often the case?  Has young halicon simply grown bored of sitting in my gmail, and of watching for something exciting to occur on my Facebook page?  What prompted him to suddenly remove his portrait, if indeed it was ever of the chap himself?  History shows that bad things have a way of happening to people who speak kindly to me. Fact.
I can only hope that there was some fairly innocuous reason behind the removal of his picture, and that it didn't involve threats or unpleasantness of any kind...
Though I doubt his close attention was ever intended to provide any sort of benefit to me, I have no desire to see him suffer for his efforts, whatever his motives.. *waves..

Did it irk the Pig next door, as he'd listened intently to my landline conversation with Miss R yesterday evening, and he'd heard us both snorting with derisive laughter at some of his more inane and crass attempts to frighten her?  Will he crank up his efforts another notch, as a result?
To imply that Miss R is capable of vandalising anyone's personal property is a nasty joke, worthy only of Balliram's girlish spite...
It certainly sounds as though the Recruitment officers have had great success over at Silverstone, and have managed to include many of the Good tenants, along with the Criminals initially handed control of the Surveillance technology...

Is Miss R already starring in another of the Sadist's Truman Show productions?  Wind her up and watch her run?  Remind me if you would, of the Good that's supposed to come out of all the blatantly disgusting manipulation that surrounds Roux and Petruccione's astonishing laser/wireless surveillance technology?
There's a large section of the enlisted that suffer a short attention span, and the only way to keep them focused is by embroiling them in sadistically cruel theatrical productions?  Ain't that the truth... *sighs..
Is Miss R set to help further reveal the levels of corruption Mr. Jannie van Zyl's star Controller sinks to, in his efforts to impress his peers?  Watch this space..


Wednesday 6th February 2013 at 9.44am.