Sunday, April 15, 2012

(begun Sunday 15th April at 6.35am..)

*As soon as I log in here at blogger, the Kaspersky icon on the bottom task bar kicks in, and doesn't stop working.   Is it as I've always maintained, the doorway Balliram uses to perform his stealthy edits on my posts?*

The drone of the SAPS fixed-wing carried clearly through the still morning air as it headed off North East, high in the sky...  What a budget they must be blessed with, to afford that daily trip, though it's a certainty it's being topped up by millions funnelled from the National Lotto... *shrugs..

I've never planted mielies before, so I've no idea what they should look like, though you can't argue that the plants nearest Balliram's wall light are cooked to a crisp HERE.  Is there an accredited organisation nearby that has the means of testing those mature ears of corn for their radiation content, or has the GateJumper already nicked a couple of samples during one of his nocturnal visits?
If a Boffin such as Stef Roux can put it in print that his technology is perfectly safe, would you expect test results on my corn to be valid and truthful?  Not.

Young V had taken it upon himself to thin the stand of mielies out drastically, and had moved half a dozen down onto the first terrace, saying cheerfully that they'd probably die...  They haven't, but are so stunted in growth, next to their burned-out companions one terrace higher, that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to consume the mielies they're struggling to produce...
That stand of plants just too dense for your light to penetrate easily, Creep?  That's why my Landscape Artist used his time moving those plants?  *vomits...

Monday 16th April at 2.45am

No idea what woke me at 2.15am, but I made a loo call and tried going back to sleep without success... There was no BackFire worth mentioning and my neck was ok, though this time it was two fingers and my thumb that were dead.  Mock me not.  The thing with the hands is relevant to the EMR in this house, and has been since the kick-off of this wondrous operation.
Uhoh.. The frequency has just changed dramatically in my ears, and I have his undivided attention..*waves..

When I used to go up to Hofmyer and have Delon at Budget Foto print my pictures, I've no doubt at all that the Special Spook next door would hop on in and check them out, and even thieve a few of them while he was at it, to share with whomever he pleased...  While they've been an invaluable reference of the Surveillance Project's arrival and installation here in the Crescent, none of my photos would win an award for composition or sharpness..*grins..
Did Balliram think for one brief moment last Thursday that he was going to get to see my images of the holograms that hang about our yard?  *chokes.. As he tracked me going into Whysalls at the Pav?   Do you seriously think that by putting my memory card into one of those machines, I wouldn't risk losing the lot?
Why would he bother to drain three pairs of batteries dry in three days, if he wasn't just a tad concerned?
Some of the bigger holograms look just like the moon.. See, HERE?  Sitting high up in the fork of the avo tree?

Frankly, I'm torn... Though I've staggered about with the scourer taking off a few of the enhancers decorating our walls and house, here and there, it's simply because I've come to associate them with my pain.  Seriously, who in their right mind (shh!) would want to stop those magical images from visiting? 
Happily, I've been allowed to continue visiting the site, despite being refused registration, and last night I'd found a thread discussing the merits of wearing safety goggles while creating holograms...
Both Sue the Book and I have remarked several times of the problems we've had with our eyes this past year or more, and with the precision attacks made with such ease on specific parts of our anatomy, why would our eyesight not be included?
I've blogged often enough of the ex-Sentech RF Engineer and his Pandora's box of archived test results using wireless frequencies on humans, and have to wonder whether his expertise includes the use of lasers?
It would certainly be true to say that the precision of the assaults increased dramatically soon after his arrival, though that could of course be pure coincidence... *yawns...

I'd made a feeble attempt at washing the windows yesterday, and was astonished by the number of enhancers dotted about our window frames and on the rafters, really only visible once you're up the ladder...
Sure, it saddened me to find that young V has been working for my Controller pretty much since I first employed him to help us in the garden, but I doubt very much that he has a clue of the physcial damage caused us by the assistance he's given our sadistic Controller all these years... Or has he?  At which point did I suddenly stop popping out to the shops, leaving him to carry on working, while the clueless GW held the fort?
At which point did I take to keeping the garage locked up tight during V's visits here?  Animal instinct kicking in, once he'd 'forgotten' to replace the bunch of house keys on his departure, and had taken them home and returned them days later?  Silly old people.. *eyeroll..

