Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peddling a crock..
(begun Wednesday 14th November at 7.40am..)

Touted as an entertaining computer game to the mostly rudderless youth in each suburb, and to their parents as a vital life-skill designed to keep their kids off the streets and out of mischief, and to quite possibly lead to a career in Intelligence work, who could resist?
As the youngsters were subtlely encouraged to try out the various frequencies in their newly-acquired arsenals on their real-time victims, were they startled and a little afraid at first, when some of their more vulnerable targets groaned out loud, or suddenly clutched the area under attack, in pain?  Do their Tutors reassure them that this causes no lasting physical damage to their prey, and to continue practising until they become proficient enough to be considered worthy of a paying job in the surveillance sector?

How many of those Recruits to the Yellow Army are themselves reacting badly to the very medicine they're dishing out?
Hey, you can tell me, for the readers that frequent these pages are for the most part your fellow team-players, and are impervious to the truths I toss their way.. *winks.. So tellus - How many of Jannie's Brave New Army are having problems with their eyes, or weird, inexplicable troubles with their wrists or knees? Pains in the abdomen that no amount of testing will reveal the cause, leaving your GP stumped?
Depending a great deal on the amount of integrity your doctor displays, your medical aid will groan under your repeated bouts of vaguely diagnosed bursitis or cellulitis, and though you don't smoke and never have, your chest is often oddly tight, and you dry-hack spasmodically....
Despite that I'm a confirmed simpleton, I figure I'm still more than qualified to recognize the symptoms of EMF/EMR fall-out, after 7 years of being used as a pinata by Barnabas IT Monkey.. (and yeah, I finally got it right.. Pelota se VOET!)

Thursday 15th November at 4am..

Squeak, squeak, squeak, goes the NAT outside the window.. Do the two of them actually whisper to one another at this hour of the day, or do they use the keyboard instead, for fear their wives will hear their muttered conversation? *fascinated...
Maybe she hadn't seen me standing there at our gates the other day, though I suspect she'd turned away deliberately.. *sighs..
The ease with which the blame for their husband's increased publicity has been placed upon a witless labrat is fairly astonishing, but I can only suppose it's some form of self-preservation?  What her two lovely dogs are having to endure is also no doubt being laid at my door... Man, it's a crying shame, but she must've known he'd be called to step up to the plate to protect the Pervert, eventually?
Are they handling the overnight 'work' in our home in shifts, or do they assault us in tandem?  I woke just after 2am to find my lower back being fiercely pinched, and I'd gone for a pee, and you should be aware that the minute I moved away from Cloud 9 the pain had disappeared.. Magic!

They'd been back at 3.45am, and that time they'd brooked no effing argument and had driven me off the bed with relative ease.. *applauds admiringly... The pinch has settled down to a dull ache some three quarters of an hour later, but all in all they've every reason to be satisfied with their ongoing efforts...
Hang black fabric across the bedroom windows, as I've done up in the garage?  I doubt that would prevent these very personal physical assaults in any way, as it will be the indoor computer program they're using to carry out their heroic deeds, and not so much Roux's laser showers... Nope, there's no escaping these thuggee's attentions, and it would be pointless deluding myself that they can be stopped..*yawns..

I remember him saying with a kind smile ' that's not how it is', and I'm really sad for him.. It's exactly how it is, and no amount of zealous and righteous fervour can disguise it... Do the heightened attacks affect the occupants at No. 10 in any way? Hopefully that link can now be skipped, and the Booster shed used instead, but the two big dogs are taking a lot of strain... *heatwave here at the pc as I update at 8.06am* Have you a logical reason for the black dog's miserable howling yesterday evening? No, not the funny sound he makes at the sight of a monkey arriving, but a genuine drawn-out howl of distress?  Will you pretend to yourself that it had nothing to do with the hugely increased amount of frequencies, and that the animal had found himself briefly caught in the line of fire?

