Sunday, January 28, 2007

Admittedly, as a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist, I place a great deal of store by coincidence..... there isnt much logic or commonsense involved, which is perfectly suited to one who pretty much lacks any vestige of either.....
And so here we have a marvellous coincidence.....
My little banger's battery run bone dry? The discovery that the brake lights are stuck ON obviously causing the drain?
So - its Sunday today and the car hasn't been used since last Thursday... Hmmm... I remember having to have 3 goes at starting her on Thursday and after that she was fine all day.
I remember too, noticing while driving that the dash light for the turning indicator wasn't flashing. Sure, it came on OK and switched itself off after a turn but the usual flashing wasnt working. I promptly forgot both problems.... and now of course, three days later its dead.
The GameWrecker managed to get it going with the jumper cables but the kid rang a while later from the Pav. to say she had discovered the brake lights were stuck on and the car had died again.
So I have to look at the time-frame here.
Last Thursday was the first indication that all was not well with the car. Prior to that the last time I'd used her was the Saturday before, with NO noticeable problems at all.
I reckon that there is a Strong possibility that at some point last Wednesday the 24th overnight - we had a visitor? Just a small one, who has lost his rasta dreadlocks and looks almost respectable these days? *laffing........
He has most certainly let himself into our garage before with no problem and removed my car battery. That would have been what? 9 years ago? Ja. Such a coincidence that I blogged this particular little man only 2 weeks ago in my "Let them eat cake" blog on Thursday 18th January at 10.33am *chuckles.....
If Morris had 'attended' to my car prior to this last Wednesday night, she wouldnt have started at all when I took her out last Thursday ... plus let us not forget that I blogged "And the Winner is...." on that very Wednesday 24th...a blog that may well have more than irked the genuinely rotten amongst you.
So - there you have it - my heroically courageous One may well roll his eyes and echo the GameWreckers sentiments that I need professional help, *choking.... but I'm betting mon Capitan is struggling to keep his nose from tripping him up as always...
I have to wonder what would have happened if the car had died on the Freeway opposite Chesterville with the kid alone at the wheel? Would she have been OK? Ask someone who cares?
One can only hope that der Kommissar has had the ground time to weed out all those rotten apples he reported to be aware of up at the Station.... they obviously still believe the old methods of dealing with troublesome people to be the best.
Find out who exactly has access to the skeleton keys for lower Harris Crescent (course you would probably find the missing blood samples at the same time).
Quite possibly the very same bunch of keys that were dropped in Rajie's garden at No. 4 Harris Crescent some 7 years ago? By the intruder who so successfully achieved what he was hired to do? Get the Tudges to leave Sherwood?
Ah yes - it did all go a bit pear-shaped what with both Rajie and Sarushan getting shot but hey - the aim was ultimately achieved.
Rajie was way too vociferous about the crime and corruption up at the Station and has paid for it dearly.
Give me 20 minutes and a baseball bat alone with Koobair and I would try to do a little to avenge that particular injustice.
See, after all these years I pretty much know the quality (or rather the total LACK thereof) of attacks to expect.
4 different visitors over our wall in just 2 months when we were being 'encouraged' to join Blue Security?
The GameWreckers Radio/CD player going belly-up with no prior warning overnight parked up on the driveway?
Kicking in the wire on our front gates? eh the list goes on ad infinitum.... no finesse or subtlety at all and fiddling with my car reeks of the same line of reasoning....
and while hirelings are used to do the actual dirty work, mon Capitan repeatedly stirs the pot over in trivia heheh. It was, after all, entirely due to his repeated damage to our PC and my resulting and justifiable error in accusing zaph and shrooms, that that particular mess ever began.
Captain Courageous doubtless lost a great deal of face back then and still seethes and boils at the humiliation to this day...*goes off cacklin.......
Sunday 28th January 2007 at 1.13pm