Monday, September 07, 2009


(begun Sunday 6th September at 6.30am...)

The pseudo bird whistler has migrated further North? A well-earned trip to the farm? Or has been retired due to a lack of talent? *peers at the Principal... Though the Damage Control Artiste professed to be confused by the enormous Cast of Characters in my blog, YOU know who I'm talking to fosho...*grins happily...

Did you see the sweat beads that smudged my previous scribbles? As I struggled mightily to speak so you could understand? Did you? As a result, I only staggered out onto the verandah at about 5.35am though it was still pretty dark... Within a minute of sitting down, both cats had said there was a visitor in the valley. (Though whether of the two or four-legged variety they didn't say).

I pictured my Controller as he paged through his Basic Suggestions for Spies manual and wondered whether he'd arranged for a hireling to be sitting up by the Playing Field since 4.00am..*roffels... Did the DarkDoody (one for your list Klos?) figure I'd race on in and blog of the neighbourhood canines going bananas so soon after I'd stepped into view? That I would shriek that it was confirmation that the system WAS activated right then? *falls over frothing...

See Bubbaloo, it's like this - while I'm damned sure the cats are aware of the emissions, they don't appear to be offended by them in any way. I won't even guess why this is - I just don't know..*shrugs.. Like me, you're a lazy bunch of sods and won't go searching back to when I'd blogged of the attempts made to cloud my assertions that the dogs up in Grindrod Place, Mary Road and Michan Road were sounding the alarm as the System was activated. They most certainly were.

Once my Controller had finally figured out this could draw more attention than he cared for, I'm betting he used to arrange for a GateKeeper to stroll about those roads back then, probably accompanied by a dog. Nothing would set the animals off more effectively than a strange canine in their midst at 4.00am in the morning and evening...*winks..
Another FAIL on the part of the Not-So-Secret-Agent, and in truth, once I realised what was going on, I abandoned my sympathy for these four-legged victims and moved on to to other matters...*shamed..

This morning's resurrection of that gormless game plan went off like a damp squib. Activating the System at 5.35am would've paled next to a visible presence down in the valley, as Butch and Spanky sounded the alarm and all the others chimed in.... Needless to say, el Monstro had jumped into the TV corner only seconds before the shit hit the fan.. Front row loge you Eejit? *falls on over...

Can I ask you something o Lout of my Life? With the Utmost Respect? (Fingers AND toes crossed) Is there a similar device fitted to the SE just outside my kid's room, to the one on der Bunker wall, that was damaging the wild fig in the valley? It's no time to plead the fifth right now Bali.. - tell us whether that particular SE has the same abilities as the now deactivated Bunker SE?
Stop shuffling about so guiltily and looking to the Sweeper for help! I'm asking YOU! If that light is the means you somehow use to increase the nausea and heat inside our home so dramatically at will, the GW feels nothing. Of course that doesn't mean that it's not affecting him in any way, does it dear? *projectile vomits over the Scurvy Bastard...

Has the Pervert embraced a Devil-may-care attitude since being outed as a common Insurance Scammer? *Ok, I'm a crook and there's nothing you or anyone can do about it? You need a Tutor and I'm it, and you can't afford to fire me, so I'll just rampage on and do as I please?*
No good looking at you any more hey Jannie? I guess you're seriously peeved at Mr. Muller's posts and you give a toss as we're slowly cooked to a turn...? *winks..

No matter how dramatic these events may sound, once again I have the overwhelming urge to laugh at the surreal incongruity of our situation..*grins... Somewhere in a tiny dark corner of my head I know I should be anxious, if not for myself at least for the GW... But I'm not, and you're welcome to consider it simply another facet of my dementia if you wish.. Uncaring? No - I'm learning to practise the art of 'if you can't fix it, why worry?' and it's paying off....*smiles..

Monday 7th September at 3.45am..

