Monday, January 08, 2007

Obsessive curiosity it certainly is.
I can hardly drive past a property without looking at their outdoor lighting system and their streetlights.
Do they have the ubiquitous white plastic box attached to their pole? Is there water running off their verge or property?
An automatic sprinkler system set to run overnight on a garden a mere 24foot square?
Ironic indeed that we should be given our very own deliberate run-off over the weekend. A surge neatly done was it? The pipes down our end of the street are notoriously dodgy so it couldnt have been too difficult to arrange. The thing that I object to, is this particular resident will no doubt be expected to pay for all that wasted water whereas I doubt that No. 31? Harris Crescent or 35? Candella Road for instance, would see anything other than an average water account each month. Sort of puts it in the camp of the crooked dont you think?
A further large wet patch on the road just below us this morning makes me think there was another run-off overnight.
When water is constantly touted as such a precious and expensive commodity, why is it being deliberately wasted like this?
Let me rephrase that - what could/would happen in the densely populated suburbs now fully linked to the Muni's Master Plan, if the water pressure were not regularly released? What exactly?
If there are abolutely no risks involved in playing with the EMF why would you bother with the water pressure?
and another question - how do you choose who will be a fully fledged member i.e. shakoor, ameena etc.??
Cassim I can understand as his property site was exactly what you needed. It is clear that his house was deliberately targeted over a length of time (including the poisoning of his two dogs) until he was amenable to any offer made to him. I can only hope that young Dilshaad reads this blog regularly and the Hero of the Century doesnt edit it in ANY way.
There is no backing out once you have 'joined'. As long as you never forget that you are now watched as closely as your neighbour whether this is denied or not. *Street crime will be down but the ripples from this system will spread far and wide and fraud and corruption will increase.
When I look at the choice made to test the technology on the unsuspecting residents down this end of the Crescent, I again wonder.....WTF!!!??
To all intents and purposes my Captain Par Excellence is a personable and pleasant young man.... who possesses a streak of puerile spite that astonishes even this toad.
He is nonetheless and has been, since 2004, in control of the electricity supply to an entire street of unsuspecting rate payers, thanks to the GrandMaster of Electricity for Durban, Allen Spence.
Even after all this time the most I can feel is amusement that my paltry effort at poetry, namely ' A Telkom Tecchie sat pickin his nose.." was so spot on the mark.
The scramble to hop on board this gravy train is totally blinding normally intelligent people eish....
*Street crime will be down..??
While typing this I had a call now from a neighbour up at Number 18 Harris Crescent. He tells me that No. 20 was broken into last night and a great deal of assets stolen. As I was saying about corruption? These houses are fully on the original test area for the Muni link-up and are monitored to the hilt. There is no way that thieves could have cut through the Samuels back door without it being seen on a monitor at some point. And yet, no response.... Indeed I smell corruption here at its finest. I repeat, Nothing happens in this neighbourhood unnoticed by the law. A carefully constructed plan to refute my assertions of monitoring? Pah! Time to knock on doors and show my pictures methinks...
as you all well know, i am impervious to calls of crackpot and loon..... making people think is all I attempt...
Have we now been abandoned? Has the dance tune been changed? Is the chopper too far north to care? all as interesting as ever.......