Sunday, February 04, 2007

Generally speaking, I seem to write down only when I have extreme symptoms. But this morning I have to say twas weird. Full cloud cover (which in the past has doubled my odd symptoms) and apart from the usual cricket chorus in my head, no teeth aching and only a small amount of ear pressure.
I fully realise that these things, at a stretch, could merely be a part of growing old and have absolutely nothing to do with the radio waves filling this valley but my word, I do find it all strange..heh..
My previous blog whitters on about some imaginary hero galloping to the rescue? Well, just in case there is confusion as to exactly what that means?
My hero would have to be an independent body monitoring randomly the levels of EMF all over Sherwood, with no warning and using different vehicles every time *chuckles....
The same independent body with the power to insist that the compensation I so frequently yammer on about, is paid in full. Someone who can persuade Bali to behave as befits the responsibility given with control of our residential electricity system. All vendettas to be stopped henceforth (*like that would happen!)
By the way, the silver bands around Bali's streetlight pole still resemble a Christmas tree. Fully activated and even a small orange/red light right up near the top. Naturally this is not visible from the street but very much so from the bedroom window. So - all in all, nothing much has changed in spite of possible protestations to the contrary.
I posted this most appropriate song below yonks ago when I was allowed to blog at our then ISP, Mweb. Course that was shut down quite smartly..*winks at Andre Retief, Tech Director at Tygervalley and hands-on businessman of courage.....
I can only hope the choices you made back then have not come back to haunt you? Were your ethics on long-leave at the time?
Both you and the then CEO of abuse@telkom, Pieter Bezuidenhout, made a complete mockery of your positions of power. Imagine if you had had the courage to pen me a letter at the time, giving me the facts of the matter regarding Mweb trivia and the debacle involving Zaphod and Shrooms?
But of course that's not what happened is it? Instead, you both preferred to buy into the web of corruption that Captain Courageous (that Supreme Master of the BlackHatted Brigade) spun for you...*shakes its head....
Water under the bridge - forgiven but never forgotten.....
Any derisive remarks to the effect that this Blog is rapidly becoming repetitious will be ignored.
If Bali and the Corrupt studiously avoid feeding me, I can sustain myself happily on great slices of Flash-backs. *laughing.....
Bali's Song:......... (courtesy of Jack Johnson)
I've got a symbol in my driveway
I've got a hundred million dollar friends
I've got you a brand new weapon
Let's see how destructive we can be
Got a brand new set of stencils
I been connecting all the dots
Got my plans in a zip-lock bag
Let's see how unproductive we can be
I've got a light bulb full of anger
And I can switch it on and off
Situations that can be so bright
I can't believe
How pathetic we can be
I've got a perfect set of blueprints
I'm gonna build somebody else
Might cost a little more than money
But what's man without his wealth?
Got a phosphorescent secret
But don't you tell nobody else
Next thing you know
The whole world will be talkin
About all the blues they got
They just ain't no use because
Sunday 4th February 2007 at 2.16pm