It was midmorning yesterday when I got round to reading the Sunday Times and was startled to find a smallish insert on the front page of the Extra supplement. "Top Cop in Hospital after Station Assault". I didn't hesitate and sent a text to the Good Super offering my support..
And no, despite the article not giving details, I didn't need them, as my Controller will attest... *sighs.. I'd been hearing for some time of the deliberate provocation taking place and had guessed that just as it had been with Supt. Marillier, so it was to be with his excellent successor..

If they refuse to dance to the Abusers tune and participate in the lucrative businesses running out of Dodge City, they're History...*gags... You'll recall how we tried to hang onto Marillier to no avail? How in the end, despite his own best efforts and those of the community, the man was transferred to the Outer Hebrides?

His replacement turned out to be another Good cop and our CPF Members warmed to him from the start. (This alone would have irritated the Molestor mightily). May I guess that what took place on Friday at Dodge City had been scripted well before then? *looks at Lazzie.. You're really still as proud of wearing that badge as you were when you joined up? Seriously? I'd never have guessed...*spews...
I wasn't there to witness your boss take his Latino soccer player dive and need hospitalisation, as the result of ONE punch administered by someone who resembles a bookish geek, albeit a tall one... I have to admit the situation reeks of further attempts at the Oscar nominations.

Whatever the outcome of this engineered attempt to get rid of a second policeman who refused to become involved in the traditional corruption that is run from the Hill, the Abuser himself has literally lost so much face he will be sniggered at for years to come...*grins.. Rambo felled by a single blow? *chokes..
The good Director Mbhele wasn't able to help Supt. Marillier and I guess the same will happen to Supt. Mn.

Are you not gatvol with your Puppet's antics Earl? It becomes clearer by the day of the cozy arrangement you have with some of the Officers on the Hill... You're going to sit tight and let him stay? Again the possibility that I call on the Whisperer occurs to me.. The damage done to the project by the Chief and his Monkey alone, should have reached Schabir and Mo by now, and it's time you made a decison, Mistuh Barnabas.
A calculated risk. Put a decent man in charge of Dodge City for a change. The drop in profits won't kill you and may even fool some into thinking miracles CAN happen...*chortles...
Besides, by now you'll have learned the hard way not to employ Monkeys like Colin Balliram to do a man's job.
He's simply too useful to drop? He taught young Baron his IT skills? A difficult call then..*sighs...
The way it's going right now, even you are eventually going to irritate the Whisperers, if you can't control your own stooges...*snorts..

LATER at 4.30am..

Back to yesterday. Apart from my brief chat to the Good Super, I made a couple of other calls. Calls that clearly enraged my Network Admin., though I would be hard put to guess which of them pushed the Lout over the edge of reason *lawls...
The wimmenfolk had left his home earlier on, and just after 10.45am I heard the rodeo pull out as well. I'd made the calls I'd needed to, regarding Friday's fiasco at Dodge City, and so I was highly entertained when only a very short while after Bali left, the power went out! *choking..

By now of course, the Pooper Scooper will have given you their carefully edited and embellished version of events. That it was a scheduled outage (this despite that it was restored only about 25 minutes later, and I guess after Missus C had frantically pointed out to the Master how bad it would look).
My three phone calls and a text had our Controller dropping the power supply right up to our ex-Treasurer's home! It's time some of you infiltrated his little band of supporters online and got to hear the Real Deal. Not what you've carefully been fed all these years by the Courageous Couple, and have chosen to believe FFS!

Last night after 6.00pm we were treated to a couple of minor dips, but for the rest the Sweeper had persuaded the Idiot to sit quietly. Wimmen RULE! *waves to Missus C....
Whether I was to feel reassured by the fact the the entire circuit went down, it failed miserably. The weekend has been and gone and there has been no sign of the contractors returning to attend to OUR marked pole, leaving me no choice but to consider that despite yesterday's cosmetic cover-up, B.Snr and our system HAVE been isolated in some way from the rest... Cest la vie... *shrugs..



Monday 7th September 2009 at 12.42pm..