I found the picture I was looking for, only it was on an Olympus memory card, and not the Panasonic after all, and it was taken at 6.47am on the 7th May 2012.. See the blueish glow in the fork of the olive tree?  Had the Wall Jumper finished applying the Luminol mix down by the paving slabs and the acalypha, and then had just emptied the rest into the fork of the tree? *fascinated... With your help, at least one of my endless stream of questions has finally been answered, and I'm about to push my luck even further..
It's the black application that intrigues me now... It appears to last much longer than the luminol and can withstand the weather indefinitely... HERE, where it's been painted onto the stone wall, a few inches from our electricity meter, shows clearly that the stuff was deliberately applied, and that despite a copious application of paraffin and scrubbing with steel wool, it's still visible...
Any ideas of it's composition?  The walls along our first terrace HERE show a large amount of a similar ugly finish, and according to both cameras, it's a regular path for the laser beams..  The sky's grown light and I must be off...

LATER at 5.55am

Doubtless Jannie van Zyl would modestly deny any suggestion that his expertise included the effects of RF on the domestic pet population, though he'll probably go on to reassure you that very few dogs if any, will suffer due to the games being played out there on the airwaves...
It's apparent from mybroadband that there are loads of genuine animal lovers among you, and I figure you're going to find out the hard way that the Telkom Agent is a top-of-the-range prevaricator...  Once your dogs begin to rub frantically at their muzzles and ears, and you've checked that they don't have earmites, you may rest assured it's the wireless manipulations that are causing them distress... In time you'll learn to avoid their imploring gaze, and to shrug it off, just as you've blithely shrugged off the guinea-pig's distress here in Harris Crescent...

You've done your best and as far as you're aware the Sadist has been withdrawn from our powerlines? *chokes.. Now you know that's bullshit, and that the only change that's occurred is that Freddie the Accountant /Tutor at No. 12 has been bumped up a notch, to assist in doubling the misery pumped into our homes and to muddy the culpability... Though it's possible I may just have lessened the chances of my car battery being drained overnight, it appears I failed at keeping the criminals out of my garage after all... I unlocked both combination locks and the central lock this morning, to find what appeared to be a message lying on the ground by my car's front bumper... One of my kid's clay sculptures that had sat on a shelf down the far end forever, had been placed on the floor, and if she had simply toppled over unaided, her head would've shattered... *belches..

So ja - I get the message, and am totally unimpressed by it.. With the zooming-in options available to the Watchers it was only a matter of time until Balliram had those combination numbers, and the key itself would've been copied years back... Criminal activities?  No ways!  Illegal access to every part of your property is now condoned and encouraged as you're all easily led to believe it's par for Intelligence Operative activities.. *falls over...  There ain't no whistleblower left with the balls to cry foul, so instead you'll ingratiatingly applaud as the Psycho adds points to his already overloaded score card.. I must go...

LATER at 9.35am

Heading up Jan Hofmyer to cross the bridge toward the Civic Centre in Westville, a great chorus of Christmas Beetles were shrilling out in their usual yearly spot... I'd finished shopping at Jimmy Bellow's market and had hung a right into Link Road, when another new chorus hit me as I drove by, and a wave of BackFire frequency nailed me at precisely that moment... Back on Jan Smuts Highway between St. Elizabeth's church and the Hofmeyr bridge, there'd been a third choir of beetles singing away as I'd sailed past... Blatant wireless song, or cicadas?  You tell me, but whatever it was, the BF frequency was running up to it's max out there in the open...*grossed out..

Friday 16th November at 3.45am

Hmm, it wouldn't do to have two Strategists swanning about these pages, so I believe we can safely refer to Balliram at least occasionally, as the Party-Planner?  There are still so many triple-whoops! emanating from der Bunker both day and night, it's a certainty the Chop hasn't packed away his war-bonnet at all, no matter what you've been led to believe..
Any of the local nearby 'students' bumped up to take a lesson in car-tracking yesterday?  Man, that was an eye-opener, whether the GW's smart-phone was being used to carry out the seriously malicious attacks in the Polo, remains to be seen, and you'll have to wait until next week to find out, when I intend putting all four darned phones in my foil lined carrier bag from the moment I get into the car.. *mutters...

He'd woken me pretty much as usual after 2am this morning, and by the time I'd decided I couldn't go back to sleep, a heavy mist had crept into the valley.. It would've been a bit awkward if Mr. Newly-Squeaky-Clean had visibly corrupted my camera batteries, so I'd managed to take a fairly decent amount of pics using both cameras, without interference, before I packed it in... *the frequency in my ears has just changed..*
I was actually going to bin this update and begin again, but I figured what the heck, you want a whine, you've got one...


Friday 16th November 2012 at 8.41am..