Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This morning at about 3.00am as I opened the back door and stepped into the courtyard, a car started up at the top quite quietly. It was just going around the corner, heading up the crescent, by the time I made it upstairs.
Large, nondescript and black.
Mike Oliver perhaps, doing his token oscillograph readings again? Doubtful. I'm pretty sure they don't give a toss anymore and just allow Captain Courageous to do his thing whatever the consequences.
Lying in bed just before 3.00am, suddenly it was as if every tooth in my head began to ache. A fact of absolutely no interest to anyone except perhaps to amuse the controller of these emissions?
Last night as I stood outside the Hall chatting to Lut, I saw der Kommissar flitting across the far horizon along Ridge Road and the Berea. Lut hadn't been well. Extreme inexplicable nausea. The Mthinyane monkeys been up the poles in Sandringham Place over the weekend? The fact that her house alarm went off for no apparent reason while they were out, is a clear indication that the opportunity was seized and adjustments and additions made.
Tread softly julle. It would only take news of one other episode similar to Basils to finally wake up the residents. In my dreams? Maybe.
Fred the Accountants 2 hectic lights are back on overnight. Whatever changes were made yesterday are now in place though still no happy holidaymakers splashing in his pool....*laughs grimly...
Shakoor almost broke into a run when I spoke his name outside after the Meeting last night.
At least the guy had the balls to make an appearance at the Meeting unlike some others of the lily-livered persuasion.
I am grateful to the SAPS for sending Captain Chuke to attend last night and remember him clearly as sitting expressionless with der Kommissar and Captain Correa when I visited the station a while back. He will be a fine replacement for young Calvin so recently turned to the lord.
The changed seating arrangements? To optimise the acoustics? *laughing.... or simply the way a previous group had it set up?
A HUGE handshake to der Kommissar for official confirmation of his title. Did I not say at the outset he would attain his goal swiftly and without problems? Look out Jackie Selebi!!!
It never ceases to amaze me that people do not grasp the importance of random information gathering when tapping phone lines for instance. The smallest inconsequential remark may be filed and used as leverage at a much later stage...
I would guess that this has been done with great success in the past to take down Government officials etc., who have outlived their usefulness. When the whole of South Africa is finally linked up to the Big Brother scheme/grid, what a marvellous political tool it will be!
Controlling the Masses will be merely an amusing exercise to those at the head of this operation. While we will be treated to scandals and exposes like never before, as the shady plans for the future of this country are put into place.
Kitt ii and Kitt iii stood earlier on Captain Courageous driveway literally Aglow with sensors. The power dips in our house are becoming more frequent. Once again the Captains and Cassims streetlights are set differently to ours.
Whatever changes were made at Cassims on the weekend, disturbed Basil's Duke no end in the early hours of yesterday morning. Yes, it was nearly full moon and all the dogs were noisy overnight. But I have learned to tell from the local dogs when there is something puzzling them and Duke, who seldom makes a sound, was extremely agitated. Testing the new setup Bali?
It occurred to me to mention that our poor Councillor has been caught dead-to-rights dumping builders rubble at the bottom of Loon Road. When questioned on the matter he said that the Muni were going to tar those roads and he'
d been told to dump there.
However, the representative for a complex nearby argued that she had spoken to an official recently and been informed that tarring that section was not viable. Ooops!
The Councillor is a pleasant man but has obviously passed his sell-by date. He now merely dances to the tune of his controllers and I bear him no ill-will at all (though asking him to come down and check out all the trash deliberately being dumped here in the valley by the Muni contractors would now seem rather pointless) *choking.......
And now I would ask you to close your eyes for a minute and consider those who persist in calling this toad a nutter and paranoid.... (both of which dresses, i wear happily) and to look deeper at these people and to wonder whether they have a vested interest in making sure I am considered no more than a whittering fool....
I watched the Head GateKeeper at St. Theresa's walking along before 6.00am with a large black dog following him. He went into the Ops room and didnt return my wave.
The automatic Nortons popup saying Your Machine has been attacked, that appears each time I access efnet, didnt appear at all for 2 days but is back this morning. Pretty much the same time frame it took for the adjustments at Casims to be activated. Coincidence?
Tuesday, 4th December 2006 at 12.40pm