Monday, May 21, 2012

(begun Monday 21st May at 5.25am..)

*The green light on the little Kyocera-produced iBurst modem refuses for some reason, to settle down this morning, and flashes ceaselessly..   An attempt to further corrupt a shocking connection, or rather more than that? *interested...*

The AirWing chopper just went over with it's headlight on full, as they continue to masquerade as police officers... Yeah - As much as I admire those Flyboys their stoic work ethic, would I prefer it to be announced publicly exactly what it is they're doing, and where the millions are coming from to keep that baby aloft... Fat chance, hey Earl? *winks..
Neither you nor your friends in either the Ruling Party or the Opposition have any desire to enlighten Joe Soap to the perils of Stef Roux and Petruccione's 'perfectly safe' communications technology, and that's the gospel...

Since sitting down here ten minutes earlier, the Queen of Mean has already chirruped his remote, and given me the now apparently obligatory Swift Kick to the Kidneys... *eyeroll... A pre-cursor to a re-run of the weekend's horrific attack?   Hey, the bloke's stewed in the head, and I wouldn't put it past him...

Do Warren and the wife have a blazing row each time the old man says he's going to drop by for a visit?  *curious.. Does Sutcliffe Jnr. have to remind his Missus that his dear old dad was the source of their largesse, and that without him they'd probably be living alongside a reservation in Alice Springs?  How often has she screamed at him that she'd rather be poor than have that disgusting fellow round to stay?

I'm guessing that gayboy Sifiso Zulu mentioned Sutcliffe's penchant for young lads to his good buddy Sbu Mpisane, while the latter was still just an ordinary Metro cop?  Was it Sbu himself that supplied our ex-City Manager with a steady stream of what he fancies?  You can chip in here any time you like, Mikey, but I'm guessing that the extremely wealthy ex-Metro cop was, for a while at least, your pimp?  Sifiso got the Parking Meter tender, and Mpisane's wife got everything else she could lay her hands on as a result, right?
The million-dollar question is whether there's audio/visual evidence of Mikey's preferences out there, and who it is that hold on to it so tightly... Barnabas himself, or has he sold it on to his Superiors in the Telecoms Industry?

Salacious gossip, Herr Doktor Sutcliffe?  You're going to sue me for telling the truth? Who was it that first encouraged you to turn your darkest fantasies into a reality?  You still remember?  Whoever it was would've been employed to do just that, and well paid for it, once you'd taken the plunge..  From that very first assignation you were OWNED, but I doubt that you cared one way or the other...  You were encouraged to use the surveillance technology for your own gain as well, hence the stack of Leverage files you managed to accumulate during your reign.. Files that so far, appear to have saved your sorry hide from being exposed openly in the Press for what you really are..

And no - It's not going to go away Herr Sutcliffe.. The fruits of your labours have seen to it that the honest middle-class worker or retiree in this once fair city is doomed, and that would include the GameWrecker..
It must have been on your orders that Allen Spence leapt into action to rig up the streetlights and overheads with the wireless and laser surveillance technology, and to blithely begin handing the computerised circuits into the hands of scum like Balliram and Nayager?
It must have been at your behest that MacLeod Jnr. arranged for the fibre to run through the storm-water drains, the water lines, and in some cases the sewage lines, for Cornelis Groesbeek's H20 company...?

Shrug me off as an embittered and battered guinea-pig by all means, when in your scurvy heart you're fully aware that I'm just ONE of hundreds being attacked in similar fashion, by means of this 'perfectly safe' technology..
The rigging up of St. Theresa's Convent/School as a mini base station was an experiment, and we'll never get to hear how many casualties there've been over there as a result...
Filling those three otherwise empty apartment blocks next to the Barnard Road Mast with students, is another experiment, is it not Jannie, and a pretty blatant one at that...?
And now we have Mr. Dawood's Roseanne cc. development rising steadily on the horizon directly opposite the mast... Apartments that will be leased or sold to people who are oblivious to the risks that come with the location..*spews... People who won't look twice at the satellite dishes tucked amongst those fake branches, in order to thieve both their health and their privacy...
And if perchance Mr. Dawood struggles to fill his flats, why not put in more students, to achieve the quota of labrats required?

