Sunday, July 29, 2012

(begun Monday 30th july at 4.05am..)

It appears that nothing was turned off at all..  Not this time.  St. Philomena's held their Sports Day on St. Theresa's playing field yesterday, and I'm betting not one of those attending had a clue they were surrounded by the invisible hordes of spheres.. Magic!
On two previous occasions where similar functions were held over there, I'd lost the otherwise permanent wireless song that whines in my ears, for the day at least.
As I recall, both those instances had Sydenham SAPS in attendance, as well as the AirWing Chopper which had landed on the field to thrill the youngsters..
Did Balliram turn off the technology back then, in case it interfered with the helicopter's on-board controls, or did the Officer in charge prefer not to be engulfed in the blanket of EMR and wireless that covers that area?  Whatever.  My 'tinnitis' never wavered yesterday as those kids cantered about the field enjoying the winter's sunshine... *shrugs..

He'd pretty much left me alone to sit out on the verandah reading.. That is, until 12.30pm, when the Knives to the Back arrived without preamble, and Sunday's noon class must have kicked off.. *spits..
Nobby hasn't been waiting for me at the wall lately.. Maybe he's just given up on me, as my timing has been fairly erratic, or maybe that tiny corner of my Controller's yard has become too unpleasant for the ageing animal to hang about for any length of time... *curious..
Since I discovered that blob of the pretty blue compound applied to the wall exactly where I lean over to toss the dog a couple of biscuits, and Balliram had used it to demonstrate his accuracy so painfully, I'd have to guess there's more of the stuff applied on his side of the wall..
Hey, if he can whack me remotely with a jab of pain, can you imagine the fun he can have with her dog? *sick..

If asked, how many of his students would concede that their Tutor often includes a random neighbourhood canine in their target practise sessions?  A dog like that amiable young specimen from No. 33, that suddenly and for no apparent reason, had a complete personality change and began attacking one of her companions until euthenasia was the only solution.  Was that particular achievement scooped up and stored by the Data Capturer next door, or overlooked as not worthy of storage space?  Ag, maybe Nobs is just feeling the chill in his old bones these days, and can't face the stairs to greet me.. She's kind enough to have noticed, and seen to it that he has a warm corner to curl up in, despite her SO's callous behaviour, so no worries there..

Did any of you hear my chortles as I read the updated Shameel Joosub thread at mybroadband yesterday? When I'd found my nick mentioned alongside that of the Political Science Student? *chokes.. You've gotta love the guy and I'd lay odds he knew I'd be tickled pink...
If I had that young man's gift of the gab, chances are I wouldn't be sitting in the bottom of this pit right now.. How neatly he took the word misogynist and turned it into a double bitch-whammy, aimed at the Mast Fighter.. Jannie will have whined to him that Ms. Dorny remains a thorn in his side, as she barely touches ground these days in her mission against the march of the masts.
That aside, my inclusion in that thread was probably his piece de resistance in damage control, despite my ensuing amusement..

If Karl Muller so much as bothers to reply to my incoherent missives, you can guarantee it's out of kindness and little else.. Part of a Network, FFS?  Yeah, I get the joke, and just what it was intended to achieve..*winks..  There are some seriously big words rattling round in my cooked head right now, and for the life of me I can't find the one I need, so I'll have to settle for oddness..
Pretty lame I know, but it'll have to do.. There's an oddness surrounding the Disc Jockey's vehement defence of the Strategist, that I simply can't explain, and the stench that should've accompanied his carefully constructed rebuttal, just wasn't there.. *scratches head... Farked if I know what's going on, but for once I'm going to keep my guesses in that area to myself, for the time being...

