Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Senior PAGAD Leaders are in Durban this week, with plans to revive a nation-wide campaign against drugs… (Sunday Tribune 13th Feb. blogged yesterday).
Would Abdulla Salie and Abdussalaam Ibrahim care to tell me why, up till now, they’ve looked the other way at the high-ranking involvement of the Druglord Barnabas, in the Information Theft Project?

How did Mo Shaik persuade this Organisation to accept so much power being handed to a criminal, and a Druglord at that?  Here – build yourselves another Mosque/Madressa on this or that Trust Land, and we’ll see to it that any objections are quashed?  Pretty much hey?  *grins..
Did our Mo indicate that he could pull the plug on his largesse in this regard, at any point?   That unless the Muslim leaders accepted the Druglord's role in installing the Big Brother technology, they would find insurmountable problems blocking the spreading of Islam?

Hopefully, Messrs. Ibrahim and Salie are personally gatvol of dancing to the Whisperer’s tune and of meekly accepting the insult that Barnabas represents… The thing of it is, that merely by publishing their plans in the Press, the monitoring of their movements will be activated, and their every move recorded, that Mistuh Shaik and his shifty colleagues may remain one step ahead, at all times.. Who will warn these Leaders of this technological phenomenon and the ‘specialised components and methodologies' available to the likes of the Druglord's Puppet, the low-life, Glen Nayager? 

LATER at 12.10pm

Remarkable!  Both my bedroom and this room where I write, are like ten degrees cooler than they’ve been for days…. *bolt-eyed…
The weather is the same – blazing hot out in the sun, but with a brisk breeze making it delightful in the shade.. Anyone care to tell me the purpose behind the unnatural and appalling wall of heat engineered in these two rooms for so long?  Hands up? No?
I smell criminal intent, but then I would, wouldn’t I?
I do believe that I could actually ask the Mast Fighter to research this particular phenomenon and to explain to me in pidgin english whether enduring such manipulated heat is ultimately good for my health?  She's more than capable of doing just that, and I figure she'd have our cowardly Area Controller scrambling to at least hide behind the term ‘tests’
Who was it that finally understood what I was saying, and suggested he literally cool it?  Too late, mate…

In my ongoing quest to provide as-good-as-you’re-going-to-get proof that the Zone is now being run by a group of Felons, this latest effort, engineered by the abusive Lout at No. 6, should rank fairly high on the evidence list….
If Ms. Dorny were to discover that the solid walls of heat in both those rooms did nothing other than to make me uncomfortable, I'd willingly eat my shorts….

Tamara?  Care to step down off of your Perch of Selective Ignorance and pay attention here?  How do you feel about this latest revelation on your SO’s behaviour?  We both know the Dick well enough to accept that even if my blog didn’t exist, we would be treated in the identical way, and battered relentlessly with the unregulated frequencies, and power in our homes…
Just a little uncomfortable yet, or still able to shrug me and my fellow targets off, as deserving guinea-pigs? *interested…

What you and I don’t know, and will probably never know, is the amount of other unfortunate victims spread about the area, that have fallen prey to your charming husband and his equally perverted chum, Glen Nayager… Who right now, are terrified out of their wits, and thinking they are going round the bend, as they too are blasted by the frequencies..*projectile barf….

LATER at 2.30pm

There's a Meeting tonight, so I went online and checked out the Forum early.. On the opening page at mybroadband, in pride of place, is a piece by Felicity Duncan, asking - Can Your Cellular Phone kill you? 
A nice, easy-going, calmly written, and apparently unbiased opinion, that gives no hint of the Fast Forward methods currently employed, that will test your resistence to microwaves to the limit, in the very near future…
Was the piece run independently, or was permission first requested of the Strategist?  A fair enough question under the circumstances, and one that I would like to believe has the former answer, and not the latter..
Try as I may, I simply can't see evil there.. Ja, I'm a na├»ve idiot fosho, and yet I've no idea why the paranoia simply refuses to include the site owner…

