Tuesday, October 27, 2009


(begun Tuesday 27th October at 3.55pm...)

He clearly still believes in due process of the Law, and I'm frankly amazed... Even as I tried to explain to him of Tweedledumb's relationship with Barnabas, and Barnabas' fealty in turn to his Homies, the Shaiks, I could see I'd lost him.... *sighs...
I suggested he contact his Attorneys to ensure they're aware of the dishonest means der Kommissar has used to obtain our CPF's glowing letter of support.

Were the Abuser to once again quote any part of that letter in the Press, the Good Super's lawyers should immediately release a counter-statement revealing the means used to obtain the letter. (Should they genuinely be working for his interests alone) After all, the article headed 'Top Cop Misled the Court' was easily the most damaging to the Sexual Offender's case so far....*grins...
Certainly it cut through a great deal of the bullshit that Rambo himself (gags) has fed to journalists previously..

The Serial Sexual Offender has walked away unscathed from several such cases in the past, and is doubtless confident that he will escape the three pending charges with ease. The process and hearings will carefully be delayed until the fuss dies down and Joe Public loses interest, by which time a means will be found to ensure that he wriggles off the hook.. Bleak, but realistic ja...*shrugs..

Will Augustine pay heed to my warnings? That the hot and cold blowing Born Again Captain is in fact a snake in the grass? *cackles.. That I've serious doubts about the source of the supposedly incriminating photos of the 'loving husband' and 'devoted family man' entwined intimately with his Secretary? I can smell it... That I was right to suggest those pictures were designed to aid the Molester, despite proving him to be a liar yet again.
Admit it. How many of you sympathised that he'd been caught out having a bit on the side? How many of you fleetingly wished you had a stunner like that at the Office? *gags...
Hell, even at my great age I can remember how easily men are tempted and fall....

If he'd kept it to just that one extra-marital affair, I'd have little grounds to chirp, but he didn't..
Well before his interest in the Clerk, there were originally five young trainee policewomen with claims of sexual harrassment against the Abuser.
Only three are still hanging in at this point.
Will they get the support they deserve, or will a way be found to silence them, be it by cash or threats?

The details of his treatment and degradation of these vulnerable young women were published, though at the time I stupidly never kept the press-cutting. No names were given, nor specific Station, and der Kommissar was referred to only as 'a station Head'.
I can't help you find the original article, and odds are that Colin Balliram has removed it by now. Prove me wrong on that point and track it down, if you have any interest at all in justice being served.

The GW found it on the web for me a long time back, but he has no recollection of how and where...*sighs...
I guess One-eyed Jack's so-called relationship with his co-worker came about AFTER his repeated abuse of the young girls at the Station, and right now the Animal is in total denial. Only his fellow officers can fill you in on the details, and it's doubtful there are any left that would dare to shop the bastard... *shrugs...
You may remember I told you that the excellent Supt. Marillier was approached by a female constable complaining of the Abuser's ongoing behaviour. Did you not note the speed with which he was subsequently transferred to Mariannhill Station? Despite reams of signatures requesting that he stay on at SAPS Sydenham?
Supt. Mngomezulu was also asked to aid a victim of the Serial Molestor and he sits now at Greenwood Park Station. FFS dudes! You continue to shrug this off as small potatoes compared to the corruption designed to distract you by daily revelations in the Press? Mugs!

This Beast is controlling power circuits throughout the Zone and has access to YOUR homes as such. The mere fact that he obtains such bizarre pleasure from eavesdropping on a 64-year old Fool should sound the alarm in your pointed heads, if nothing else.

Whether he has consummated his extra-marital affair is highly doubtful. What is obvious however, is that his beautiful (and married) Secretary is being used to give this seriously sick individual a weird form of respectability.. Whether she and her husband have knowingly joined the Actors Guild that runs from out of Dodge City, is a possibility not to be overlooked.
Come now. Find her husband and see if he appears shattered by his wife's purported adultery. My bet would be that he has been persuaded to play along, knowing full well that the 'affair' is an engineered smoke-screen designed to save the Abuser, and that his stunning wife is as faithful to him as ever she was.... *grins... Score me?

The so-called incriminating photos were carefully posed and deliberately given to the Court and thereafter released to the Press... *shrugs... A normal red-blooded male? *projectile vomits... A seriously disturbed Freak, with a startlingly competent Damage Control Team, adept at performing practical magic, more like... *winks... How long before their Player again puts down his Script and attempts to improvise, with disastrous results?
It's both the Abuser and his Lackey's unpredictability and refusal to stick to their orders that has made this Game so watchable!
That their Recovery Team is good is undeniable. Whether they can continue to hide the excesses of these two unstable actors until the Info Theft project is fully installed, remains to be seen.
You must surely concede that their behaviour beats the hell out of Bali's pathetic reporting on my latest fart or cough? *cackles... The tables have been turned, and the spotlight is now firmly on der Kommissar and his pet Crackerjack, and has been for some time...*beams... All and any fluffing of lines and veering from the script will be reported faithfully, that's a promise...

Poor old Kader Asmal may just have hit the nail on the head when he said the country seems to be drifting towards despotic rule... DRIFTING Kader? *lawls... This, while he himself contributed handsomely to the chaos that pervades the Education System, by messing with the entry level age of pupils some years back...*snorts... Any teacher worth their salt will agree....

It must be obvious as this point that I run a totally democratic blog, wherein I offend everyone equally.. *finger... I care not for any one particular political party, nor religion, nor colour. There are both Good and Bad in all of them... *whistles.... Have you decided yet? Flee or stay? It could all turn around and be brilliant, or it could keep on going downhill to become a horrorshow.... Can the Whisperers pull the nose up in time? *fascinated....

LATER at 2.45pm

It's been a pleasant day so far. Cool, windy and grey... Sort of gentle....
I have to ask you what you think of the so-called Tests that some of us here in the Zone are being subjected to? What does the blocking of a landline deliberately, achieve for the Secret Service and Mo Shaik?
A simple matter now doable via a PC program or Smartphone with the right setup. But what does it ACHIEVE once you've tried it out and it works?
A jolly bit of added misery for decent older folk who battle to keep afloat financially? Doesn't sound much like anything other than spite to me...*shrugs..
The CPF Secretary traipses up and down to Telkom Overport in vain, merely to entertain the Chief and his Lackey? Is there an attempt to suggest it's a genuine fault on her line, when I clearly get her voice message and am charged for it?! This is not corruption because....?*looks at Toby...

Will the Whisperer's Puppets EVER learn to toe the line and follow orders without adding their own malicious embellishments, or is the blatant nastiness considered a perk of the job?



Tuesday 27th October 2009 at 7.32pm.