LATER at 5.35am

I let Sophie out for a pee some ten minutes back, and had sat out on the verandah waiting for her, only to hear the familiar noisy clunk from the TV as he came looking for me...He pretty much gave up any attempt at stealth, years back... Any of your larger appliances taken to making weird noises overnight?  I figure if you were to remark, you'd be enouraged to believe they're simply 'settling', and that it would be ridiculous to assume the cause could be due to the arrival of a nearby Area Controller as he/she leaps into your power supplies...
Any night-owls over in Hugo Road?
Any of you often still up and about at 1 or 2am of a morning?  It doesn't matter how heavily invested you are in the wireless/laser scheme, you shouldn't allow yourselves to become complacent...
The most recent crime stats had it that Hugo Road has become somewhat of a hotspot for crime, and the reason being given is of course Mr. Dawood's Roseanne cc. development, that's going up on the Parkland next door..

If you're so in, as to be on first name terms with both the Druglord and his IT Monkey, oops, I mean TUTOR, why do you not insist on a designated Monitor to man the hidden cowling cameras 24/7?  That's a specialised area, and only the higher ranking Operatives are allowed to check those babies?  Bullshit.. Your own kids were quick enough to learn the art of hacking into your neighbour's homes, so how hard can it be for them to grasp management of those computerised cameras?  Unless of course you support the need for chaos and crime, ascribed to by the Project Authors, and their upper-echelon lackeys?
Do I hear someone muttering that I'm shit-stirring again?  Bugger that.  The Chosen recruits are as much victims of this inhumane technology as the next man, and should, for their sheer willingness and obedience, be granted at least a few concessions...

Why not let a couple of your sharper pupils over that side, man the cowlings on a shift basis, and sound the alarm when those properties are seen to be accessed illegally?
That's not how it works, is it, Your Shiftyness?  In order to fool the entire Community, even your Chosen enlisted will be subjected to the occasional drama, despite that you have the means to prevent it.. *snorts... They won't be warned in advance either, as that would detract from their horrified reaction..  That construction site is going to be operating for a long time to come.. Are you going to sit back meekly, not knowing if it's YOUR home that's due to be invaded by petty criminals, from one day to the next?   Earl owes you bigtime.. The least he can do is to arrange for a Monitor to guard your street, using the cowling's hidden camera technology..
Would you dare approach him on the subject, or have you already learned the hard way that it's best not to stick your neck out? *interested...
Have you finally woken to hear the chink of your ankle-chains, as you obligingly two-step to the Druglord's tune?  It's a damned shame that I'm such a dead-loss at communication, and that I've let down way more than just my Good Neighbour and his family... Credibility?  You're joking me!  When my cries of the suffering we're enduring can be countered by your being shown a clip of me stuffing my face with pasta, or digging over a flower bed in the garden?  Nothing much wrong with that fugly old cow, right? Wrong.

At 7.55pm last night someone took to poking Millie fiercely with a stick as I sat watching the telly.. Were YOU enjoying a practical session on the Sherwood Network at that hour?  Baron? Was that you, young man?
I was mercifully left alone to enjoy The Help after that, and when I'd eventually fallen into bed at 10.40pm, my bedside lamp had dipped to announce the Tutor's increased contact... He or his students had then run through the repertoire of nasties at their fingertips until at 11.30pm, I took a few jabs to the side of my neck that had climbed up to reach my inner ear, and still the poking continued..  Someone attempting to earn their Special Diploma right then, or simply my Controller himself, keeping his grubby hand in, so to speak?

Just before getting on board Cloud 9 I hadn't been able to resist trying my luck again at the window next to me, with unsurprisingly disappointing results.. Sure, you can clearly see a few of the holograms hanging  against the dark background HERE and HERE, but the bulk of that army had mysteriously vanished.. Why?  To catch so many dozens upon dozens of the spheres clustered together like that, was a stroke of luck that won't be repeated?  *yawns..
Will it be proven in years to come that this Moron was right after all, and that Roux's perfectly safe laser technology was in fact anything but?
I've no idea, and I shan't be around to see it happen if my Controller has his way... My detractors will no doubt be delighted to hear that I'm dizzy and disoriented this morning, and that Balliram's continued diligence in the wee hours is most certainly paying dividends...  Go Team Balliram!   *pukes...

I wanted to ask you about the effect the blue fiery rain has on my camera, but I've run out of steam.. Maybe next time? Peace..


Monday 30th July 2012 at 9.45am..