Sunday, June 10, 2007

Will I ever shut up? Not likely....*cackles...
I could rattle on ad infinitum about todays gems.... but I thought no, rather let me share a couple of items I read in the Press this morning.... just for something completely different...
Whilst the author of the letter below, sadly, used my nick in a negative manner, he is totally forgiven, for having the balls to tell it like it is ..*beams...
I noticed that the other day, when people were demonstrating about the highly provocative name changes in Durban, City Manager, Mike Sutcliffe and his connections hightailed it to a Communist Party meeting elsewhere.
I was appalled that, in this day and age, anybody could give credibility to such a discredited ideology as communism. If Sutcliffe really believes that the people of Durban will accept him to be anything other than an ANC/SACP toady, I've got a bridge to sell him. And, by the way, if I join the Communist Party will I also get R1 million a year? Now let's wait for his stock response of "racism"!
Barry Mills.
and then, the following item paints a picture of life in the Zone and I thought deserved to be included....
A Durban resident has accused SAPS members of intimidating junior rugby players, harassing an innocent man and throwing him into the back of a van.
A Sydenham resident, who wished to remain anonymous, sent a letter to The Independent on Saturday relating the incident at the Jaguars Rugby Club, which was where Sharks and Springbok stars J P Pietersen and Waylon Murray started their careers.
I was truly disgusted when I witnessed the bullying and unprofessional behaviour of members of our police force. I was visiting the Jaguars Rugby Club in Capell Road, Sparks Estate. A taxi arrived at the club to pick up a team of junior rugby players who were training there. The players boarded the vehicle which then began to drive out of the ground."
He said at the same time, a church group, accompanied by the SAPS, was on a peace march in Capell Road.
"The march was led by a police BMW, driven by Sydenham SAPS Station Commander Snr Supt Glen Nayager. He was bravely escorting a small band of church marchers. In addition, there were two police vans that were at the back. As the marchers went past the entrance to Jaguars Rugby Club, the two police vans turned into the ground, cutting off the taxi that was taking the young rugby players home.
"The four policemen got out of the vehicles and began questioning the driver and players and instructed them to get out of the taxi. They then started to search them.
"A Sydenham resident, who was walking towards the club house, noticed the incident and asked the police why they were unnecessarily harassing the rugby players. Heated words were exchanged and the unfortunate man was then promptly bundled into one of the police vans and taken away. One of the policemen remarked that he would be kept in jail for the weekend for hindering police work. The rugby players were then allowed to leave."
According to Nayager, the march was an anti-crime initiative, to which the police gave their full support.
The Independent on Saturday tried to get comment from Jaguars Rugby Club, but was unsuccessful.
I very much doubt that the Sydenham resident who supplied the info for the article, remains anonymous as requested. Anonymous is dead, demised and has totally passed on...*laughing..
Ag, its such a small matter, but illustrates perfectly that with all the intensive, invasive and intrusive technology that fairly bristles in Sherwood and Sydenham, I'm betting that there will be pay-back time in spades for shooting off his mouth...*grins...
Again, I have to applaud Mr. Allen Spence, Project Manager of the Data-Theft Miracle, who was so farsighted in choosing his bedfellows...*yawns....
I'm pretty sure that Superintendent Spence resides in neither of these two suburbs so erm, its not his problem?
You really have to admire a chap with the ability to go selectively blind at any opportunity....*grins...
Sunday 10th June 2007 at 4.52pm