Sunday, January 21, 2007

Whilst I was enchanted by the unexpected reply to my assertion that Telkom pretty much taps everyones phone comment on myadsl, TelkomHaters reaction was very interesting. Methinks he/she possibly protesteth too much using that nick? heheh....
Do I think Telkom Overport have got a good case against me for slander? Well, they would have if none of what I've been saying were true. However, Devan Pillay and the apparently since moved Bevan would have a fair amount of explaining to do. The letter that I wrote to the Director of Telkom all that time ago, is in my file.
An awkward situation as all the guys I've met over the years from Overport, have been pleasant. The only one, whose name I won't repeat here is the gentleman I consider to have begun the tapping system in cohoots with the ex station commander Koobair.
A system that is now refined to an astonishing degree by the Muni. I refer you to my attempt at rhyming "a Teklom tecchie sits pickin his nose..."
it pretty much speaks for itself.
How does one prove this when it has become sufficiently lucrative for the Municipalities, Telkom, Eskom AND the law to join forces in making this a nation-wide fact of life?
You simply cannot.
You will learn to live with it as I have done. It is highly unlikely that any area in the country will be subjected to the extremes we have suffered here in this little valley.
I repeat again that we ARE the test zone for the Muni Wireless Link-up/Big Brother and I would guess that very often, the EMF levels are still way above the acceptable levels.
Ok, I pretty much had it coming *cackles..... when I spotted corruption I spread the word and trod on many toes along the way. My neighbours however did not deserve any of this.
Koeberg back in the news and more power cuts had me falling about. What utter rubbish and once again it is simply to cover up the deliberate cuts being made to allow the Muni workers to continue linking up the country.
Eventually, every single pole on every street throughout SA will have the means to monitor every facet of your private life. 1984? Sure, and why not?
All the cunning little gadgets and extra wiring and boxes that you see as you drive you question what they are for? When your neighbour has a seemingly constant flow of water running off his property into the road - do you not wonder why? When water is such a precious and costly commodity?
It is deliberate and I would suggest that you begin to search for answers.
If Telkom Overport has found it worthwhile to engage in this illegal phone tapping practise for so long - why would similar systems not be up and running countrywide?
Information IS lucrative and from Government officials down to lowly toads, lives can be changed for better or for worse by Telkom employees sharing private information with the right party at the right price. Simple.
As predicted, now the holidays are over, the valley tenant is back. The smell of his campfire pervaded the house during the night. The same 'vagrant' who wanders freely on the convent property openly chatting to the GateKeepers there.
Plenty of new lights activated up at the convent. My teeth and ears have ached on and off all day today but I suspect Captain Courageous is busy sending me little extras heheh....
Strange how I could've sworn I read something a day or so ago on water pollution in Bloemfontein. No amount of searching will find it now. If I didnt dream it may I ask whether the Muni Wireless linkup is complete in Bloem? Did they forget to release the water pressure as they are doing all over Durban? Did the ground water then absorb the toxic radiation and become undrinkable? Hmm.... Curious is all....
Sunday 21st January 2007 at 5.28pm