Monday, November 10, 2008

(begun Sunday 9th November at 8.25pm....)
Not quite low enough to be disruptive, those clever chopper pilots... Round and round they go, connecting the dots in Mayville to the grid. You can actually see a green light flash as they lean in to their target.... Now they head over to the work being done in Brickfield road.... I flashed a hello to them, and came back in to find the GameWrecker had mysteriously lost the sound on the Channel he was watching....*sighs and looks at the temporarily tethered Pervert....
If it's Karl Muller's kid thats involved in the latest cellmast debacle he posts of, I'm inclined to believe that he is the Real Deal. Reading his posts overwhelms me. What was I thinking? He smells the collusion between Telkom and Neotel and the Wimax Project as well, but his interest clearly lies with the cell mast emissions.... Would that he could come and see the enormous SE's active here as I write....*shrugs.... Every school in the country will have been given Wimax Wireless Internet to push the signal through the area....*gags..
A couple of cows and a sheep or two should take care of the so-called standards bodies, and if they prove difficult, why not a Beemer out of the box?
My cynicism has been forged by the quality, or rather total lack of same, in the choice of maniacs put in charge of this Project. You know that the Cracker is cooking us slowly and yet many of you will cheer him on...*grins... What exactly does that make you?
From there it's but a small step to sinking to the levels of the Shaikboyz, Koobair, Barnabas and the Molestor himself....*snorts.. As long as you've got the kind of wealth they sit on, you don't give a toss right? *grimness...
It's a hoot to drive around the seriously larnie areas of say, Musgrave, Innes and Ridge roads, and to see just how many mansions sport the helpful SE's now. Their wealthy but witless owners not realising they have opened their doors to the likes of my very own Master, who is bonded in turn to his Protector on the Hill.
I've shown you some of his true character, and would have to guess that he is the very Cream of the Cracker Crop. Vodacom3g admittedly sits rather higher up the ladder, but whether by accident or design I guess he has little or no control in the Zone.
Weird how my head insists that the area was GIVEN to the Rotten Apples and Barnabas, in return for spreading the signal so rapidly and for being literally, the birthplace of the Information Theft System.
The Sham slaughter took place in Morningside not the Zone, and yet the photo shows clearly that they too were on the Project with their SE's still burning days after the murders took place.
Which Station was involved in the case, and who ordered the killing of the alleged murderers themselves? These are now matters that should concern you greatly.
Are you 100% sure YOUR home is not VOIPED and your words relayed via your neighbour to your local Station? Well, are you?
Has the function of the fat cable running up the streetlight outside your home and lashed to the pole with shiny silver bands, been fully explained to you?
Would you even know if such an option had been activated? I very much doubt it....*shrugs..
That while you are dutifully/patriotically hacking into your neighbours adsl or wireless, someone is listening to YOUR remarks if you're not alone.... Colin Balliram is the perfect Controller. He thrives on the misery of others, and entertains himself by the lowest and most spiteful of means.... His clones are already dotted about the country and who knows? Maybe right next door to you....*grins..
You are one of the Chosen and run SE's obligingly for the Project, and are therefore exempt from being audio-monitored? You think? *collapses....
I guess it would be the Captain of Courage himself that listens in to the private conversations of my ex-CPF Chair....
Judging from the additions and alterations done to his brother-in-law's house at 6 Garbutt Road, this will also be a Control Base. But right now with the assistance of No. 64 and 72 Harris Crescent, I'm betting mon Capitano is the one that can hear No. 66 private discussions should he wish to.
Does Bali actually phone and ask that specific SE's are left active, when he desires to audio-monitor a family in the area? Has he ever called you for this reason? Is Cyril fully aware of the audio-option or have the PTB omitted to mention the finer details to the Chosen ones?
Cyril the seriously good, who was softened like Khaled down at No. 2 by arranging for a couple of hijackings at his gate? Cyril, who is now spending money like water, as the building operations to his home increase at an astonishing rate...*curious... Cyril who, instead of looking sleek and content with his amazing good fortune, looks worryingly exhausted and ill....*gags.... Any headaches up that way yet? *sighs... Had your blood checked lately?
Why did the Reservoir Hills CPF Chair and Secretary fall out of favour? They also ran the Motherbody for a number of years and were good at it too. Were the Gareebs taken aback by the sudden marvellous level of commitment shown their Fun Day by the Station? *winks..
Where is their beautiful son Prashil who designs amazing technology for the Beast/vodacom? Is he still being sent around the world, ensuring that he hasn't time to wonder what is happening in his home area? *curious..
Does vodacom3g know Prashil personally? Have they ever met?
Who is the piece of shit that Mr. Singh referred to the last time he attended a Motherbody pre-election Meeting, not to be seen since? A personal matter totally unrelated to the manipulative efforts of the Rotten Apples? You consider my speculations to be the usual idle gossip and no more? Au contraire, in one fell swoop, the CPF Motherbody has lost several of it's staunches members, apparently for good. *startled... A crisis that weirdly, has not been discussed apart from a few as yet, mild threats at the Reservoir Hills lack of participation....
I had a Please Call Me text come in from Penny at 5.30am this morning. I called her back to find she is ill and couldn't raise Missus Courageous to tell her she won't be able to make it to work. I duly informed the Sweeper via a text, of this latest development. Penny is very well aware that her job hangs by a thread, and she must be pretty poorly to take time off...*anxious..
Her caring Massa knows that since 2005 and his cowboy antics, she too is over-sensitive to the emf and radiation he plays with so merrily. Has he been deliberately nailing her with extras similar to those I've been graced with? *vomits... WHYTF would I lie?! I am being objective and realistic, no more than that...*mumbles....
If you continue after all this time, to think I prevaricate, then take yourself elsewhere and be quick about it. There is room for only one Idiot on these pages and it ain't you! *cackles..
I logged off and shut down after a brief session in #trivia this morning. The GameWrecker told me later that on startup Windows advised him that it had recovered from a serious malfunction...*falls over shrieking.... And now for something completely different? O Lout of My Life?
His barely contained rage manifests itself in the strangest of ways....*spits...
vodacom3g had best play the Silent card in response to Karl Muller's posts on mybroadband.... If it were HIS kid at the school mentioned, what would he do? *curious... Unless he goes with the absolute truth at this point, there is no damage control that can take away the carefully worded and clearly researched posts, by what appears to be a justifiably worried parent. *sighs...
IMO Karl Muller's posts on should be mandatory reading for the Chosen.
Peace julle
Monday 10th November 2008 at 2.10pm.