Monday, November 12, 2012

(begun Tuesday 13th November at 8.56am..)

The soothing call of a nearby rainbird reminds me that Petruccione and Roux between them, finally got it right, and that things here in the valley are now about as normal as they're ever going to get.. The hell they unleashed here in 2005 drove the toads, bees, and probably the birds, to give this area a miss for a long time. While the amphibeans have never returned in their numbers to resume breeding in what passes for water at the bottom of the valley, most of the wild life has adapted to life among the laser showers.

It's the initial setup that's the killer, right Al old son?  When you enter an as-yet untouched suburb and begin your fumblings with the overheads and the streetlights, not to mention the connection necessary to the nearest cellmast?  If I were privy to the time-frame, would I be able to connect my ex-CPF Chair's heart attack (last year?) to the addition of THIS innocuous-looking small rectangular white panel, placed on the Raftery Road mast?  Would I?  It shouldn't be too difficult to establish exactly when the guy's heart did such a shocking somersault, but of course just when that little panel arrived, is something only a few of you will know..

As the Zone is by now heavily saturated with the laser/wireless technology, does that mean the Community can rest easy that they won't fall prey to any fall-out and that the worst is over? Hah!  I'd have to say that's far from the truth, and that the constant fiddling with the powerlines in order to optimise the data theft technology ensures that there'll be a steady stream of victims who go down under each onslaught... *spews...  Even a simple procedure such as replacing the white lights in some of the streetlights with the green mercury-vapour lamps, has I've no doubt, a detrimental effect on at least a few of the nearby residents... Deny, deny, deny.. *winks...  Still, woe betide the arrival of Mr. Spence's contractors in an untouched area, as they're flanked by the ubiquitous Telkom bakkies, and the Water Department droogs, and those nearest the overheads and masts in that section who don't get out much, are set to reel under the wildly fluctuating EMR and EMF levels...
*It's clearly been decided that after a full week free of the mischief created using my u key function, a push is being made to have you believe it's genuinely faulty..Pffft....*
Sacrificing a few to save hundreds?  *looks at godschild... Is that how it works?  Is that the fantastically cunning Sales Pitch that got you to sign on so willingly?  Were the sins of the unwitting guinea-pigs trotted out for you, making it easier for you to accept that we were in any way less worthy of being among the Chosen, than the rest?  That we actually deserved to be used and abused as some sort of Learning facility for the Hackers to hone their craft?  Judgemental, much?

It never bothered you that god-fearing B.Snr and his family were included among the guinea-pigs, and that they were all three put through a similar hell to ours?   It gave you the occasional sleepless night, but all's well that ends well, and they're safely out of the area now?  At what cost, FFS?  Their dream of living out their days in that nice little property at No. 4 were shattered, between the manipulations of Sutcliffe, Spence, and the sadist, Balliram.... Their funds would've run out anyway?  Bullshyte!   That family were victims of the concentrated drive to crush the average man in the street and render him easily controllable...   Right now I feel the need to hear of the many successes achieved by the wondrously invasive laser/wireless technology so far...
Of just how many of the corrupt trough-feeders in official positions sit behind bars as a direct result of the ferreting abilities of this Big Brother style technology...

Could I perhaps count the actual incarcerated on one hand?  Eight years on, and that's it?  These things can't be rushed, and it'll be at least another decade if that, before the Justice system has been properly hosed down and can function as it should?  Meanwhile, what about all those community members affected by this brilliant technology, that can be seen everywhere as they hobble painfully about the streets, or their neighbours, who're enduring massive doses of chemo in an attempt to fight the cancer acquired directly from the overdoses of EMR?  As much as you insist that these ailments can be ascribed to many other causes, you're lying to yourselves, and that's the bottom line.. *stomps off muttering..

LATER at 6.10am

Did I thank that rude poster at mybroadband for resurrecting the 'Where can I buy black light' thread in the Off Topic forum?  It was jerked back into life on the 8th November, and at first I'd paid it scant attention... Something had me going back there a couple of times, and in the end it had been the mention of Luminol (C8H702N3) that had caused the penny to finally drop in my muddled old head...  Apparently, when Luminol is mixed with hydrogen peroxide, it causes the light photons to emit a blue glow...
Now, I'm damned if among all my memory cards, I've not got two or three photos that fit that bill perfectly... Taken as I recall, using the Panasonic, and both achieved during daylight hours.. *blinks...
*At which point, while updating this blog, my monitor was summarily blacked out and my connection to iBurst dropped, and I was forced to wait while the system restarted.  *chokes... What on earth could've led to such panic in the camp? My monitor stumbled and dropped their laptop? Their overlord and tutor had shrieked at them to drop the connection? Hysterical indeed... *

