Friday, July 13, 2012

Accident, or design..?
(begun Friday 13th July at 3.45am..)

I'd sat me down with every intention of updating my blog yesterday evening, but in the end had been too dog-tired to bother.. He'd cranked up the BackFire levels so high that I'd fetched the Olympus and taken random shots around the lounge, and had managed to trap a hologram HERE on the curtain.  Ja, I'd much rather have caught visible proof of the twisted light waves that would've been everywhere in the room, but that was too much to hope for.. *shrugs..

The GW had kindly put all three phones in his boot, before we set off for Glenwood to drop Sue at work yesterday morning.. Had this made any difference at all to our Area Controller's regular Thursday tracking exercise?  To be honest, I've no way of knowing for sure, though we certainly encountered a demonstration of what could've been irritation, at midday.
We'd been shopping at one of several centres in Hillcrest, and had gone back to the Polo, only to find the remote wouldn't function.
Without hesitation, my old man had said the battery in the little device must have packed in, as the tiny red light was absent... Deja vu, anyone? *winks..

Anyways, he'd managed to call Alpine for advice, and we'd ended up limping down to the locksmith's at Hofmyer Heights. The guy there had taken the battery out and checked it and said it was fine, though the tiny wires looked rather bent so he'd fiddled with them and returned the remote in working order.. *blinks..  All of which sounds fairly mundane, not so?  Except that when we'd first pulled up outside the locksmiths and the GW had tried to arm the Polo, the little red light had suddenly worked just fine, though we'd gone on to have it checked out anyway, and had bought a couple of new batteries just in case...
The gifts that Balliram gives us, just keep on coming... *beams..

In his rush to remind us of his genius, and the endless possibilities now available to the Corrupt, to cause wirelessed mischief to your 'appliances', I guess you can safely add your vehicle's remote.. I'm betting that if the GW had simply opened it up right away and removed the battery for a second before replacing it, the problem may well have fixed itself, though naturally it would be wise to carry a spare battery from now on.  They only cost about R20, and you can tuck it in the glove compartment just to be safe... We hadn't been parked there out in the open lot in Hillcrest long enough for Balliram (or whoever he'd tasked for that particular job) to drain the thing totally dry, but the situation may be different in your case, so carrying a spare isn't a bad idea at all..

The chapter on Battery Interference via Wireless is growing in leaps and bounds, and I hope you're making notes...  The previous example of our Bullyboy's sheer brilliance had involved remotely nuking the equally tiny battery in the motherboard of our PC, rendering the computer useless, until the GW had stumbled across a last-ditch suggestion made on a Forum, to check out said battery..

If I were one of the Men in Black over in the States, I'd be more than a little embarrassed by the crass but very effective means they're publicly touting as giving them the means to control the population.. Sure, the wireless/laser combo of technology allows a Controller to block the power supply to your electric lawn mower remotely, or to drain the battery in your vehicle overnight, but unless you're a farking terrorist looking to make some seriously murderous mischief, why would so-called Law-enforcing officers resort to such pathetically childish behaviour?

What the CIA carefully omitted from their announcement, was their ability to kill you personally via the air-waves.. Something that our lot are putting into practise on a daily basis, whether by accident or design... Never mind the wirelessed attacks on vehicle's computerised control systems, which could cause a driver to lose control and end up on a slab, it's the concentrated crud they can now deliver right into your home, via your power supplies that you want to worry about...

LATER at 4.50am

Worry?  Did I say worry?  No, not you, Junior.. After all, you're a fully accredited NIA-clearanced Area Controller yourself, on buddy-buddy terms with that great Telecoms Strategist, Jannie van Zyl.. There's no ways this technology would ever be used to turn around and bite you... You think?  Did Gianfranco C. lie awake sweating the night before he took his jet up and it blew apart?  Another one who simply never saw it coming.. *shrugs..
Making hay while the sun shines will be the mantra adopted by many of you who don't yet have the responsibility of a family to care for, and that's perfectly understandable.. Hell, the world could explode in a fireball tomorrow, so why not have fun and torture a few innocents on your circuit, in the meantime?
It's not like there'll ever be any comeback, even if you go too far and burn their homes down and cook all their possessions...

Have you not been encouraged to regard my babblings as so much melodramatic hyperbole?  Do you continue to obligingly wear the blinkers that Jannie hands out along with the pseudo-NIA clearance status?  Blinkers that keep you blind, and hanging onto his every lying word?
How is it that I see the Telkom Agent so clearly, as he takes you aside in comradely fashion and whispers to you that you'll go far, and he'll tell you something he's not told another soul?  That he'll admit to this or that, but that those admissions can't be made public, as the very fate of the world depends on your silence?
Any of you recognize this scenario, or are you simply too brainwashed to care?
It's the little people out there who are going down for the moment.. Those that many of you have come to regard as oxygen thieves, unworthy of your sympathy.  If you were to become a victim of this deadly combination of technologies tomorrow, would you choose to speak out, or would you be persuaded to see yourself as a martyr to the Cause?  An unfortunate casualty of this one-sided technological warfare?

Am I advocating that you live out the rest of your lives in fear and trembling?  Hell no, there's still way too much to be happy about to allow yourselves to succumb to the deliberate wave of terror engineered by the Project Authors and their corrupt puppets...
The GW hears or reads of the daily murder and mayhem, and if he had his way he'd lock all the doors and windows and have us live in a cage.. The perfect Patsy, hey Jannie?  And ja, it's been a trial living with someone who simply can't see the bigger picture, despite that it's right under his nose...
Knowing as I do, that our lives hang by a thread, and how simple it now is to arrange for that thread to be snapped by any one of a myriad ways, has oddly enough given me a pragmatic outlook on this horrorshow, if nothing else...

The savagely cruel assaults that continue to be carried out in the homes of Balliram's hapless victims are one thing, but who's to say the new day won't bring a miracle, and that he and the Druglord will finally be brought to book for their wicked zeal?
Do the rats in your laboratory experiments not keep staggering to their feet after each fresh onslaught, right up until they draw their last breath? Hands up how many of you have laughed off my claims, saying how bad can it really be, when the old bitch and her friends are still on their feet?

Wanna volunteer and see how long you'd last?  We could get Janneman to employ one of his shemale Area Controllers, instead of the Sadist next door?  Someone who'd maybe been slighted in the past, and as a result held a jaundiced view of the male of the species?  Someone who'd get a real kick out of flooding your home day and night with the male equivalent of the waves we endure?  As a bloke with far less pain sensors than us, it's got to be a test that adjusts those frequencies accordingly, or the exercise couldn't be deemed fair and true.. (look them up guys, if you've forgotten the meaning of those two little words).
Man, would I like to see how long you lasted with a touch of the Hand on Fire, the Burning Feet, or a tidal wave of the Nausea Frequency....
My Vice Chair ended up in hospital on two occasions due to Balliram's attentions, and I guarantee you those attacks would've been half the strength of what we're enduring down this end...

So?  You're gonna go for it, and show us what a man you are?  Hey! Wait!  Come back!! *chokes on the Chickenfoot's dust...


Friday 13th July 2012 at 3.26pm.