Friday, January 12, 2007

As one who sits firmly in the camp of No Expectations, yesterday held few surprises. I managed to use up two of my invitations and came up with pretty much nada. (except for the bonus pictures taken from No. 18's verandah *beams..)
No. 20 has absolutely no idea of their perilous position though I did my best to warn her that the family are now closely monitored. Up until the burglary on Sunday I would have agreed that the monitoring, though afaik, totally illegal at this point, had its merits.
Now of course I swing back to my so often sung song of corruption and how simple it is to 'allow' these crimes to take place.
In this instance I try hard to give the Monitors the benefit of the doubt and look pointedly at the Mthinyane Muni Contract workers busy at No. 16's property day in and day out. Making a bit extra on the side? Accckkk!!!
It is a given that this dodgy bunch have fully infilatrated the work gang busy at No. 16. Who then assisted them with the electric gates?
It is sad that the dashing Spt. Correa had to be removed whether deliberately or by choice. A man that der Kommissar could have trusted at all times. Whether his transfer is already a fait accompli or not, who can fill his shoes?
It occurred to me to wonder whether his remark about how much I am going to miss the now ex-commissioner was intended as some sort of warning? *laughing.... too little, too late Manuel.... my options, few as they were, ran out years ago... with a mouth like mine it was a forgone conclusion I would meet a sticky end...
and yes, it bothers me that there may be no-one up the road that der Kommissar can truly trust (though of course he will have been convinced otherwise)
I may well say things here that enrage and irritate but let wel julle, I am the toad in the street and you can bet that many of the thoughts and guesses made in this journal, are shared by the masses. Yes, the great unwashed that you appear to treat with such contempt.
The ordinary folk who would follow you to a man should you ever weed out the Dark Forces that are allowed to play with peoples lives on a whim.
It must of been after 9.00pm last night when I went out the front to listen to the chopper going over though out of sight. As I watched, a 3rd huge orange light flashed on to the building behind the convent parking lot. Whoa!!! now 3 in a row!!!!
At least now, with the pictures taken at No. 18, I can see where these lights are situated and LOVE the red markers heheh...
The only tangible evidence I have on any real wrong doing has to be the water wastage. May I suggest again that you choose your locations with more care than previously displayed?
It took me less than 2 minutes to stop and photograph the water pouring out along Kings Avenue yesterday and the house number is clearly shown.
I may in the end, have to resort to auctioning off my photo album to raise the compensation I feel is due to BAsil, Penny and Sue. Any offers yet?
Friday 12th January 2007 at 5.35pm