Right -  to continue.... I'll have to sit down and go through them, but IIRC one was taken out of the lounge window pointing at the acalypha shrubs on our first terrace, between me and No. 10.  I could (and still do) feel the enormous power coming from that direction, and back then I would've been hoping to catch on camera some tangible device that was causing my extreme discomfort...( Edit later:  I've found the relevant photos taken on the 21st April 2012 at 11.29am).  Amongst all of the pictures I would've deleted at the time were a couple of Keepers, simply because of the eerie blue-tinged glow given off among those shrubs and the metal railway sleeper that lies behind them...
The other one, that shows the identically weird effect was taken of the twisted Cape Olive tree that sits up next to our street boundary wall... I'd begun to find all manner of odd substances decorating our property, and that little tree had already provided me with several unusual finds..  Among those pictures was one I'd taken of the main fork in the trunk, where the Wall Jumper had secreted several laser-enhancing compounds, and will you look at that same odd blue-tinged glow it gives off HERE?  *falls over.. (Edit: not yet found, but will fill in the time and date later)

So I figure ja - That it's Luminol mixed with hydrogen peroxide that was being used at the time to steer the laser showers on their designated paths, amongst other things, and I thank you kindly for your assistance..*curtseys deeply... Chemiluminescence is a frikken mouthful for this moron to use, but hey, it works for me...You might care to consider that if my Controller were behind bars where he belongs, chances are I could load my camera cards onto this computer without interference.  It ain't gonna happen...
It's now 6.25am, and the wind has sprung up, bringing enough cloud to suddenly turn the promising day into a gloomily rain-threatening one...  No worries.. The two fine days we had over the weekend were more than enough to dry out my flower beds, and if it's set to rain again, I'll enjoy it while it lasts, engineered or not..

LATER at 6.40am

I've had a quick look at the current memory card I'm using in the Panasonic, and happily I've found two pictures of the Luminol's effect in amongst the acalypha, as edited above... The olive tree is probably on a different card..  Did Balliram have the Wall Jumper droog apply the Luminol mix to four or five of the dark slate-coloured paving stones that run down the side path past our lounge and verandah?  Could that be the explanation for the camera interpreting those charcoal coloured slabs as the prettiest of pale blue? *winks..

LATER at 1.50pm

I found an email earlier, concerning one Rajesh Gopie who lives over in Asherville.. He's a playwright and poet amongst other things, and it turns out his home was broken into twice in one week, and all his irreplaceable notes and archives have gone, along with their other assets..  Asherville is firmly in the Zone and as such is literally saturated with the monitoring technology and the Chosen members who operate it.   May I dare ask where the creme-de-la-creme of your Intelligence resources were on that Saturday the chap was robbed? Just how many of your 'soldiers' found the time to nip into our home for a laugh, as those five males ripped off Mr.Gopie's gates and removed his most precious possessions?
The hypocrisy trotted out by your Handlers is stomach-churning to say the least, and it appears you're prepared to swallow everything you're fed, without question.

Having the likes of Prameet, A, and little Missus N waste their precious time 'practising' in our already overvisited home, when they are perfectly capable of being taught to bounce further afield and check randomly on the streets here in the Zone, shows a singular lack of committment by the PTB, to make any form of dent in the carefully engineered criminal activities... Balliram?  Why, it's quite possible he was in both google realtime street-view, and the cowling devices, as he kept an eye out for the thieves themselves, and I kid you not.  Quite how many of those officers up at the Ridge Road Wireless station are aware of the double role played by our Mr. Balliram, is anyone's guess, in this carefully created climate of smoke and mirrors... *belches..

Tuesday 13th November at 4am..

Did I dream that I was pinched savagely on both sides of my neck while I slept, or was the Chop actually venting his rage and frustration on me in his own unique way? I guess you know the answer to that one...
I'd taken the flash gun with me to last night's CPF Meeting, and had stood next to the single lamp overhead outside the door, to try it out... The Eavesdroppers will have heard and seen his response to the sight of all that glittering gold dust in the air.  Ten minutes earlier I'd been chatting to my Chair, when I'd taken a full-on Needle to the Eye right there out in the open.. Did a cheer go up at my immediate and visible reaction?


Tuesday 13th November 2012 at 9.57am.