Tuesday, February 15, 2011

(begun Wednesday 16th February at 3.35am...)

I mutter something sotto-voice, and it's rhythmic chirrup stops immediately.. Sharp hearing for an insect out there in the dark?  Naa, it's just my entomology-challenged Area Controller having to stop the device briefly, in order to hear what I’m mumbling about… Works like a charm, and always has… *chortles..

Heavy-handedness with the BackFire in the wee hours is getting to be par for the course… She must be dead to the world at that hour, so he can get away with it.. Shame.  *shrugs…
Anyways I'm up, and he's settled it down to a steady burn… Mission accomplished..*claps…

There were no additional posts to the What is a WUG thread at mybroadband, when I checked yesterday evening.. What had I hoped for?   That the Pilgrim would've answered my questions, however obliquely? *sighs.. Why the darned secrecy FFS? 
The Scrabble-Player has most definitely been given one version of the Sales Pitch, so it has to be really good… *grinds teeth..

So okay – I'll try again..   WUGs are privately run?  You'll be told on joining, what equipment to buy, and someone nearby will generally help you to set up?  If you don’t already have the required enormous outdoor lights/signal enhancers in a suitable position, you will have to add them. (You want to see the size of the beauties on the convent-facing side of my neighbour's house.. Stunning!)
What happens next?  Is the Newbie informed that their Muni’s Electricity Department is kindly allowing the WUG Admin to access the Newbie’s power supply in order to control the frequency output from these newly added lights?  But wouldn’t that mean that the fellow is controlling your entire home supply of power? *coughs delicately….
Well, yes – he could in theory, but why would he want to?

But, but, to control your lights he has to access the correct jackpoints, and what if he gets it wrong, and your TV blows up, or your freezer packs in?  Dem’s da breaks, chillun….
It’s a chance you take, but if you want to join this happy band and play Scrabble till your ears bleed, you'll do it… *grins..
Okay – So now we've had the Muni's Electricity Department displaying rare and obliging kindness in allowing your unqualified Area Controller access to your power circuit, what about the brilliant (and I DO mean brilliant) assistance being given the local Wuggers by St. Theresa’s orphanage/school/convent?
Rigging out this establishment as a mini-base station out of the goodness of their hearts?  The gifts don’t stop there, and we have the Government-owned National Lottery pouring millions into the convent in a 4-phase upgrade, designed to improve the signal even further for the lucky Wuggers… *roffels..

Not quite so privately run then?  Who could it possibly be in Government, that cares enough to spend this kind of money on LANS and WUGs?  Was it whispered that our Head of Intelligence will be sharing the airwaves with the Wuggers in order to ferret out traitors and subversives?  That these Intelligence Operatives will be around, but you won't be aware of them, as they hunt for terrorists and tax-dodgers?  Then you thought this over for all of a nano-second before signing up?  *falls over shrieking..

You didn’t consider that the fluctuating levels of EMR that will increase mightily after sign-up, may not be that good for your little family?  You didn’t question how an orphanage, housing kids as young as two and three-year olds, could be prepared to expose their young charges to quite so much EMR?
If you even thought to enquire about the risks, were you told that some sort of microwave Ombudsman keeps a strict check on the proceedings, and ensures that the International Standard guidelines for frequency and power output are rigorously adhered to?  *chokes….
And still you think it’s a brilliant idea, and you can fully understand the need for secrecy?

Pick up a copy of this week’s Northglen News (www.highwaymail.co.za) and you’ll find the Mast Fighter on Page 3.  A first-hand victim of reckless over-exposure, she knows what she’s talking about, despite all the efforts made by the Telecom's Agent to have you believe otherwise.
If the relatively so-called ‘safe’ frequencies were indeed adhered to, it’s a Grand Plan Stan..  They aren't.

To access your home via the powerlines and to VOIP your conversations, requires the use of unregulated frequencies.. It doesn’t matter how much your fellow Wuggers squeal that I'm talking bullshit, as I've absolutely no reason on earth to lie… Nor does it matter that I'm more than blank on the technicalities..
All that counts is that we are guinea-pigs, and have been since 2005, and therefore in a position to tell you the absolute truth of the matter..