Does it change anything?  The GW regards him as as really nice, hardworking young man, as do I, but alas, the trust I had in him is long gone.. As blogged, he'd taken himself over the bottom boundary wall into the valley, unasked, and had been down there out of sight for so long, that I'd eventually climbed the ladder to see what was keeping him.
A few weeks on, and one of the three already hard-hit mulberry trees remaining, appears to have turned black halfway up its trunk... HERE... *sad...
Were the Environmentalist to see the state of the trees down there, would she be shocked? Au contraire.. Mulberry trees are aliens and must be eradicated at all costs, hey Manisha? *winks... Nobody gives a toss how it's done, but they must go?

You think the wasteful water runoffs have stopped?  Not a chance.. Neil MacLeod continues to bleat of the dire situation being due to water theft and an ageing infrustructure.. Nowhere has he ever made mention of the necessity to release pressure due to the cabling now running through the lines...
And you would have me believe a few straggly mulberry trees represent a threat to our water supplies, compared to the billions of litres of water deliberately wasted to facilitate the Surveillance technology?  *looks at the Fireman..
Even for an Idiot, it's been easy to see how so many genuinely good people have been conned into believing the lies..  Will your family survive the cull?
Will their systems adapt in time to tolerate the brutal battering by EMR and wireless frequencies, or are there already signs that they're taking strain?  Any diabetes? ADD?

LATER at 4.20am

The GameWrecker has just tottered through to the loo, at which precise moment my spare Nokia lying on the desk next to me, chirruped quietly, as the screen lit up.  I've switched it off, but not without a chuckle at BigEar's cheek.. Obsessed, much?

As familiar as I am with the practise of hypocrisy, it beggars belief that so many trusted Community leaders continue to promote this killing machine across the Zone.. That they have chosen without any research, to believe that a Druglord has their welfare at heart, and that the laser/wireless technology will cause no harm to anyone...
You would practise your much-touted christian forgiveness when it comes to a druglord, and yet condone years of physical abuse and mischief carried out on innocents?  You've no proof that this is happening, and wouldn't dare rock your comfortable boat?  Aye - that's fairly obvious... *snorts...
Here's a thought -  If you continue to have problems with my credibility, why don't you come on over to the CPF Meeting tonight and I'd be happy to show you what I'm on about?  Let me know, and I'll take my Panasonic up with me.   Were my camera to suddenly fail to function, or my batteries to be sucked dry during the exercise, I guess you couldn't ask for clearer confirmation that all I've claimed is true, and that the little committee Meeting room itself is wired heavily for monitoring purposes.
Are you absolutely certain that those Eavesdroppers are on your side, or are they working to ensure you never get to see the truth revealed? 
Are you going to pick up the gauntlet or will you find that you suddenly have a more pressing engagement to attend?  *interested... Why would I warn the criminals here in advance, enabling Balliram to ensure my camera doesn't operate when I need it?  Unlike you, who've supported this covert operation from the get-go, I have nothing to hide...

Having said that Sue's cottage bore no signs of the battering that ours have taken, I'd gone out of her kitchen door into the narrow walk-way at the back of the house to find the retaining wall was thick with the lichen.  I'm betting it's safe to assume that the air in that concreted passageway is loaded with holograms, though that still doesn't explain why she suffers the same agonising symptoms as Missus B.Snr or myself...
Does the Sadist attempt to shrug off our remarkably matching ailments as unavoidable casualties of the technology?  Nothing personal?  *keels over frothing..
Come on Al, quite stalling.. You found your missing cojones where you so prudently hid them back in 2005?  They're gone forever?  Ai, carumba!

LATER at 6.45am

I've just watched the AirWing chopper do a U over the Freeway and head off down towards the base station at Howard College.. They went over yesterday or the day before, and I'm betting I didn't have my specs on when I saw what appeared to be a flash of ochre colour on the underside of the bird itself... Hopefully my failing eyes sent back misinformation, and that's not rust on one of the white plates underneath the chopper.. Anyone care to check?  Those flyboyz are probably up in the thick of the EMR and wireless frequencies sufficiently for the chopper's metal body to start taking strain and showing similar symptoms to those of our burglar bars and the galvanised sheet at the back of our washing machine... *blinks..


Monday 16th April 2012 at 9.50am..