Why would you be foolish enough to consider you and your family are exempt from this country-encompassing experiment? Because a DRUGLORD promised you his protection in return for your support of the Project?  Because a Telecom's Strategist SWORE you'd be safe from any fall-out?
*It's now 6.30am and I hear a male voice nearby and it ain't my Controller or a wekker droog.. Does the Gauteng registered vehicle owner still hang out next door, honing his craft?*

Who is it that invites the Lacey Road rep. to the Sparks Estate CPF Meetings, knowing full well that he reports directly to the ShackLord Gumede, and who is it that encourages the regular telephonic death-threats made to the young Councillor for his efforts at improving the lot of those residents at the jondolo?
Tales of thumping late night music emanating from the Running Club on Barns Road Field, are coming in... Music that's apparently disturbing residents as far afield as St. Theresa Road...
The Druglord will no doubt be delighted by this irritating contribution created by his supporters, and the further misery it causes to members of the community..

Have you slapped on several coats of the ugly EMR repellant paint to your palace walls situated off Randles Road yet?  Installed plenty of the one-way black glass to the windows?  Do you recline under an R18k sleeping net at night, or do you truly see yourself as omnipotent, and in no need of such safety measures? *looks at Earl with interest...

LATER at 7.35am

The Flyboys were back at 7.10am, only this time they were lower, and presented their side and belly to the Controller at No. 6... Anything to do with recent changes?  The astonishing green glow given off in two separate photos taken of my Master's streetlight using the slow shutter option, were merely a trick of the light so to speak, or do they denote alterations having been made recently?   An option that I've always used on the streetlights when shooting them after dark, and yet have never before seen the green effect....

LATER at 10.45am

The chopper made another pass by the Mothership and Balliram's, within the last half hour, and one could clearly see the lights on it's belly activate as it went by.. Again, I ask what changes have been made that necessitate it's arrival, or is it merely collecting the most recent stolen data Barnabas has deemed fit to pass on to the Intelligence Department in Pretoria?

Tuesday 22nd May at 5.30am

I'd barely put the bedside lamp out and touched my head to the pillow when he'd whacked me a shot in the ear... *startled... Some sort of Game, or Tournament?  Should I stick with my theory on Vincent and a points reward system, but now include the possibility that there's a separate Game for Area Controllers?  That jab of pain suddenly reminded me of  some sort of RPG killing game where the Hero (jesus, joseph, and mary) was determined to score a last hit before the ogress fell asleep... Points claimed while the target is static are minimal, though permanent crippling damage to organs and joints achieved while the prey slumbers, gain a Bonus?

Much as a learner airline pilot would use a simulated flight machine, it occurs to me to wonder whether there isn't a PC game out there that's been designed specifically to encourage accuracy with the lasers in attacking fellow humans?  The recent spate of suicides in Lenasia?  Is that area saturated with a forest of towers, all sprouting satellite dishes?  Any of those deaths directly attributable to the avid attentions of a local Area Controller?
Had he targeted the home of someone on his circuit that he'd taken a dislike to, and flooding their power system with wireless frequencies had scrambled one of the younger family member's heads totally, until death had seemed like the only escape?

Too melodramatic for you Mr. van Zyl?  You roar with feigned laughter at the very idea, when you know this is taking place across the country?  Any problems with the Controllers who've caused these deaths?  It's not as if they can resign and try a different career, now is it?   Once they're in, they're in for life... So what do you do?  Arrange for them to take a break, a change of scenery, to get their killing instinct back on track?  Why not send the chap down to Balliram? If anyone can cheer the fellow up, it would be my Controller, who can make watching a couple of hours of torture seem like an outing to a theme park?  Someone who can cheerfully persuade your trembling Murderer that it wasn't his fault, and that most of the targets deserve what they get?  That accidents will happen, and they must get over it, and move on?
A month or so in the company of the outwardly amiable Monster next door, and your insecure Doubting Thomas is ready to go back and resume his duties in his own Area, convinced that he played no part in anyone's demise....
A dark scenario, but by now one that the Telecom's Strategist will be more than familiar with...*shrugs...

She'd told me yesterday that the Owner/Manager of the Sydenham Athletics Sports Club at Barns Road is a wonderful chap, and I don't doubt her for a minute... It would appear however, that not all of his Running Club members are cut from the same cloth... Cest la vie....
PS.  The modem light hasn't settled down once, since I began updating today's contribution... Let wel julle....


Tuesday 22nd May 2012 at 9.27am..