Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Summer holidays are here. I sit out happily under the bluest of blue skies today with a cooling wind picking up.
The call I made to the nice little Sister over at St. Theresa's the other day? To tell her that their precast concrete wall was being stripped on this end of their playing field?
I was surprised to see that the thieves/vandals had even taken the bottom panels out on this occasion.
Over the years, for some reason they've never bothered with those. Of course now it begins to make sense.
2 Very young looking boys just tore through the valley on brand, spanking new mopeds/scramble bikes. After noisily riding around a few times they took off up through the newly created and convenient gaps in the wall and onto St. Theresa's playing field. An upgrade from the Drug Lord's son Baron and his friends on their quadbikes?
These 2 kids had absolutely no hesitation in riding onto the school field and then up right past the actual school buildings and out the other side into Sydenham. Clearly they have somebody's permission to do this as in Barons case.......
Their full riding gear and the newness of their bikes discounts them being orphans living at St. Theresa's heheh. Possibly sons of the new Administrator of the convent? or relatives of Fred the Accountant? Are the parents aware of the possible dangers of their children spending time in this area? Ah - they subscribe to the "its totally safe" theory haha.....*wonders whose word it is that they believe....
With all the crime around, my attitude to these kids riding in the valley is that they are a definite improvement on the bush dwellers and lurkers hanging about.
Amusing to also note that the trash being tossed into the valley at the top end has doubled over the last few days.
Mon Capitans trash bags were torn open this morning and rubbish all over his verge and beyond. Were they put out last night deliberately? For one who claims such close ties to the law, my Hero displays some truly odd behaviour.
Or is that the point down this end? WHAT law? *laughing.....
Tis true that our every move is monitored - and that for the last 2 months at least, der Kommissar has protected us. Why then, when people are monitored deliberately downgrading a suburb, are they not chastised by the Law? Oops! Thats not part of the Grand Scheme?
Way too much real crime and mayhem to worry about the small stuff? ai bollox!!!!!
On a somewhat more interesting note... earlier this morning I met Fred the Accountants newest acquisition. A charming young Jack Russel x puppy called Spunky.
This puppy is going to really have to live up to its name if it is to survive any length of time.
Godfrey's pack of dogs next door at No. 14 will tear it apart given half a chance, and on the other side of Fred we of course have the deeply troubled Joey who has even torn a hadeda to shreds in the past.
and let us not forget dear Fred himself and his liking for the supposedly banned Indian King fireworks.
Huge gaps in his electric gates make it simple for little Spunky to get out onto the road and I am considering opening a book and taking bets on how and when the pup will meet its end. (that would be over and above the book I am going to run on cancers emerging in the area over the next three years)
A car speeding up or down the Crescent would be the quickest and kindest I suppose, but I will blog it as always whatever the outcome. Who knows - perhaps kind Uncle Fred (as G at No. 14 calls him heheh) has fenced off his garden safely and will treat the newcomer with more affection and care than Captain Courageous displays to his own staunchest of dogs, the stoic Nobby.
Much work done on the Freeway bridge area yesterday and the chopper dutifully overhead this morning to activate it all. The many dips in our power system continue. Nothing has changed.
Wednesday 6th December 2006 at 12.34pm