Monday, February 12, 2007

I beat the GateKeeper to it this morning. The Recreation Centre lights were still on when I climbed the stairs at 3.45am and as I watched he went into the kitchen of the orphanage and put the lights on there.
Much like the early days and the tiny light sensors, I figure it amuses them to hook/hang much bigger lights at random windows *beams....
Tis all very pretty ja, but bear in mind that I am Only really interested in the lights that never move.
I gave a thought to the Rodent this morning. How young and well, hippyish he looks, for one so self-righteous and judgemental... he has no doubt contributed towards Debbie2's poor opinion of the toad *chuckles....
Do they fall over themselves to assist her with her Internet connection? I'm betting thats a yes heheh...
It would be very interesting to know whether Debbie2 is in any way related to our neighbour up on the hill and whether either he, or more likely his domestic worker, have suffered any strange symptoms since 2005.
It is doubtful, as at that stage I believe the Direct Line of Sight ran up the valley towards Sydenham and hadn't yet incorporated the Drug Lords property and his immediate neighbours. I did hear some time back that Debbie2's namesake was planning to sell up and move but will have to wait and see.
Still no electrical dips with the Courser kindly parked at the top of Bali's driveway. Almost on the dot of 5.00am, in the spirit of a Hardy Boys Adventure story, the light in the windows at the far end of the Senior Boys Hostel upper floor are flashed 3 times on and off.
Signalling to whom? A controller over in Mayville would be the logical answer. The Rose Avenue area is after all, in Direct Line of Sight to the hostel. Course it could also just be to Cassims house heh....
I saw the same flashing signal, but in the upper floor windows nearer me, was it the day before yesterday?
My contentions and assertions that this whole scheme consists of trial and stumbling error, is confirmed at the sight of these flashing lights. Do wireless boffins like the Rodent choose to think that I attempt to halt the progress of this amazing technology? After all I am a well known gossup and stirrer supreme? WAKE UP Ratboy and smell the cordite here! It is a loaded gun and will sadly be used by the corrupt to their advantage....I realise that it is a necessary evil and am merely questioning the methods used to test the system.
You can no more Disprove my theory that Basil was caught fully in huge waves of EMF over November/December 2005 any more than I can actually Prove it.
Judging from the vast amount of aerials, antennae, repeaters, enhancers, name them what you will, plastered both in and outside St Theresa's orphanage/convent at the moment, I have to assume that there is now stringent monitoring in place.
Although all I see is the portly GateKeeper doing his rounds there has to be more to it than that.
So - no compensation will be paid to Basil, Sue or Penny because it would set a precedent? It is possible that with proper investigation, other health irregularities could be revealed?
If not, why then is this whole project being conducted in such a stealthy manner? If it is a technological masterpiece surely it should be widely publicized? What part of the scheme is still totally illegal at this point?
It is pretty shameful that people as bright as the Rodent choose to believe only what suits them. But hey - thats life....
To all intents and purposes, the initial Muni Big Brother Wireless link-up tests begun in 2004 in this fairly quiet little unsuspecting suburb, are monitored by our local Station. This is going to put enormous pressure on the actual monitors. If housebreakings and muggings continue in spite of the current heavy monitoring throughout our streets, the question will surely have to be asked as to the REAL purpose of this link-up.
Admittedly crime stats have improved dramatically here in Sherwood since well before Christmas 2006.
The Municipalities and their so called partners may well find themselves in a Catch-22 situation. Sure, they may net the odd businessman seeking to conceal a few million from the IRS, using this fancy monitoring equipment. But should the extent of the monitoring abilities ever become public knowledge and the rate of crime continues throughout the country - I would strongly advise these same officials to apply swiftly for residency in the Cayman Islands or even further afield. *looks at His Corruptness, Allen Spence, GrandMaster of Electricity for Durban. Excluding the unimportant hangers-on, you could probably drum up enough crooks to make a couple of cricket teams to while away the hours in between counting your megabucks in the relative safety of a foreign land?
Howard Whitehead probably has a few runs left in him and Mike Sutcliffe will tend to bowl underhand but hey - it beats the heck out of getting lynched?
Monday 12th February 2007 at 5.56pm