Even I find it impossible to believe, that when he was persuaded to create the Recruitment Centre for a  Project he saw as worthy, he was made aware of ALL the Project Author's proposed means of installation..
The employment of Organised Crime bosses and Druglords, to oversee vast areas controlled by the technology, and the tragedies that would ensue as a result…  It'll take a great deal to change my mind on that score.. You gonna give it a shot, Jannie? Man, you must be sorely tempted to have me see rpm in a bad light, after your resounding success in alienating the Part-Time Activist… You cunning fellow, you!  *applauds…

The GW came through a while ago to say he was finally able to load the sms bundle on my CPF phone.. Whew!
Corruption of the phone lines, and having our calls listened to, has been practised for many years, long before this larnie monitoring technology arrived, and there was always a comfortable liaison between Telkom Overport and Sydenham SAPS.
Of course you'll know that already, if you’ve been around since I first began snitching here on blogger.com..  *grins..
Eventually they began, several years ago, to cut out the middle man at the exchange, and our landline ran straight through to Dodge City…
Who can forget the time I was gossiping on my fixed line to the lady who'd lived up in Bernie's house, when Nayager in his excitement, hit the wrong button, and we were both treated to the sound of him roaring at his officers, until he realised his error and swiftly dropped the line…*falls over laughing…

As it stands right now, I still can't pick up a phone, be it fixed line or a cell, and my Network Admin goes on red-alert.. Now THAT’S dedication to duty.. A warrant?  Hah!  You could search till the cows come home and you'd not find any official document giving these goondas permission to monitor our lives.. The Druglord has always seen to it that they’ve been above the Law, and nothing's changed there at all..*shrugs..

Tuesday 15th February at 4.45am..

I have to chuckle at how the Listeners on the Hill must have battled to separate the different voices of our CPF Members after the Meeting …. Even I'd noticed last night, that at one point we sounded like a troop of chattering monkeys *cackles… There'd been no sign of our staunch SAPS Rep, nor word from him either, though he’s certainly not required to attend more than once a month..
Frankly, I was relieved, as he would've had to take the flak for the two assaults on Community members, up at Dodge, and that’s not exactly fair..*sighs…
It's quite bizarre to sit and listen to complaints directed at our Boys in Blue, while knowing that for the most part, the Ranks are merely following orders.. Am I right when I say the current agenda involves creating an air of instability up at Dodge?  We won't have that answer until after March 26th, and Nayager's final, rigged Court Case, so you're just going to have to wait and see….

Bali had cranked up the BF a bit yesterday evening, even as I'd driven up to the Hall, but it settled down once I arrived, and behaved until – what?   Who was saying what, inside that little Meeting room, when suddenly the eavesdropping was enhanced enough to make my nose run?  *fascinated..
Man, there's no way I can keep up, and it's always with hindsight that I realise I should've been paying closer attention..

My Vice-Chair's physical system is still hit hard when he returns from out of town to enter his home, and walks head-on into the wall of poison the Balliram floods into his house… How can I tell him he should be grateful that it's just the Chronic Fatigue frequency, and not a far worse wavelength that's being employed?  He's probably going to find that out for himself the hard way, in the long run…
Has word of my Vice Chair’s moral fibre reached the ears of Schabir himself?
Is the Whisperer bent on testing the good man's integrity personally?  It sure looks that way right now, and all I can say is, good luck with that, dewd… *teeth….

It was after 9pm by the time we'd all finished yakking, and I cruised slowly down the Crescent past the Reservist's home, the Councillor's refurbished palace, and my ex-Chairman's house, and all the rest… I was hooting with laughter and trying to spit at the same time, as I crossed each wirelessed beam and activated a variety of my Controller’s ‘nunus’..
Was my braying laughter picked up by the Listeners as I headed homewards, with my head stuck out of the car window?
Chances are it wasn’t, and that instead, there was an excited huddle up at Dodge City, as they all tried to voice an opinion on the way forward… *mini-spew….

It's now almost 6am, and the AirWing chopper is already up there and going about it's Project business, linking the latest ground-work to the microwave tower, and to Mr. El’s giant base station at Howard College.. Those flyboys deserve a medal for the sheer donkey-work they undertake.. *applauds…
I must go… Peace..


Tuesday 15th February 2011 at 12.27pm.