Saturday, December 15, 2012

Groomed for Stardom..
(begun Friday 14th December at 2.15pm..)

*Looking up at our garage, with the storeroom beneath, early one evening...*

If I'd said nothing and let him discover it for himself, there probably wouldn't have been a problem, but typically, I'd spoken aloud to the old man and told him that it appeared the manhole cover over our sewage line looked to have been flooded a few days earlier, but had since dried out, leaving a pretty pattern of faintly blue-tinged bits of paper decorating the grass above... It probably happened at about the same time No. 11's walls collapsed in the early hours of Tuesday morning... *shrugs..
Did the Poor Thing next door come out of the shadows salivating at the news? Hey, we'll never know, but as soon as the GW began a wash this morning, the water began running freely over the metal cover down by the avo tree...
The Sadist battles to leave well alone, and has a history of seizing every opportunity to create mischief, despite his orders to make himself scarce... Remind you of anyone else?  Someone who became such a thorn in their side that he had to be terminated before he blew the lid of this rotten can of worms?

The GW left for the shops at 1.45pm, and It's Beemer sits on the driveway next door, so no surprises to find the BackFire frequency on the increase shortly afterwards... Alas, there's little doubt that No. 11 considers that she's managing the Monitoring in ours solo, and IMHO the child should be in summer school, trying to get the education he so badly needs, as opposed to being encouraged to run rampant through the homes of the elderly and vulnerable, without their knowledge.
An opinion that will probably earn me more pain.  Old-fashioned, out-dated ideas, when even a chimp can be taught to operate the laser program and assault the unwary over their power lines.. Jobs for all?  No need for an education, as long as you can activate a laptop or PC?

Saturday 15th December at 4am..

The heatwave that hit me five minutes ago was surprisingly moderate, and didn't include any squeaky NATs nearby, apart from the ever-vocal Enhancer Bird..When I'd gotten up to go pee at 2.30am the BackFire frequency had been way stronger than it is now, so who the heck just crept in here to join me now?  *curious...
Was I back on form yesterday, when I'd sent that pathetic mail to the four Academics at the UKZN Physics Department?  Did you all have a good laugh? Then you won't mind keeping an eye on the friend who assisted me with those mails, and checking that her health doesn't suddenly take a turn for the worse?  I've an idea there's more than just the Community Award Winner over at Block B, Sydenham Heights, that provides an access point for Balliram to carry out his mischief..

I went ahead and got that Tandem push-mower in the end.. The GW had set it up for me yesterday morning, and I'd spent a happy couple of hours doing some long needed manual labour...I'd taken it out onto the verge for starters.. A happy decision, for I'd never have known that Missus N and her young apprentice had set themselves up at a table in their garden, behind a thick screen of shrubs and trees that otherwise block them from my view completely..*beams...
After the really nasty events of the night before, things had changed for the better, and it had been a pleasure to find the mower was as light as a feather and cut beautifully... I was still busy out there when the little white bakkie had slowed down and the driver had greeted me with his lovely smile..
It's those brief encounters that keep me going.. I've been asked on several occasions why I continue to consider him beyond reproach, and my only answer is that he sort of radiates goodness..Daft?  Maybe. Whether he can continue to maintain his integrity despite the company of some seriously dodgy fellow-Officers, will be interesting to see, though I suspect no real effort has yet been made to convert him.. *waves to Gervais..

Was it our Neil MacLeod who whispered to the new City Manager of how efficacious it would be to publicly express a desire to re-instate the Blue Flag system just prior to the holidays? The inference being that there'd be no problem at all in achieving this, thereby reassuring the locals and visitors that it was perfectly safe to go in the water.. *chokes..
You want to bet there's going to be some serious heel-dragging on actually implementing such a suggestion?  Do I smell collusion between the Consultant Sutcliffe and his erstwhile colleague, the Head of Water, and will we still be waiting for this to be done, the same time next year?

