Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am nothing if not fair. I fully agree that you need more space, but nonetheless am understandably anxious that there may ultimately be further abuse involved.... something that only time will tell....*smiles...
I've typed out a letter and will do a copy of this below so you get the gist of the matter...
Mrs. Tamara Moodliar/Balliram
6 Harris Crescent,
Dear Tamara and Collin
We are agreeable to giving our consent to the addition of a double-story garage and loft room, to your property at 6 Harris Crescent.
However, due to the extremely close proximity of your property to ours, we would in turn appreciate your signature to the following stipulations:
That there be NO additional lighting to affect our property in any way - not emanating from either the double-garage OR the loft room. i.e. visible spotlights etc.
That there be NO windows on the side of the loft room facing our property.
That your assistance be given (in the form of your builder and plasterer) in raising the wall containing the green door (on the side path nearest your house), by some 4 feet, for our added privacy.
Your builder to use whatever materials he deems best suited for the job at a reasonable cost and to complete the job prior to the erection of your loft room.
...... then u sign.......
So there u go ....I figure I'm not being to difficult here considering.... are your peers all aware of exactly how close our houses are to each other? Good - then they should encourage you to sign ....*laughing.... Course the GameWrecker will more than likely live up to his name and change the whole thing.... we shall just have to wait and see.....
Tuesday 12th June at 3.33pm.