Thursday, December 07, 2006

ARMY OF ME.......
Looks like I was expected this morning? A much younger, thinner version of the Head GateKeeper was marking time up in the Convent hallway across the valley at 20 to 4.00am this morning.
I signalled him good morning with my tiny torchlight but didn't expect or receive a greeting in reply. He stood there for a few more seconds and then disappeared into the Ops. room. I watched for about 10 minutes but he didnt reappear.
Coincidentally, I do believe I've finally seen the real Head GateKeeper in broad daylight and he isnt a Shape-shifter at all.... just a rather large (portly even sans dark anorak) older gentleman who was holding forth in the Garden of Orange Light, mid-afternoon yesterday, to a young woman.
Twas pure chance I glanced over there in time to see a ladder being carried through the trees. Ladders naturally set my antennae quivering so i watched until he finally came into view. Charcoal peaked cap, white t shirt with red printing and black pants.
Making alterations and additions to those wonderful orange lights directly facing our house? I've absolutely no idea, but 'feel' no changes this morning. There is a great deal of shrubbery and trees in the tiny gardens of the Snr. Boys Hostel, making it fairly impossible to see what he was so busy with.
Later I took myself up to try and meet the people I speak to on the phone when we are capped. The 3rd time in spite of the old man insisting he had checked that very morning and we had plenty to spare.
For some weird reason I told myself if they actually met me, they would see I am just an old toad battling corruption. Delusional as always *falls about cackling........
NOT!!! If Bruce didnt get an advance warning call that I was in the vicinity, I will eat my proverbial hat! *poof*!!!!! and the dude had vanished! But hey, I can fully understand why he chooses the safer option - there IS a great deal at stake here and avoiding hearing what might later be discovered to be the truth is so much easier not so?
Besides, first impressions Do count and this is one area where I have to admit defeat.
Being rather large, leathery and intense (a toad for heavens sakes!) and add to that advancing age and an abrasive attitude and I pretty much fail as a hit on anyones social list *grins.....
Toughies...... I'm not here to partaaaay guys - just searching for answers is all.
Why the secrecy? If what is being done throughout Durban and the country as a whole, as I type, is so wonderful - why is it not publicised?
Who bought St Theresa's and for what purpose was it bought?
Sure, I see on the front page of a Sunday newspaper some rich dude got nabbed for tax evasion - and yes, I imagine tapping his landline and monitoring his cellphone and computer helped net the guy. But.....but, something still smells really bad here and I struggle to put my finger on it as always.
Its for the good of the people you say? Which people? The already rich through corruption or the genuine hard working man in the street?
This blog is now just so much rhetoric.
Most of you know the answers whether involved or not, but are too gutless or beguiled by lies to make a stand.
A wee bit ironic that a 60 year old cooked-in-the-head toad is left to fly solo in the face of the Beast here....
*sigh.... rant over as its a waste of energy.
I just stopped off on the way home to drop off a copy of my "Fairy Tales can Come True" blog with Dilshaad. I have not changed my opinion of her at all and still find her a delightful, friendly young lady who puts me totally at ease.
Whether she chooses to remain friendly after my blog is read, remains to be seen.
Our 2nd cordless phone has finally given up the ghost. By no means totally dead but behaving so erratically under the tender ministrations of Captain Courageous, its not worth keeping.
I'm waiting with bated breath to see what my dear Game Wrecker purchases next and how long it will last..
We cant afford to upgrade to even 1 gig of bandwidth he tells me, so we remain pretty much at the mercy of the Heroic one and his whims. Bummer, but cest la vie....
Chopper circling at 3.00pm. The Captain up for a ride? Or just a further show of appreciation from der Kommissar?
*makes note to learn Siren Speak.....
This morning while driving past Number 24 Garbutt Road, my car hit a crater in the road and I slowed to have a better look.
Where the cable had so neatly been laid previously and tarred and smoother over, there is now a huge ugly ditch running across the road.
Just a bad roadworking job and sinkage or the cable has been removed since I took my fine pictures... why?
Thursday 7th December 2006 at 5.27pm