Saturday, April 28, 2012

(begun Saturday 28th April at 5.30am..)

I'd pounced on the unfortunate Aviator at the very first opportunity, and asked him if he could see whether it would be worth my while setting up Adsense on my blog.
Yeah, I've said more than once over the years that I'd never resort to running ads, but who could have predicted the terrifying financial situation we'd be in 7+ years down the line, as a direct result of Sutcliffe's endeavours?

Anyways, he said I could always turn them off if I didn't like the results.  Easier said than done, as blogger wanted to know my original log-in details and I can't even remember what I had for supper last night, let alone the password and email I used back in November 2005!  *chokes.. I guess for the moment at least, I'm stuck.. Moving hastily on, I hauled out the Panasonic and showed him the swarm of holograms on the roof.. Ooops!
If you think it's an uphill battle trying to convince the GW that those spheres are the real deal, you should have seen the Aviator's reaction... *keels over..
He literally reared back and launched into a diatribe on how stupid people appeared unable to recognise dust on the screen, and then he proceeded to open a site where at least one of the pictures matched my own beautifully..  (Except that it was clearly taken in broad daylight, and I've never been successful in catching them after sun-up).
He used all sorts of larnie words and terms to prove his point, but naturally I'm too far gone to follow... Parallax?  I've just looked it up and LOVE it, though it's unlikely I'll be using it here, anytime soon... *winks..

I've never forgotten how one of the many Intellectuals that frequent the mybroadband forum had scathingly posted that if an Idiot creates and repeats the same fantastical tale enough times, they come to believe it's true.. (or words to that effect.)
Was I crushed by the Aviator's vehement denials that, despite the hugely varying positions and times of day they were taken, my pictures are no more than a phenomenon caused by dust particles to the monitor?  What do YOU think?   That very first one that I'd discovered purely by chance, hanging, a pale transparent green, up by the pre-cast wall all on it's own, was caused by dust?  I don't think so... *chortles...

At some point yesterday I'd asked the GW suspiciously why he thought the paintwork on the top corner of the bathroom door had degraded so badly, and he'd replied without hesitation that it was due to my hanging the damp bath towel there each afternoon until I could put it outside in the sun the next morning.  Logic and commonsense that still delight me, as we all know those traits are sadly lacking in my make-up kit....
When it comes to the matter of the holograms in our yard however, and the astonishing record I have of the various laser-attracting compounds applied both in and out of our home, I'm on firm ground, and can't be swayed..*beams...
I'll fall over myself to admit when I'm wrong, as you all know, but you'll have to forgive me for taking a stand on this one..
By now the telecoms industry will have seen to it that there are dozens and dozens of sites showing how a trick of the light and some dust particles can fool you into thinking you've netted an interesting phenomenon, when you haven't at all...*winks widely...

What is of great interest to me is whether the Strategist and his protege Balliram have lied on this matter as well, or whether they've learned anything from their past mistakes?
If Jannie van Zyl had, on first hearing of my find, shrieked with derision at my nonsensical claims, he will have come to regret it later... If nothing else I'm a plodder, and I will worry away at something until you either see it my way or hit the highway...
Did I cause a sudden amazing spike to the hits on  Were Ahmet and his fellow Admins pleased?  Apparently not pleased enough to override Balliram's efforts at preventing me from registering..
Unlike the young Educator, who will give up his valuable time, even to one who is clearly a card short of a full deck, in an effort to solve a query....

I downed a couple of stiff vodkas last night and took the edge off the kid's invasion of our tiny home.. While I've grown used to sharing every inch of space with BigEars next door, I struggle with my own family?  Laughable, ja... If I were to tell you that I now suspect our criminal Area Controller has arranged for his droog to hop on over to ours each Thursday while we're out, would you shrug it off as further evidence of extreme paranoia?
If I were to insist that little Penny has somehow been persuaded to allow a stranger access to our home in order to dab more laser enhancers about the furniture and walls while we're off cruising the malls?  Nuttier than a fruitcake?

I showed the GW the picture he'd taken of me up on the roof on Sunday March 25th, when I'd put the expanding foam around the DSTV aerial.. The dish HERE, hasn't a mark on it... Three weeks later and its covered with the green fungus application HERE that Vincent is so partial to... I checked my diary to find that I'd lost sight of the young man for some time during his following visit, just the week after I'd been up on the roof..
With hindsight, he'd been around the far side of the house with the long ladder, and had easily hopped up from that point... When I'd gone up the top looking for him, it would've been simple to hunker down out of my sight on the roof.. *sighs..

For a while I'd typically beaten myself up, wondering how on earth I could've offended these two nice people to the extent that they've been willing to break my trust so easily... I guess I'm an acquired taste, and only for those with a really strong stomach... *grins..
My two trusted employees are in the majority and have found that Balliram's handouts are far preferable to my offensive nature, and it's as simple as that.. *shrugs...
Does our Area Controller crow to a select few that he now has his droog right inside my grubby little home on a Thursday, while my housekeeper watches helplessly, unable to refuse the monetary benefits she's given?
Fire them both, and change the locks?   I tried explaining to the GW last night that I simply can't be angry with them for long..

However patronising it may sound, you know it's the truth when I say that neither of them have had the privilege of an education or up-bringing on a par with ours, and that both witness daily how their FatCat brothers and sisters are living the high life... Why would they not wish to enjoy a few perks when they're offered?  I can only guess that both have been assured that no-one is being harmed by their actions, and that nothing is being taken, though how long the latter will apply is anyone's guess...
Young Vincent is dead keen to oblige Balliram, and with hindsight I would have to say the loss of the full length of guttering on the garage some months back, was not due to it's great age after all... *applauds...

Have I lost my faith in mankind completely, as a result of these latest developments?  Far from it... There's been an engineered and dedicated effort worldwide to change the values and morality of the population, and it's paying off handsomely... If we oldies can't keep up, it's our tough luck, right Creep?
Have a great day, and


Saturday 28th April 2012 at 2.17pm.