Friday, December 14, 2012

Mails sent to...
(begun Friday 14th December at 12.29pm) (spelling differs to that in the Popular Mechanics article but..)

Yep, I attempted to send the following mail to the above recipients and didn't have much luck at the outset, by way of Failed Mails. Naturally these people will no doubt be enjoying their vacation at present, though I would hope they occasionally check their mails nonetheless. I've asked a friend at UKZN to forward them  for me, to ensure they reach their destination, and I will let you know whether her health suffers as a result of her kindness, let alone whether the mails do indeed arrive at the correct destinations.  

 Friday 14th December at 11.55am.


It is with regret that I wish to inform you that we, the occupants of No. 8 Harris Crescent, Sherwood, no longer wish to be employed and abused as some sort of Learning Academy to be used by the student hackers to practise their skills using Stefanus Roux and Francesco Petruccione's astounding quantum laser/wireless communications system. (In it's present form, more correctly termed the complete and utter removal of one's right to privacy and a healthy life)

From the inception of this technology to this area chosen for the trials in 2004/2005 our homes (No's. 4, 5, and 8), were flooded repeatedly with debilitating wireless frequencies and the microwave emissions run off the scale... Telkom, Sutcliffe, and Allen Spence (Superintendent of electricity for Durban) saw to it that the marketing and promotion of this inhumane means of surveillance was handed to a known druglord, one Michael Barnabas, who in turn gave our power supplies to our immediate neighbour at No. 6 Harris Crescent to control.

Easily as criminal and callous as the cleaned-up druglord, Collin P. Balliram has ensured that all we Labrats have suffered similar ailments since 2005, including inexplicable infections that have left our doctors baffled.   I already have a self-inflicted squamous cell cancer covering my back due to too much time spent in the sun.  Hideous, but painless, the area now reacts horrifically to a certain frequency favoured by the Soldiers of this New Age weaponry, and they've chose to focus on that area with dedicated cruelty.  Enough.  The night before last I suspect it was a very young and new student who was given access to our home at 1.15am , where he proceeded to practise his new-found skills and prod me mercilessly until I eventually gave up, and got up after 2am.

Last night he was back in my home at 9.30pm as I put my bedside light out, and I eventually resorted to texting both Vanessa Burger of the Right2Know and Allen Spence (Superintendent of Electricity for Durban) who are both more than familiar with this astounding technology and the way it is being used.
Proof of this abuse?  I now have eight memory cards taken over the years, using two very different digital cameras, that will show the many laser enhancing chemical compounds dotted stealthily both inside and out of our home, and many photos showing the spheres that are caused as a result of the laser activity on our property, that of No. 5, and up at the Sherwood Hall.

If you are told that this is a matter of State Security and to ignore my call for help, I sincerely hope your integrity will have you over-riding that nonsense. While this magical technology is taking it's toll on the citizens in the area, my beef is more with the criminal characters who have been handed so much power over the community's lives and health.
Mrs. Tracey-Lee Dorny of the foundation has been trained in the use of EMR Measuring devices and has the same equipment used by Leonard Els.  At 3am on the morning of her long-awaited visit to our home, the power cables were cut to ensure she wouldn't be able to take an honest reading. Need I say more?

Kindly at least acknowledge receipt of this mail, or I shall simply continue re-sending it ad infinitum.  Thank you.

Jane Lovejoy (Tel: 0827247080)