Whatever it is that the ex-Town Clerk has in Mr. Sithole's personal Ledger, it was enough to have old S'bu doing an about-face with some alacrity.... Like Michael Barnabas, Sutcliffe certainly put Petruccione's invasive wireless technology to full use, and he will have spent years getting his spies to ferret out the finer details of his colleague's private lives, as he built up his stash of damning evidence...
For personal gain?  Well of course he was ultimately going to benefit, but no, the whole idea would've been put to him well before he was officially appointed City Manager, as a part of this Grand Scheme to control the masses...
It's all pretty much history by now, as Sutcliffe sits in the background pulling out his individual ledgers when ordered, and forcing the greedy officials to dance to his Superior's tune in turn... Manipulation's the name of the game, hey Mikey? *snarls..

Your job at this stage is simply to see to it that Joe Public is constantly reminded of the rot that infests the local Ruling Party, and for you to encourage the corruption to continue.. A strategic whisper here, and a dropped hint there, accompanied by a subtle suggestion that you have the goods on that particular puppet, and he/she is yours to command...  The Manase Report, just like it's equally damning predecessor, will never see the light of day, and Sutcliffe's role in the corruption will be neatly swept away under the carpet forever...  Is Yogesh satisfied that the Trojan Horse initiative is working?
After all this time there's a shocking scarcity of trough-feeders actually being brought to book, so does Mr. Naidoo ever ask himself why it's taking so long, and whether he just may have been conned?

Is he still easily reassured by the ambiguous 'these things take time' excuse?  Has he figured out that the so-called Authors of this grandiose Trojan Horse operation are merely stalling, and that the real intention was to remove the right to privacy from the entire population, and not just that of the criminals?  Why the hell do I continue to trust the Right2Know's PRO when I regard that organisation itself with extreme mistrust?  My animal instinct has let me down before and will again, but there's something basically good coming off her, that has me clinging to a straw... I must go...

LATER at 6.20am

So ja, there you have it.  Another nonsensical and futile attempt to have the battered Labrats relieved of their roles as Teaching Aids, despite being well aware that we have no right to ask for anything, let alone clemency...   I can't argue that Sue and I form a necessary link in the chain, but I CAN argue that we've more than done our bit to entertain you, and have suffered greatly as a result.... THIS large patch of white emulsion slapped on the wall just outside the corner where I sit in the lounge, is more than enough proof that I was deliberately set up to be a physical target for the local laser Gamers from the getgo...  And yes, I've tried getting it off with wire wool, but it won't budge...

So I'll ask again -
If this fantastic magical technology is to save the country from ruination, where are the volunteers among you, who are prepared to be a Place of Learning for your Hacker friends?  If the technology is indeed as safe as Roux would have us believe, why are people growing sicker by the day, and exhibiting symptoms of radiation illness?
How's about young ghoti, who sits under that lucrative mast, sticks his hand up and says okay you guys, try and get into my home without me noticing, and target me with the exact same frequencies employed on the guinea pigs down in Sherwood.... No?  Hey, you can restrict your role as a School of Learning to just one year, and then someone else can be roped in, unlike the eight long years we've endured?

C'mon wiz.  You know you want to prove me wrong, so do it.  There'd be a few restrictions though.. Like no wire mesh in your ceilings, no EMR repellant paint on your walls, no black glass or specially treated curtaining, and the fibre through your waterlines must go, for the duration of your stint as a Labrat... Not looking quite so attractive now, or you have none of the above, and are quite prepared to have the laser gamers/students and monitors in and out of your home 24/7?   It ain't gonna happen, though I doubt any of the reasons you give will include the word FEAR.
While in real life you probably don't fit the standard idea of a gossip, you certainly can talk the talk out there on the Forum, so I figure you'd make a fine Hacker's Hub for the neighbourhood youth to come in and practise their skills?

Sure, it'd be a bit awkward if you're already the designated Controller for your area, but you can always bump one of your students up the ladder to take over for twelve months, just as has been done here in Harris Crescent?   Could this be achieved without your own immune system crumbling, and if so, would it prove that the murderous Cracker next door has been abusing his power from the getgo, or would it show that even the priviliged in the know will go down, whether they like it or not?  *interested...
Have a good one, and


Saturday 15th December 2012 at 2.09pm.