Tuesday, January 09, 2007

As usual, all I have to offer is speculation, guesswork and assumption. A dodgy trio to say the least. I struggled to marshall my thoughts in the light of recent events and ask for your patience.
So - it began with Cyril at No. 16 phoning yesterday afternoon. (see prev. blog) No. 18 had been broken into on Sunday and lost a fair amount of stuff. I have to admit to being outraged. To put all these innocent residents at risk since 2004 with the erratic EMF emissions filling the valley and to Still have to endure street crime? Unacceptable.
I have whittered on in previous blogs constantly that crime stats at least, had improved amazingly due to the monitoring.
Did some cowboy out there seek to disprove my theory? Not a happy thought at all.
Immediately after speaking to Cyril, I rang No. 18 and had a chat to Sabeera herself. I was busy telling her how heavily the street is monitored and that even my telephone was bugged by the SAPS when suddenly, our line was crossed by another call and we both clearly heard a very irate sounding guy loudly berating someone or something before the line was dropped. I redialled and said to Sabeera - did that not prove my assertions.
I of course, am reasonably sure who it was I heard but mum's the word for the moment.
I then called Ayesha at No. 20 to see why they hadnt heard or seen anything during the breakin next door.
At some point she told me that the Shaiks higher up the Crescent had also had an intruder on either Saturday or Sunday. Stuff that!!!!
Going back to No. 18 on the day of the breakin, once again the house alarm had been going off while they were out.
When you have control of the entire electricity series that would be a relatively simple thing to do.
*looks at Bali......
Strange how I struggle to tie you in with this behaviour mon Capitan, it just seems unworthy of even you.
But my theory is, that if the alarm sounds enough, for no obvious reason, both neighbours and the armed response units will eventually ignore it. The electric gates opened just enought to allow the perpetrators access to the property? Again, simple if you have control of every jackpoint in every house on that series.
So you begin to grasp why I was so pissed off?
On whose orders was this crime carried out? Hardly an ooops moment as these thieves were highly organised and professional.
My initial rage that it could have been merely an exercise to disprove my assertions that we are now monitored to the max, has cooled somewhat.
Are there still two factions up at the station? Those that still persist in following Koobair and those like me, who prefer to follow a GOOD policeman? Was this an independent effort made without der Kommissars knowledge and approval?
Alternatively, I have to consider the current unpleasant relationship between the Metro Police and our Sydenham boys. Is it possible that Metro had a hand in this re-emergence of crime in our area? In an effort to slow der Kommissars rise to glory? It is perfectly feasible.
Those in the know would all be aware that Fred the Accountant had shut down part of his operation for some weeks. Namely the dazzling spotlight that cuts across our property and the one lighting the valley (and of course let us not forget the white box on the pole). Judging by the speed with which they were re-activated last night, I'm guessing the holidays are now over? *cackles.....
The deep orange light on his house front wall still bounces the signal from behind the parking garage at the convent and as far as I can judge wasn't deactivated at all.
Has these particular lights being de-activated lessened the monitoring in any way? I've absolutely no idea.
Possibly Captain Courageous obsession with watching and listening to this toad should now be diverted to paying more attention to other residents and their safety? Just a thought.....
My conversation with Sabeera regarding their wireless system? Very interesting but I cannot form a definite opinion until I have used my 3 invitations cards now can I? *beams....... and for that I'm afraid you will have to wait a while longer...
Standing up the top this morning before the traffic and noise of the day began, I could hear the steady rushing of an enormous amount of water running downhill under the pavement across the road. I went back down to fetch the gate keys and on returning found the water had stopped.
My contention that this is what burst No. 10's pipe over the weekend remains firm.
Switched off abruptly higher up the road it would certainly force pressure into residents pipes. May I suggest you find a less potentially destructive means of losing the pressure?
and to end, I again whisper my mantra into der Kommissar's ears.... I am NOT the enemy.....
PS. I file the originals of every blog in case mon Capitan indulges himself in any freelance editing.
Tuesday 9th January 2007 at 12.07pm