If, for instance, my accusations against Colin P. Balliram are now finally being said to quite possibly be correct, but that it is a personal vendetta, and nothing that could affect you and yours, why would you believe that?
Have you been told (whoohoo! It's now 4.45am, and my Master has just wrapped me in his over-heated embrace!), that Balliram has been removed as Area Controller, as a result of his reckless use of so much power?  Yet you’ve seen for yourself HERE the huge amount of additional technology added to his streetlight the week before last, by the Muni's Contractors SN RETIC?  Tell me again – WHAT were you thinking?!

Spare a thought for the innocent charges housed in that mini-base station across the valley, for were you to consider for one minute that you will ever be told that even one of the inmates is adversely affected, then you're as dim as this toad…Forget the Tobacco Industry Giants FFS, and look at Telkom instead, and their haste to disappear into the shadows, and have you consign them to the scrap-heap…*grins…
Now tell me truly – As a Durbanite, have you ever seen quite so many Telkom bakkies in your neighbourhood, in your lifetime?   There they are, at every switch box and exchange, crawling down manholes and up telephone poles, as they busily link you up to Mo Shaik’s Big Brother Project…
WUGs are private?  Not a chance..
No matter how idealistic and worthy the reasons you’re given for the secrecy and lies that surround the creation of LANS, there is a chance that you and yours could pay for it, bigtime… *shrugs..

You may console yourselves that the irritation I  cause you with my bumbling and incoherent attempts to warn you, is nothing compared to my own frustration..*sighs..
Go instead to www.ermffsa.org and read as much as you can, bearing in mind that for this Grand Scheme to be realised, the use of unregulated frequencies is a MUST.

LATER at 5.45am

Young Spanky up at No. 12 had already sounded the alarm noisily by the time I heard the familiar clang of the metal ladder, and found the Telkom tech back up the Accountant's valley pole just after 2pm yesterday..  By 2.30pm he had driven up out of the valley and was parked outside the house itself.  Had he left for good before No. 16’s house alarm began it's raucous noise?
It’s a given that el Maestro was fumbling with the adjustments made to No. 12’s system when he managed to trigger the wirelessed alarm two houses away..
The unfortunate ADT Rep pulled up shortly afterwards, and I've no doubt the Good Man also left work and headed home to see why his alarm was sounding..

Delightful, hey Bali?  To be able to manipulate people’s lives at the tap of a key, must be heady stuff indeed…
It's all worth it Prameeth? (sp)  Being a part of the WUG community discounts all that the Captain of Courage puts your old man through so regularly?  *sighs…  How does it feel, knowing that one adverse word overheard being muttered against the cowboy tactics employed by your Area Controller, could lead to yet another proper break-in?  A break-in that somehow will be missed by the monitoring devices that literally saturate the area…  He can't be everywhere at once?  I beg to differ… *teeth..
Nothing moves that isn't now linked to his smartphone.. Nothing.  So when Bali trots out Excuse No. 322 – He was having an audience with the Whisperer at Westwood Mall and had his phone off, check his darned nose FFS!

Dr. Seedat called yesterday afternoon but alas, the GW had already left for the Mall..  The poor fellow seemed non-plussed when I brightly said ‘You're phoning about my husband’s implant?’ *cackles.. The conversation went downhill from there, and the GW is to call him this morning.. He regards the whole thing as a non-event, and seems content to live with the drill tip embedded in his gum… *bolt-eyed…
What would your attitude be, if this had happened to you? *interested…
Who laid out the Dentist's instruments that morning and was she aware that the drill had probably been tampered with, much as the vials of anaesthetic had, at my GP’s surgery?
Crazy?  Hell, that depends on which Team you’re batting for… *shrugs..

LATER at 8.00am..
The FlyBoys went low overhead at 7.15am.. I'd heard them coming, and was in time to gaze up at them as they dipped towards No. 12 and a tiny red light flashed on the chopper’s side nearest the property… Linking up the adjustments made yesterday by the Telkom Tech, fosho..*shrugs…

There are now two large white plastic bags, weighted and placed in the quadbike tracks directly below our valley wall.. I've grown familiar with the use of broken-down white plastic chairs or plastic bags being used to aid LOS, but can't quite see the reason for this particular placement… A pointer for what?  *interested..
It’s another fine, if gusty day, here in the Zone.. Be happy…


Wednesday 16th February 2011 at 10.36am.