Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ok lets talk..... a really good start to the day with the charming Tiger driving by just before 8.00am. Did you see the Jack Daniels Boyz waving??? Did you??!! And THAT my dear Watson is how it should be now and ever after amen.
All police vehicles should be greeted with a smile and a wave by ALL residents, not just the over-excitable elderly and young children *laughing.....
Anyways.... I only realised this morning that the convents Recreation Centre is now activated. Lawd knows how I missed that. The two lights that I can only glimpse behind the trees, I'm betting are of the intense orange variety and would be in Direct Line of Sight to um, Cyril at No. 16? or of course mr. Haffejees across the road at a higher level?
No wonder I am still having moments when my teeth and ears ache so. Sies julle.... we are not out of the woods here by a long shot.
A risky business this chopper activation. Twas after 9.00pm last night when I spotted it circling way down south over Queensburgh? Yellowood Park? Great bolts of lightning lighting the sky all round it. Only an optical illusion as the storm was reported to be way over by Ixopo... still it looked pretty dodgy.
Ok, lets hop round a bit here....
I'm still hoping against hope that you will help Sister Stephens over at St. Theresa's with their crime problems. I honestly dont think they are that insurmountable and what a PRO exercise for the Station it would be.
A few hours ago I noticed an extension ladder has been placed up against the trunk of the enormous tree standing on the convent playing field. WTF??? Still battling for Line of Sight over to the Michan Road area or what? No sounds of work being done up in the tree, no power saws etc so what exactly is the ladder in aid of ?
According to our CPF representative to the GOCOC Meetings, a suggestion has been made by a Mr. Pillay of (I think) Asherville, to hold a National Anti-Crime protest march.
Wait! Before you stop reading and rolling your eyes just wait!!!
My initial reaction to this suggestion was total ambivalence until I realised that it was something that der Kommissar could DO!!! No amount of wardrobe styling will change the image so many people have of him.
If however, he were seen to back this March idea and to mobilise all the Kwa Zulu CPFs and residents?
Last night when I suggested a march with music I was laughed at (a common occurence, believe me). However - people react to music and choosing something that many know like, um say Abba and Money, Money money (random choice here) to be played through stereo systems dotted throughout the marchers? NOT taxi music that will irritate and anger watchers, but a really good old tune that makes them want to run down and join the marches and sing along.
Steel Band sound? Glen Miller? Abba? Its not the song Words that are important but the wonderful music that must draw people in to join and sing and dance in a happy way?
Bali must be tasked with choosing the right music. Preferably something long and not too boring - with maybe a refrain that hundreds could thunder out happily?
When we were told last night that der Kommissar admitted there were rotten apples in their midst and they would be weeded out, it was an awesome moment. However busy he is flying above us, he should give this poorly worded suggestion serious thought.
If he were to contact this Mr. Pillay and make it his pet project he would be a national hero.
The single most difficult part of the whole idea is to choose the correct music and that responsibility should be given over to the Courageous One entirely. It shouldnt be dirgelike and it shouldnt be disco. Something old and irresistibly infectious like the toad *beams.......
The march for Anti-crime should be a happy and positive one.
You have the means to achieve this - unlimited funds, Think Tanks and the press.
Why not disprove my theory that there is a deliberate and constant effort being made to destabilise this wonderful country and instead follow through with my suggestion?
Get the masses together using music and lets show the world that rascism in South Africa is a thing of the past and that criminals Will be dealt with.
Tuesday 16th January 2007 at 11.47am.

PS: and now still Tuesday but 7.47pm; This evening, after 3? posts in different forums on myadsl, I was suddenly throttled to the point where pages refused to load at all. Captain Courageous flexes his muscles once again in attempt to control the uncrontrollable? *shrieking with laughter....
Which post did the trick Bali dear?
The water wastage? The telkom bugging ? Or the real plans for spending the 8 billion euro loan?
Eh! So what I ask.... I am a lunatic according to you and your peers. Why then do you worry so?