Saturday, February 03, 2007

I GIVE A DAMN........
Surely tis only an obsessed, over-the-edge paranoid toad that would consider a garage window closed as something really fascinating?
Nonetheless and notwithstanding, I heard Nobby barking at 10 to 4.00 this morning and looked out of the window to see Bali's garage window CLOSED after months of it standing open, facing our house. WTF?
If the reason for it suddenly being closed has anything to do with the post I made last night on myadsl, I will never know....
Syndyre? ...hmmm.... tis nice to see that he/she questions assertions made by other posters and not just mine. Friend or foe? *cackles hysterically.... it really doesnt matter anymore either way... the object of some of my posts on myadsl is to punt this blog. I still fantasize that one day, a genuinely honest reader in a position of power, will read my strange tale and gallop to the rescue. Delusional to the bitter end? Maybe, but tis always worth a shot ja......
If, as I strongly suspect, there Was indeed another monitoring device set up in Captain Courageous garage next door, does he assume that I will consider myself free to talk now the window is shut? *laughing.... not a chance....
Every tooth in my head started aching when I went through to the lounge at 4.00am this morning, pressure in my ears and non-stop electricity dips - good morning to mon Capitan heheh....
He even managed to stop the CD playing while I was out on the verandah.. crazy? Naa..not at all... I restarted and it played through without a break.
I havent seen Freddie the Accountant's hectic valley light nor the spot that cuts across our lawn since just after Sabeera's burglary. Course this could be due to the amount of shrubbery grown up since all the rain, but I've a feeling those lights are being left off. Why?
I figure that if a totally uninvolved, unbiased Electrical Engineer were to visit me it would take him/her 10 minutes to see for themselves that my claims of compensation due to Basil, Sue and Penny are totally valid. That a Huge injustice has been done to innocent residents and it should be rectified.
Sister Stephens over at St. Theresa's Convent/orphanage runs a small clinic there. Is there a possibility that any of the orphans have complained of teeth and ears aching? Pins and needles?
After all, we must have taken enormous levels of EMF in the early stages of the tests back in 2005 and on....*pukes..... and now, just who monitors these cowboys? One ageing, inarticulate, technophobic toad? Grim.
Sending Mike Oliver in with his oscillograph/meter isnt going to prove squat. They see him coming and adjustments can swiftly be made. Catch 22 for sure.
Control of our electricity system was handed to Prakash Balliram aka Collin Balliram of 6 Harris Crescent, Sherwood and he has had pretty much free rein to do with it as he pleases. Which Master does he choose to please? Allen Spence of the Muni or the Station up the way (the initiators of this Cunning Plan) *chokes....
Yes, it does sometimes seem like I'm living in a Monty Python skit....and then I remember Basil and how stressful it must be for them to wonder whether he will keel over for a third and final time and I'm no longer amused. No Medical Aid and that threat hanging over their heads.
I took cakes up to the Station this morning for the many good guys who try to look after us. On the way home I took a spin down Cutfield Place to find water running out of a manhole cover at the bottom.
Its Make Your Mind Up Time guys!!!! Either water is a precious and expensive commodity or it is something that soaks up excess radiation and must be released. Which is it to be? Right now, with the amount of deliberate run-offs visible in the area, I would have to say the latter.
Needless to say the Councillors car was in his drive so I flew in and reported the water run-off to Missus Baig...*Never-say-die-Toad? Sure.
The specially marked houses remain an enigma.
Is it just due to the density of the properties that they have to be marked? Do they get some sort of preferential treatment and if so, from whom and why?
The story you invent to cover that one had best be good *laughing....
The means to monitor residents and businesses throughout South Africa are being installed at this very moment mainly using Wireless. So, keep your nose clean and your mouth shut and there will be no reason for your private life to be invaded (you HOPE!)
Saturday 3rd February 2007 at 1.32pm