Wednesday, January 10, 2007

With my short-term memory steadily on the decline I headed over to last night to reread my Confusion & Chaos blog. Except that access to my blog was tightly blocked! Whoa!!!
I finally gave up but I have to say it was with a feeling of satisfaction.. Satisfaction that some, if not all of that particular blog had hit home to the extent that it was shut down. (Please dont even try the blogger was down certainly wasnt and even when I tried to get in via Yahoo search it threw me back for some reason to the Google error page )
I have long wondered and remarked at being allowed to share my thoughts so freely so when young Navi up the road admitted that they too read and were patently amused, at my blogging, I was delighted.
Common sense however (not something I am overly familiar with) suggested to me that only selected and possibly even edited blogs would be accessible to the 'public'.
The ease with which my access has now been denied pretty much confirms what I have long suspected.
It is, in retrospect, no trainsmash at all.. I have made my wishes as clear as I can regarding compensation for Basil, Penny and Sue.
der Kommissar publicly encouraged us to gossip and though I am aware that he would vastly prefer us to use the telephone for said gossip, I personally prefer the face to face chat and shall continue working hard in an attempt to fulfill his wishes.
Whether or not I am permitted to carry on blogging indefinitely or whether Any of my ramblings have a positive effect is not that important.
The main thing is whether they still make you smile?
It must of been after 9.00pm last night when I noticed the 2 big orange lights behind the convent parking bay were still off. But they were once again burning fiercely this morning at 4.00am.
Fred's valley pole (that started off life as a telephone pole, miraculously turned into an electricity pole and now appears to have reverted to its original intended state heh) has now had its silver bands activated and very pretty it is too with the sensors winking away at our house.
The words - fully operational, surely apply. The Captain and his Missus both tucked safely onto their property by 5.30pm. Unusual indeed and I was most relieved not to have a power cut later that evening as has been the case in the past. *grins......
The wind was trying to swing round at 8.00am this morning and bought with it from the east, an enormous cumulus thunderhead, perfectly sculpted against the blue sky.
a gift to tuck away and remember on a dreary day perhaps?
Wednesday 10th January 2007 at 2.40pm