Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Puzzle..
(begun Tuesday 31st July at 7.50am...)

*As I click on Connect just before 9am, a double-woop! rings out from der Bunker, and I suspect one of the pool cleaners is acting as proxy this morning.  My Good Neighbour's back strip light still burns brightly at this hour.   An oversight, or to order? *

I'd clambered up to stand on the bed last night, only to get lucky and catch THIS fine multi-coloured array of different-sized spheres, hanging between ours and the ChickenCoop.   To my surprise I was afforded a clear view of both the inside of their kitchen and of the bedroom nearest ours, leaving me to wonder just how long Missus C has been instructed to leave the curtains open after dark.  Of course it could be that they'd just forgotten, but it seems like yesterday those drapes had been pulled together tightly, with barely a chink of light showing through...
Surveillance of a more basic nature?  It would appear my Controller may set more store by my photographs than he lets on.  What other reason could there possibly be for suddenly flinging wide their privacy to my beady gaze?   Should he leave his post in der Bunker and head into the kitchen for some refreshment, or go through to the loo, he's counting on seeing the tell-tale flash of my camera as I trundle about in the dark, and he'll have to make a split-minute decision whether he should nail my camera's batteries remotely or not..

The 'or not' will be that he's maybe not running the laser showers at their optimum, and I'll then be allowed to continue my efforts, unhindered... Was it only since my stunning success achieved at 9.01pm last Saturday evening, that he's possibly leaving those curtains open deliberately?  I've got news for you, Dreamboat, as long as you've got the system operative, I can hardly avoid catching a few of the buggers during each exercise, and Saturday's rewarding results were not a one-off, as you'd no doubt insist were my pictures to become exhibits in a civil action suit against the 3 Stooges and their 'sponsors' Telkom.. Yeah, I can almost hear your derisive hoots of laughter at the thought that such a thing could ever come to pass, and I have to agree that it's unlikely...
I'd like it on record however, that in your oddly nervous state, you persist in running the frequencies in our homes at the maximum, whether you've furtively snuck out and headed over to the Radio Station on Ridge, gone up to Dodge City, or you continue lurking in der Bunker.

Carry on with this practise and I'm forced to point out that the efforts to white-wash your scurrilous character are a major FAIL, and that you remain just as you always were - An easily manipulated and sadistic psycho, who will dance willingly for the highest bidder.. Blah, blah, blah.....  The Telecoms giants don't give a toot which bunch of crooks you answer to, as long as the surveillance installation continues.. Fact.    Has anyone dared ask you to justify the amount of EMR and wireless that you flood into our homes? What would your answer be?  You have no excuse for what you're doing to the occupants at Nos. 4 and 5.  Absolutely none.  Whatever experiments you've been running since 2005 have been repeated ad infinitum, and Rezah's arrival in 2010 with his precision accuracy upgrade has been abused in similar fashion. Would you have me STFU, as we had any right to justice removed along with our privacy when the piggish little ex-City Manager Sutcliffe, signed his pact with the criminals involved with this experimental Project.?

Would either Mr. Ishimata or Mr. Petrov express any interest at all, were my goose to be cooked beyond redemption during one of my Controller's relentless bouts of sadism?  Does the Druglord have an equally retarded and mouthy target lined up to replace me, were that to occur?  *curious..  Are you all still lying outright about the image-capturing technology secreted in the streetlight cowlings, or do you side-step by saying you haven't the numbers to monitor those images, and therefore they aren't activated?
Collectively, your noses could stretch across the Atlantic by now...
How would your newest recruit feel if I were to say that the Sherwood Network Tutor was behind the theft of her brand new car, the same day they took delivery?

As his prize monkey, Balliram watches me 24/7, and if he's unable to do this himself, he employs a proxy... *waves to Fred and A....  The surveillance technology runs from the pole shared by me and my Excellent Neighbour, and the Chop would still have you believe he was too busy employing mischief in ours to notice your car was about to get nicked?   Man, the amount of bullshit you're prepared to swallow down without question is truly astonishing...  When are the Chosen going to man up and insist they see some concessions, other than a fast internet connection?  Some exclusion from the engineered and deliberate wave of crime that's swallowing the country, at least? Hah!!  When I say that in likelihood that out-of-the-box vehicle was removed from outside No. 10 with the assistance of the Sherwood Network Tutor and his control over the cowling cameras, I'm being realistic, and certainly not sucking it out of my thumb..

