Monday, February 26, 2007

Twas lovely outside before 4.00am this morning. Faint stars and a soft breeze blowing.
For the first time in ages, there was a dramatic cut in the amount of lights left on over at the orphanage and Senior boys hostel.
They rally at last to Eskom's cry of conserving electricity? *laughing....not a chance!
When I was over there with the Councillor the week before last, they had a young lad with a wacker, clearing the Senior boys overgrown garden. A big job and the sound of the wacker could still be heard working, days later. The difference is surely coincidental if not remarkable. Once again there is now a huge, hot orange light directly facing us, unobstructed by the shrubbery.
Once again too, the shocking pins and needles in my hands has returned and the crickets scream in my ears.. Utter imagination? *sighs..... not an answer I expect to get anytime soon.
The valley too was dark this morning...even the enormous amount of outdoor lighting that has sprung up over at the Michan Road/Wragge Road areas is, for the most part off today. No baying, howling dogs either. Weirdness, but no doubt a good reason for this change *smiles at Bali......
Could the reason be something as simple as too much good cheer at the Al Grand Prix races yesterday? You decided to forgo the pleasures of playing with the EMF until your head was clearer? Ah yes - I do indeed have a vivid imagination and for all I know, in reality, you never left your palace at all yesterday heheh....
It appears as if the new tenants have moved in to Stokes house up the road. Their golden verandah light now shines (unobstructed since the garden was so drastically cleared last week), all night. Two elderly gentlemen appear to be in residence. A far cry from Mistuh Osborne's usual choice and at first glance at least, a worthier one. As the Moth Cottages were AFAIK set up to house ex-servicemen and their families, these gentlemen would certainly fit the bill and could've been active in WW1. *beams.....
I don't recall being bombarded with electrical dips last night or this morning and the desk light shone steadily without problems. If indeed the reason for this is Mon Capitans attendance at the Motor racing yesterday and resulting babbelas condition, I would hope that more VIP tickets come his way on a regular basis heh....
Which reminds me - I referred to the possibility of some newly acquired technology up in Pretoria being used to tag my old banger? Incorrectly apparently, as kind forumites on myadsl pointed out that particular technology was only suitable for smaller items i.e. cellphones etc. So tis more likely I have a standard tracking device on the car than any newly discovered wonder....*sniffs
A small mention should be made of the weekend's astonishing pleasantness over in #trivia. I am totally comfortable in the knowledge that toadbashing is and most probably always will be, their favorite sport. Pretty understandable IMO, but on occasion, the usual suspects behave in a strangely civilised manner heh... Ah well, however they choose to treat my slimy presence is always entertaining...*smiles....
One has to wonder how long the self-congratulatory back-patting will go on down at the City Manager's office. I've not yet read anything on the big motor race but have no doubt that a great deal of money changed hands which is basically all that interests Mike (the Teeth) Sutcliffe.
I would remind him, before the euphoria sets in totally, of the debacle of the night cricket power failure. You have a long way to go Sir and I suggest you try Boardmans for a sturdy Facial Egg Scraper as I'm betting you are going to need it repeatedly.
The recent press mentions he has made of his time-share in Goa cause me to wonder if threats have been made by one of his many detractors to expose just some of the perks of his job? Fine - we now know about Goa - lets hear about other gifts and favours received.
Dave Owen's missive to the Editor, Sunday Tribune yesterday, confirms that I am but one of many who see the rampant corruption in our Municipality. "Metro Newspaper a propaganda tool" Well doh!!!! Yebo! I can barely read that or the Metro Beat magazine without having a barfbag handy though I am drawn back time and again in astonishment at the self-congratulations and lack of real criticism displayed therein.
Nope, I'm not wandering off-topic here either as I would suggest that the Munis Wireless Linkup is a culmination of years of slow rot. I have said all along that Big Brother is no doubt a necessary evil - but the means used to gain these ends have been, are, and will continue to be so corrupt as to leave a stench over this particular Muni for years to come.
How many really good people have, merely by their silence alone, been a party to this underhanded, crooked scheme is anyone's guess.... a reminder:
How many Good men in positions of might
do the 3 monkeys thing and keep their mouths zipped up tight?
Waiting and sweating till the big day arrives
when they're handed their pension and they and their wives
can swan off to the high-life and live guilt-free lives?
Banana plantations and hours on the green,
round-the-world cruises and things that dont mean
much to the poor who still can be seen
homeless and battling to earn just a bean.
How easy it is to sit back and ignore
the corruption around them when just round the door
a handshake awaits them, a sack filled with gold
and a life lived like Riley - the truth Never told.
There was Howard, Johan, Martin and Chris
just a few of the many who chose to do this.
An offer so tempting it could not be refused
from making decisions they would be recused.
So deaf, dumb and blind they became in a trice
with morals shut down they went quiet as mice.
They chose to believe all the lies they were fed
in spite of misgivings Their goal lay ahead.
A happy retirement and huge wealth untold
Will bring even the best to the Devils own fold.
But Big Brother is busy, too busy to care.
His plans are much grander and the costs you will bear.
Everything that you say, every deed that you do
Will be monitored neatly in a file labelled "YOU".
The few gentlemen I chose to specifically refer to in my ode above are : Howard Whitehead, so-called Head of Electricity, Ethikwini Municipality. Always kept well hidden during my visits to his office by his loyal secretary Mrs. Rosemary Naidoo.
Johan Stolz, long since retired Commander of Sydenham SAP. Totally aware of the scale of phone tapping taking place but chose to ignore it.
Martin Marais, recently retired Station Commissioner at Sydenham SAP. Avuncular, twinkly-eyed and adopted the same attitude as Johan.
Chris Gouwer ran the Security Division for the Muni Electricity Dept. When things got too hot for him I was informed he had left due to ill-health. Pfft.
Sadly these are only 4 of what must be a huge amount of genuinely good people having lost their way.
And now for something not really completely different. Either Friday or Saturday night (losing track is part and parcel of Tardism), while sitting at the PC, a sudden savage series of stabbing pains in my ears and teeth. I do recall laughing and saying out loud that Bali had finally got my exact frequency nailed...
It could mean nothing of course.... however, over the 8 years that Captain Courageous has lived right next door, I have learned to expect and even anticipate petty and often expensive reprisals for so called 'stepping out of line' offences.
The fact that apart from the almost constant dips in power (no doubt degrading all our home appliances), we have suffered no outright surges, nor intruders, nor damage to our vehicles, leads me naturally to wonder whether a more subtle and furtive revenge is being exacted via the EMF levels....
A perfectly feasible method of extracting payment for my being allowed to blog...
You find this suggestion outrageous and laughable? *sighs... I have no problem with that. Bearing in mind that my guesses and allegatiions begun years ago, and which caused so much mirth and merriment at the time, have pretty much all come to pass.....
Monday 26th February 2007 at 12.50pm