Friday, February 09, 2007

The big old fruit bat was dive-bombing me in the dark this morning as I sweated in the muggy heat on the Orbitrek machine.
Mon Capitan stopped Jack Johnson cold twice, during the 20 minutes I huffed and puffed along... dirt on the CD? *chuckles...NOT.
The Game-Wrecker tells me this morning that he guesses the Courser bakkie has finally replaced Kitt i (the marvelously techno-equipped Honda.) RIP if thats the case. (dip) I'm happy to hear the Beemer (Kitt ii) is still very much operational and quite possibly adds to our electrical supply woes even as it lurks within the Captain's garage.
Oddly enough I saw no dips at all this morning. The only difference that I can ascribe this to is the very bright sensor light on the Coursers wheel is de-activated and Captain Courageous and Basils streetlights were out very early. The lights from our pole heading up the road burned without a problem.
Will you walk a little faster? I'm treading on your tail.....*laughing...
I'd been in bed like 5 minutes last night at 9.25pm, when the bell rang at the top almost at the same time as the Captain's remote chirruped. The GameWreckers face was a picture... is there a chance that ultimately he will wake up and smell the corruption that surrounds us? Naaa...not likely though these little glytches are giving him momentary pause for thought.
The matter of the FNB anti-crime statement being hastily scrapped is Very interesting.
My assertions that it is more than likely Telkom have tapped into All high-profile personalities, could well be the cause of the sudden about-face.
It was a courageous move on the part of Mr. Harris, so what was the reason for his backing down? Was he threatened with exposure of intimate personal information? You begin to see the point of the Control of the Masses scheme that I constantly whitter on about? Information is power indeed.
You shouldn't sweat wondering why we down here got chosen as the guinea-pigs for His Courruptness, Allen Spence's Highly Technical Computerised Data Theft program.
At least 3 or 4 of us are known to be stirrers and to comment vociferously on corruption seen in the area. And thats all it took heheh...
We were connected up, switched on, and then given back to the original sellers of the scheme. Done and dusted.
Pretty much mugs to be tortured at will by our short-tempered and irresponsible Controller via our electricity supply.. *winks at Bali.....
Hmm.. which reminds me... I remarked on seeing another Balliram in a previous blog - one that was in management at FNB? So my Bali would have been privy to the nitty gritty regarding their foiled ad? Not a common nick around town and he bore a striking resemblance to mon Capitan so....What would truly amuse me would that be that the idiot at Scotland Yard that I contacted all those years ago, found this blog and actually paid attention to it. Or does he do that already? The same idiot who trotted down the corridor to the SA Internet cops laughing hysterically at my lame attempt to get help.
Yo momma can be proud Sir!!
But really, no hard feelings as the Boys in Blue were/are busy linking up the UK along the same lines as ours to appease Big Brother. They have had some truly startling successes already using this technology i.e. the terrorist bombers in London.
They were so puffed up with their achievements that somewhere along the way they bought into the lies and corruption fed them by our lot heh....
A disappointment at the time but totally understandable.
Did Rudi Mhlope, Manager of Special Lights (haha), actually speak to His Corruptness, Allen Spence, after I sent him a text re the constant power dips?
It saddens me to see yet another letter from Rudi in this weeks Metro Beat, claiming problems due to cable theft. Sure I'm betting there are certainly a few genuine thefts of cable but IMHO, the majority of so-called thefts are deliberate and committed by the Muni's own Security division contractors thus giving them the perfect excuse to re-lay fibre optic cables and link up each section to Big Brother.
The cowardly Howard Whitehead and his truly yellow boss, Mike Sutcliffe are using Rudolph as their patsy and it is quite sickening.
Yesterday I had a look through the CD copy I had made of all the stuff on my subsequently destroyed/corrupted baby PC.
No surprises to find the pictures I took of the Fire- Engine blithely releasing thousands of litres of water across the road, are missing. No sign of my pictures of the stony-faced Mike Oliver of the Muni's Security Division either *chuckles....
eh this is one Black Hat wearer that is worth his weight in gold hey guys?
I still have all this information carefully logged and filed, names and dates and times etc. though the pictures wouldv'e been an added bonus heh... *curtseys to its heroic Captain..
Do I imagine I make new 'friends' in #trivia? A resounding NO to that *falls about cackling hysterically....
Should the sickly yellow colour that still pervades the room I frequent ever improve, I will be the first to let you know.
They are bright, funny and sometimes even kind - but, inexplicably they follow a cowardly path.... so don't hold your breath..
Friday 9th February 2007
Footnote: While editing the original rough in Outlook Express at 1.30pm today, I suddenly lost the internet connection. Something about my blog that the Controller obviously didnt like. When I finally managed to connect again had been tweaked and wouldnt allow me access until I was forced to instal their 'New Blogger'. It would appear that this New version is ever so much easier for Captain Courageous to access and edit/delete at will. I published this blog successfully at I would guess after 4.00pm finally and on trying to access it half an hour ago, found it had been deleted. so.... this would be the 2nd attempt and I hold out little hope that it will remain on the blog even once re-published ...... Control? O yeah baby .....
eh and now I appear to have lost my connection to blogger again.. *trundles on relentlessly nonetheless.....