Tuesday, February 27, 2007

His name was FlipDeezey and he certainly was
of the order of sleazy and that was because
he so closely resembled another so bent,
so crooked and cunning, a Wonderful gent...
Flip stayed way too late on a trip to the races
and came back to find he'd not covered his bases.
In panic he scrambled to mend all his losses
to remind all his mates of just why his Bosses
want the toads pointed head ground into the dust,
and her every appearance to be roundly cussed.
But his story was old, and his words sounded lame
for this toad had survived many years of the same.
Young Flip was a coward, and yellow to boot..
cavorting about in his hot chicken-suit.
So grinning she sat as Flip did all the work
of proving to people that he was a jerk.
Ja, Flippers smart and cute and funny,
kind of gross but still, a honey.
If stalking ancients is his bag
I have to ask, is this old hag
the best that he can find to slag?
Toad had offered the branch
and it had been spurned.
Great face had been lost
and lessons not learned.
But toady stuck fast and with laughter did howl -
I'll be darned if I bend my knee to a FOWL!!!
Tuesday 27th February 2007 at 12.18pm