You know him better than I do?  After living within 30 feet of that family for going on fourteen years?  After having his invasive presence inside my home for nearly eight of those years?  May I remind you that as thick and gullible as I am, I'm not in the habit of lying to you?
I lay no claim to being numbered among the many Devout who have somehow managed to convince themselves that prevarication under certain circumstances will receive Divine Forgiveness..  Understandable when you realise just how many pastors, priests, and other Church leaders here in the Zone have been persuaded to promote the laser/wireless system in return for desperately needed funds or upgrades..

If your trusted Church Elder tells you that the laser project is for the benefit of the people and must be kept a secret, why on earth would you not take his word for it, as millions are pumped into that otherwise struggling institution's bank account as a reward for their compliance...   When the National Lotto changed Administration and hundreds of charitable institutions were brutally excluded from financial aid, it was simply designed to render said organisations vulnerable, and therefore desperate and willing to accept the Project Author's offer of aid, in return for their support.
Who did Barnabas approach first, not long after his Road to Damascus epiphany, or were subtler means used to twist your arms?  What's done can't be undone, but forgodsakes, use your digital camera screen to check regularly whether your lights appear normal, and don't give up the hologram hunting after dark...

Wednesday 1st August at 3.30am

Up long before the sparrows, I'd read my watch as 4am, when it was in fact, an hour earlier... The wind's picking up out there and everything's sort of muffled and pleasant...  The GW's heading off to the Pinetown Magistrate's Court today, and I've absolutely no doubt whatsoever that your straight-as-a-die Teacher and his dodgy connections will be taking the credit for that trip..
You'd forgotten those two hefty traffic fines that arrived in the mail a few months ago?  And when he'd gone down to check the picture, it had shown the perpetrator had cloned my old man's number plate, and that the offending vehicle had a decorative strip along it's boot and a tow-hitch, neither of which are on our Polo?  He'd followed it up as far as he could and had been waiting for an email reply from some official to say the problem was sorted, when he simply forgot about the whole thing.. Oops.  *eyeroll...

Anyways - Back to the Class of 2012, and their sterling achievements.. I'd been in my corner of the lounge yesterday evening when, at ten to 5pm, there'd been a sudden savage flurry of Jabs to the Back, and ten minutes after that, a loud double-woop! had floated from der Bunker, after which the relatively bearable BackFire had been steadily cranked up notch by notch, and I guess the 5pm class was underway?
At 5.35pm they had a good go at both my ears, and when the GW had arrived back from the shop and walked into the lounge, there'd been an almighty jab to the back of my neck... *blinks
This neck thing is fairly recent, and at first I'd thought it the result of a draft, but the Sadist put me straight quite swiftly, by using it just as I went into the kitchen past the microwave, or stepped past the TV out onto the verandah.. Both areas that he's always employed to the max to nail me...

Don't ask me why I've not thought to use those windows before. Sure, the one is awkward to get to, here next to the desk, but the one next to my bed isn't... Also in DLOS to the orphanage and those fantabulous signal enhancers, but I suppose it's been the mulberry trees in the way that put me off... Now of course, the poor straggling remaining branches have lost most of their leaves up top, and it's made all the difference to my view of the Convent.. Anyways.  I didn't even bother to put the outside lights off last night, and I just stuck the camera out of the window next to my bed to get THESE amazing results...
Sure, they're not as pretty as those taken last Saturday, but once again the spheres are clearly visible in huge numbers in all the shots I took.. *curtseys... Oh, and BTW, I'd used the Olympus this time...

Did you see the 'Telkom SpaceStream Home launched' thread at mybroadband?  Basic paranoia, or do I see decoy duck written right across that delicious offering by the telecoms giant?   A neat red herring designed to catch a few of the suckers they've missed so far?  Will anyone go in and post which satellite they're using?  Will it have absolutely nothing to do with Beeuwyn Gerrits and Denel, after all? *waits patiently..
While I've been incredibly lucky to have so many of my interminable questions answered, one way or another, there are plenty of mysteries that will never be solved... Does it bother me?
Funny, but I just enjoy turning them over and over in my cooked head, and savouring them like some enormous Blockword that has me stumped for the moment..
Have a good one..


Wednesday 1st August 2012 at 9.56am..