Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(begun Tuesday 25th January at 6.15am..)

Let me ask you this.   When I made my initial allegations that a simple local convent/orphanage/school had been rigged up as a mini base Station for the Wireless Information Theft Scheme, do you recall who at the time, had denied my accusations repeatedly?
Who was it that had trotted out and stuck to, the hairy ‘crazed conspiracy theorist’ line?  The Strategist?  Colin P. Balliram, Cracker Extraordinaire, himself? Missus C?  Come now, think.. Who had scoffed the loudest?
Several people would've leapt to deny my claims at the time, and it would pay you to try and remember who it was…

Though it would've been only one instance, in a long and continuing effort to undermine my allegations, it’s a biggie… A similar push was made recently, in an attempt to white-wash our Area Controller’s criminal activities, and alas, I think many will have fallen for the carefully painted picture with relief, if nothing else... Right now, if you were to shrug my Controller off as no more than a petty, malicious Cracker, sticking single-mindedly to his sad vendetta, it would be playing right into the Telecoms Agent's hands…

I've told you often enough of the powers bestowed on Bali by the Druglord Barnabas, and of the many hats (all black), that he wears in his guise as IT Security Consultant… Of his access to Banking Institutions and Hospitals, and the role he plays in tutoring new Wuggers in the art of hacking… Rather more than just an ageing, bitter Cracker then?  Indeed he is.. Were any one of the above job-descriptions denied,  I would hope that your built-in alarm system doesn’t fail you..
The mere fact that both he and his erstwhile partner-in-crime, Nayager, continue to be employed by the Project Authors, despite that they are both clearly villains, should be sufficient proof of the corruption that infests this marvellous Operation..

*As I sit here now, scribbling at 6.45am, the BF frequency has just reached exquisite levels of pain.. Coincidence?  You think?  *keels over..*

Somewhere along the line, this goon-like travesty of a human-being, has underestimated me, though I doubt you made the same mistake… I guess it's common knowledge that under extreme pressure the human spirit can very often shine, and though it doesn’t happen a great deal, sometimes I feel the light.. *squints… All too easy to snort derisively and say that I'm no more than a self-righteous old Fool, who has come to believe her own imaginitive stories… *snorts…  What a crock!

When I insist that the power crisis and the looming water crisis are both entirely due to the Big Brother Project, and the haste to harness you all to the Grid, I'm not smoking any of Bali’s personal stash…
Are you really short-sighted enough, to accept that these dangerously depleted resources are a sacrifice worth making, in return for the rewards you’ve been promised?  Do you shrug philosophically and say you’ll happily take your chances against the floods of EMR that are now blanketing the country?
Was it Karl Muller or Barrie Trower that said the risks could be lessened by a fairly simple technical adjustment, or is my memory on the blink again?

Has it been admitted yet, that once you're connected to the Grid, your home may be surreptitiously audio-monitored, or is this little gem still being vehemently denied?
This is the single driving factor that means NO changes for the better will be made to the technology.. To listen to your private conversations made in the sanctity of your own home, requires the use of unregulated wireless frequencies and power, and lots of it…
For this reason, and this reason alone, we were chosen as the country best suited for this experiment….
Notoriously sheep-like and obedient as we are, the world stands by and watches in amused amazement as we blindly accept what’s happening, with hardly so much as a murmer of dissent…
Just as predicted, hey Mo?  Schabir?  Jannie?
The Arms Deal pales by comparison, to the sale of an entire country’s population for use in this wondrous experiment..

I went up earlier just before 6am, and took THESE pics for you.. Check out those two support columns that now stand above the entrance way in the orphanage, just to my right of the aerial… A small box on the top of each, for what purpose?  Pan to my left and, whoa!  Almost, but not quite hidden behind a palm tree, is a third and single support column, also with a little box on top.. Only this one is turned to face towards Balliram’s ChickenCoop… Are they additional lights, as yet to be wired up, in an already obscenely dazzling display of illumination?  *waits with fascination..
No need to ask whether this massive upgrade has affected any of the 2/3 year-old charges housed in that building, for the truth will never be told in that regard.. *shrugs..

*It’s now 7.25am and His Maliciousness has temporarily dumbed down the BF, but were I to stroll through right now, and strike up a conversation with the GW, you have to know that it would probably be increased again in an instant…*
Does my Controller seek to weaken my resolve, by the persistent employment of pain?  Or do I give him too much credit, and he's merely feeding his sadistic urges, with no real goal in mind at all?
You have yourself a right one there, Tamara, as I've no doubt you’ll eventually discover for yourself.. *sighs..
Fingers crossed you’ve long since ceased your loyal cries of Liar, since all that I've said has come to pass….
Do you know that were your own mother to pass a remark that your SO considered offensive, he and his buddy Nayager wouldn’t hesitate to access her apartment and cause her misery via the unregulated frequencies and power?  That she too may yet get to experience inexplicable and sudden pains in her joints, and all the other delights your dear husband now has at his fingertips?

LATER at 10.40am…

You remember my Uncle?  The laatlammetjie that’s only six or seven years older than me, and who is a workaholic over at Enforce?  I've not heard from him in a while, and last night my VC suggested I call him, as he’d mentioned a few health problems.. (They bump into each other regularly at the GOCOC Meetings held at Makro), so I did just that.. He was driving when I called, so the corruption that began shortly after we’d begun chatting would've been down to that?  Hah!  The same old recognizable sounds used to break up so many of my calls?  What a coincidence! The line was dropped fairly soon after… *shrugs..

Before the call was cut, I managed to ask whether his health problems occur at home or at the office, and he replied at home.. He’s since had an MRI scan, and tests done on his heart, and is waiting for the results, as his GP has admitted she doesn’t have a clue… From his description it sounds like he’s having petite mal episodes triggered by either the TV or the electronics he uses at home.. He spends quite some time working on his PC as I recall.  He says he’s begun experiencing extreme heat and chills at home, and that he appears to be having memory lapses as well…
He remembers going to see the GP last Saturday, but the actual visit and what was discussed, is a total blank… There’s damage done somewhere?
See, I have to ask, has he too, in this Project within a Project that I've become, been roped in as a Test Dummy for the frequencies, like the rest of my family?  *curious…

Has the Area Controller for that street in Cowies Hill, been instructed to flood my Uncle’s home with specific frequencies, in the name of the effing research? 
Do you consider such a suggestion too radical, even for me?  *looks at the Part-Time Activist keenly..
If anything, you have my word that I've underplayed the Wickedness that is taking place down here.. What was the dude’s name in Cowies Hill that had all those trees felled without permission?  Kent Crane? Like?  I'm betting he’d know whether J was on the Area Controller’s ‘special targets’ list, but getting him to admit to it, would be a different kettle of fish…
Secrets and lies, hey Jannie?  Pretty much what forms the backbone of this entire Operation?

Though you may have a wonderfully companionable relationship with your fellow-Wuggers, scientists are now saying that socialising online, in fact isolates you, and right now I'm struggling to grasp wrathex’ assertion that we’re all going to unite as one big happy family..
As long as all those mischief-makers and idealists are culled early on, by the EMR, to prevent them from expressing ideas that differ from the Project Author's set manual, then I suppose there's a chance that the remaining ThickSkins will indeed think and act with one voice, in years to come.. *yawns…



Wednesday 26th January 2011 at 10.14am.