Monday, June 18, 2012

(begun Monday 18th June at 4.10am..)

*Edit at 10.14am:  I've just been through the Published result of this blog and find the spacing is once again incorrect.  Should this alarm me in any way?*

I was actually on the loo and in mid-pee at 1.30am, when I registered what?  The thin gold outline of a circle, quite clearly, in my peripheral vision.. Well, I never! *startled... Did I learn something new in that nano-second? Laser beams no longer run in a straight line, so to speak?
I find it difficult to be offended by his piggish behaviour these days, and I accept that his sick obsession with my activities in the toilet and bathroom are something he has no control over...*yawns..  I can't help feeling bad for her.. Sharing a marital bed with someone you think you know, is all very well, but she's nobody's fool, and it must be hard to keep her denial in place.. *shrugs..

I'm amused to find that the Polo's contribution this morning is running at half-mast?  Caution, Balliram?  After all this time? *chokes... I already have what I consider to be irrefutable proof of the vehicle's recruitment to the Project, though the GW could teach your Missus a thing or two about denial... I would suggest that you were running it's output to the maximum during daylight hours yesterday, as I've not a finer shot of the neon-white panel on the far side of the grille, than THIS one.. Inexplicable?
I imagine that shown the evidence, both the Rocket Scientist and the Physics Professor would be able to come up with an answer to that particular mystery..
I'd watched the car pull in at dusk a couple of days ago, and had seen from the kitchen window how that small section on the far side of the grille had flashed on and off a couple of times after the GW had cut the ignition, and how the miniscule but dazzling light in the right front headlight had stayed active from my angle.

Once again, I'd have to say that it's the vehicle's aircon unit that's involved in that particular cleverness, though I doubt there's a specialised mechanic left in the country who hasn't already been issued with a fake NIA clearance certificate..
I confess I'd be surprised to learn that the Chosen willingly allow their larnie Beemers and Mercs to be enlisted to promote the Blessed signal, so I guess it's restricted to suckers and labrats like ourselves?  Just in case I've got it wrong, you might care to keep a closer eye on what's happening under the hood of your car?  Any telltale signs of corrosion yet? Have you already pointed it out to the Agents, and it's been shrugged off as normal, and due to Durban's humidity and ozone?  You might want to think again on that score...

I was sitting in my corner of the lounge, idly taking shots of the television set, before dark yesterday, when I realised that the end of the kist it sits on, was looking really odd in the photo results..  A zimmies and a Carlton paper towel revealed that it had more than just dust coating that verandah-facing section, and I'd say it was the same substance that's been applied to our kitchen door?  It's going to take a lot more than a rub-down with a damp cloth to shift that particular substance, and once again I have to wonder when the job was done...
I suspect the initial work-over to the outside of the house was achieved by Military Intelligence over at No. 11?  An option I'd handed to them on a plate, when I'd persisted in employing their dysfunctional youngest as a house-sitter, while we'd scoot on up to the Midlands for the day, to visit my kid... Chances are that he'd not been left on his own for very long after we'd headed off out of the area, and that a ladder had been employed to mark all the rafters outside, with the laser-attracting compounds...  That so-useful ploy had come to an abrupt end once I'd discovered that the kid had been through our drawers and cupboards and had helped himself to my little Kodak digital camera.  With hindsight, it's possible he'd had orders to look for it anyway...   A pity the now abundant NIA clearances were still in their infancy back then, or they could have tried using one when he was caught thieving at his school some time later..  *blinks..

I remember how bad I'd felt for the kid at the time, and his elder brother was already feeling the effects of the wireless in the air and said he often endured changes to the frequencies in his ears... Army Intelligence se GAT!! What a bonus to discover that the British Spy Agency was involved, though back then I had little inkling of why that should be...
You may recall that I'd been up at my gates one day and had fallen into conversation with the youngsters from No. 11, who'd had a friend around to visit.  A friend who'd said his dad was in the British Army.. Oops! The incongruity of such a friendship wasn't lost on me at the time, and I would've blogged it avidly... Not a relationship that the Ruling Party FatCats are aware of, that's for sure, though it's possible the Opposition were made aware of the UK's involvement with this giant technological experiment?
Bitter, Major Ramsbottom? Moi? (Or do you prefer that standard title of John Smith?) Hey - someone had to trial the initial set-up, so why not me and my friends here in the Zone?  Why not get your guys over in the UK to home in on my sister's place up in Lichfield, and my kid in London, while you're at it?  *projectile vomits...  Have you so much as bothered to call your dogs off my kid, or isn't that within your will or your power to achieve?  My sister was put through all manner of hell with the abuse of the Broken Wrist frequency, and all her husband suffered was excrutiating gout in one toe!  *snorts... When it comes to the laser/wireless Project, it's a mans world for sure...  

If I had the means, would I care to queer your pitch?  Would I like to tell my fantastical tale to someone in the Ruling Party who could actually stop the roll-out of the technology dead in it's tracks?   
Nope - I figure they've pretty much earned what they're getting, despite that a good many of them were deliberately groomed and encouraged in their corruption, to arrive at the situation they're in now..
Lawd, do I hear myself, and how barking mad I sound, hey Janneman?  *winks...
Who was it that arranged to hit Telkom in their purse-strings so cruelly?  Someone in the Ruling Party that's actually awake and paying attention?  Someone who had figured out that the Telecom's giant is no longer dancing to the Government's tune, and are playing a double-game?  *fascinated...
Someone with the clout to pull the plug on the Korean deal?  It's likely that those involved in Telkom's latest smack-down have already had their power supplies accessed and are paying dearly for their cheek... Sudden terminal illnesses or vehicles going out of control on the nearest Freeway, are already becoming the norm, as the spy technology installed on every streetlight in the country makes contract killings a walk in the park... 

The burst of activity over at the Military Intelligence Depot at No. 11 has me wondering whether they are hosting yet more UK intelligensia, and if so, to what purpose?  Earl?  Does it amuse you that the Muslim Community have been so easily duped into believing the technology will encourage the spread of Islam?  They have your friend Mo Shaik to thank for that, do they not?  Mo Shaik, who has managed to put thousands of miles between himself and the fall-out that's set to decimate his own Community as drastically as any others... *vomits..

A drama on a much smaller scale, but no less tragic, was that Sue the Book lost her last remaining set of wheels over the weekend... Her kid had gone to one of those larnie establishments over in Windermere Road, to watch the rugby on TV, and when it was over he'd come out to find the car had disappeared... You're all well aware of how her two previous cars were stolen, and how simple it was for Balliram to achieve, using the surveillance technology..
This latest vehicle was as beat-up a heap as the previous two and yet, from among all the choices that must have been on offer to the thieves down there, Sue's ugly little banger was the one they chose...
Dead easy to track the kid right up to the parking space he chose, and with it's locking system already well known to my Controller, how stunningly simple was it, to arrange for it's theft?

It annoys you no end how she just keeps bouncing back up after each devastating crisis in her life, does it not, Creep?  I guess you just couldn't resist the opportunity, once you'd eavesdropped on the kid and his plans?   Are you once again wriggling with sick delight at this latest misery you engineered?   Have you and your clever one-time PRO already put it about that the Crone at No 8 is bound to accuse you of complicity in the vehicle's theft?  *nods at the given..
Can you in fact, sink any lower?  I'd have to bet that's a yes, and that before your PuppetMasters have done manipulating you, your notoriety will have spread further than you could ever have wished for..
Have a good day.



Monday 18th June 2012 at 10.07am.