Sunday, December 10, 2006

SO, IN THE BEGINNING.............. part VIII
Mr. Howard Whitehead,
Ethekwini Electricity
1 Jelf Taylor Cresc.
11th November 2005.
Dear Mr. Whitehead
I attach herewith a copy of a letter received yesterday from Rudolph Mhlope. I must add at this point that I have also just received a phone call from Rudolph and must iterate that he is a credit to your company and I firmly believe that he and the others were totally misled as to the severity of the situation from day one. You will by now have received my letter of 28th October, 2005, the confirmation of the SMS content sent to Rudolph and my remarks that the matter is far from closed. While the people mentioned in this letter were at all times pleasant and openly amused at my concerns, may I repeat that I do not hold them responsible.
The responsibility lies solely with your self-styled Projects Manager, Mr. Allen Spence.
I and my husband, (as the account holder and rate payer), would like to know how your Department can justify the repeated call-outs to your various Managers as well as the crews that installed the 'system', and were seen on many more than one occasion 'adjusting' this so-called system? (photos available).
The matter of Allen Spence himself, standing on my verge on Thursday 12th August 2004, extolling the virtues of this system at great length, only for us to be told a year later by Mike Oliver that they were useless and he Mike, had no idea why they had been installed in the first place. (again, a fact I would dispute).
Of by far the greatest interest to me at this point, is the matter of the shared fuse with our neighbour Prakash Balliram at Number 6 Harris Crescent.
There is still a great deal of erratic static interference occurring on both our electric phone and our computer screens. My neighbour higher up the Crescent at Number 33 lost both her computers last weekend in a situation amazingly similar to ours. It has cost my husband over 2ks to have our computers fixed and will no doubt cost my neighbour a similar amount. As we both share the same series of malfunctioning streetlights (this since Mr. Spence assured us they would be reset), I feel it is safe to suggest that we are not alone in suffering damage caused by these lights.
I have twice reported the problem to your Faults line and was given Ref. 309110 by Sandra on Sunday 30th October and Ref. 309573 on Monday 31st October by Jetros. Nothing has changed since then and these particular lights still turn on and off at different times to the rest of the lights visible to me or they alternatively burn all day.
May I request that you urgently launch an enquiry into Mr. Allen Spence's agenda and intentions regarding this whole sorry matter. I do feel that if all this correspondence were somehow made public, it would cast a long shadow over the Electricity Departments' integrity to say the least.
Hopefully this letter finally leaves you in no doubt as to the seriousness of the matter.
Jane Lovejoy.
The fact that I used the word integrity in the same sentence as Ethekwini Electricity? Hysterical!!!!!
I ask that you at least give some credit where credit is due and appreciate that I tried heheh.... Not having a clue as to what was going on I stumbled about merrily trying to make some sense of it all and got absolutely nowhere....
Mr. Whitehead is in his post purely decoratively as is clear from this correspondence. Who it is that runs the show is a riddle I've not solved. A HUGE deal between, Eskom, the Municipality, Telkom and of course the sellers of the original scheme. Something certainly pongs in the state of Denmark heh....
And today? The chopper is probably grounded due to the inclement weather though at times I imagine I hear it far away in the distance going about its business in spite of the bucketing rain..the Captain has Kitt ii reversed into his driveway backed into the garage. Very odd indeed.... the problem with our electricity dips caused by something on this particular car or what? He is really on my case at the moment. I had barely switched the PC on early this morning for the first time when he chirruped his remote hehe... lovely stuff.....